God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1206 - 1206 Memories

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1206 Memories

“Isn’t that the young girl that was next to the city lord of Lingxian City…?

Some of the warriors muttered to themselves.

Their eyes were filled with surprise and envy.

Both the warriors who came from Lingxian City have been able to acquire their own divine souls!

Plus, one of them got the black grade and the other a red grade. All of these weren’t divine souls that could be acquired easily. How would it be possible that they weren’t jealous?

“How was it?”

Lin Xiu was now standing next to Baili Haoling.

“It felt odd.”

When Baili Haoling returned to her senses, there was a smile on her face.

When she saw staring at the rocks earlier, she didn’t feel anything initially.

However, when both her eyes turned red, her energy could be clearly felt. It was as if the divine souls inside the rock had a special type of detecting skills.

Then, she managed to acquire the so-called ‘divine souls’.

“Well, from what happened here, when your eyes turned red, not only would you become stronger, your comprehensive abilities would be more sensitive too…”

After hearing what Baili Haoling said, Lin Xiu exclaimed in surprise.

“En. This is the ability that I inherited from my ancestors. I am the only one in my family that has it.”

Baili Haoling nodded her head with pride.

Lin Xiu nodded his head as well.

As for the rest of the city lords present, this was a huge blow to them; seeing how there were already two people who acquired their divine souls.

All of them went to their rocks and were trying their best to get their own spirit power.

“Let’s take a look here.”

Although Lin Xiu had acquired his divine souls, he still had no idea what the use of it was.

Plus, the energy in this region was rich which gave an opportunity for Lin Xiu to cultivate.


Baili Haoling looked around as well. She found a spot that she liked and sat cross-legged on the floor.

Along with the divine soul that she had just acquired, she seemed to have exhausted more of her energy as well.

Lin Xiu continued looking at the rocks around him. When he saw the divine souls that were engraved into the walls, Lin Xiu tried communicating with it but he soon noticed that he could not feel anything.

“According to what Fu Tianyuan said, there are only a small number of people who managed to acquire two divine souls….”

Lin Xiu muttered to himself and then shook his head helplessly.

Looks like it would be too much for him to be thinking about his divine soul now.

He didn’t waste much time thinking about it. He sat on the floor with his legs crossed and started activating his ‘cultivation technique’. He was trying his best to absorb all the energy in the air around him.

At the same time, he had to replenish all the energy that he had exhausted earlier.

“Big brother, those two managed to acquire their divine souls in such a short period of time!”

Fu Tianling walked towards Fu Tianyuan and stared at Lin Xiu with vicious eyes before complaining about it to his brother.

“It is indeed. They are quite fast.”

Fu Tianyuan vaguely commented on it.

“Big brother, this man took two god level skill cards from us and he even found his divine soul here. If we can’t use him for ourselves, he will become a threat to us.”

Fu Tianyuan hesitated a little but still decided to tell the truth.

With his abilities now, it would be impossible for him to kill Lin Xiu; only his brother would be able to defeat Lin Xiu.

“What do you mean by that?”

Fu Tianyuan remained emotionless. Then, a small smile appeared on his face as he looked at his brother.

Seeing how his big brother was reacting to it, he felt a little scared.

He was definitely afraid of his big brother.

“Are you thinking of getting me to kill them?”

Before Fu Tianling said anything, Fu Tianyuan looked at his younger brother and asked the question with a monotonous tone.

Fu Tianling’s expression changed drastically before he made up his mind. In the end, he clenched his jaw and said, “Yes!!!”

He hated Lin Xiu badly now and wanted to kill Lin Xiu immediately.

“Shut up!”

Before Fu Tianling could say anything, Fu Tianyuan’s face turned cold and he screamed at his brother.

Fu Tianling was shocked by how Fu Tianyuan reacted.

“You shall not speak of this ever again.”

Fu Tianyuan waved his hands and left.

“Why?! Why not?!”

Fu Tianling looked confused. He clenched onto his fist and there were veins popping up from beneath his skin.

Fu Tianyuan walked to the other corner but the look in his eyes had changed.

His face was still emotionless.

No one seemed to be able to know what was going on in his mind.

Time passed and Lin Xiu felt as if he was sound asleep in the middle of his cultivation.

The scene in front of him turned dark and suddenly, everything became bright.

Where was he…?

Lin Xiu was shocked to see how bright everything was around him.

Then, he noticed that there was a huge black shadow above his head.

The black flame dragon.

It was huge and the look of it was completely different from before.

This was a real dragon.

“You’re finally here.”

The huge black dragon in the air had a huge pair of eyes that were like bells as it stared at Lin Xiu.

“Are you the one who’s talking?”

Lin Xiu looked at the black flame dragon that was in the air and he was shocked.

The dragon looks domineering now. Its entire body was covered with black, shimmering scales.

These black scales were like a thick, hard armour. It was impossible for any of them to break through.

“Are you the one who spoke? I heard it!”

Lin Xiu continued asking.

However, the black flame dragon stared at him but did not say another word.

There were a lot more scenes that flashed across Lin Xiu’s mind.

Then, his head started hurting badly.

“Lin Xiu! Lin Xiu, are you alright?”

Soon, Lin Xiu heard a familiar voice.

As he slowly opened his eyes, he could see clearly the sight ahead of him.


Seeing how it was Baili Haoling, Lin Xiu let out a breath of relief. There were also droplets of sweat that were all over his forehead.

“Lin Xiu, what happened to you earlier?”

Baili Haoling was curious.

“I don’t know either.”

Lin Xiu shook his head.

He was cultivating a while ago but he seemed to have suddenly entered a different space.

Not only was the black dragon there, there were also lots of scenes that flashed before his eyes. What was that about…..?

It felt as if a box filled with hidden memories was pushed open.

“Why are all of them gathering there?

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