God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1223 - 1223 From the Sky...

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1223 From the Sky…


The man said seriously at the white-haired middle-aged man at this time.

“Qing Lan died in Lingxian City, I will not let it go easily.”

At this time, the white-haired man’s face was gloomy at this time, and his eyes glanced at the people around him.

“What about Liu Cheng?”

Liu Mo looked at another man at this moment.

The man’s body trembled, but at this time he stepped out.

“city lord, young master Liu is still at the Fury Frost.”

The man said respectfully to Liu Mo.

“Tell him to come back and tell him that his brother Liu Qinglan died.”

Liu Mo said coldly.


Liu Mo’s face was still gloomy.

Liu Qinglan was his son, and now he died in Lingxian City for no reason. Of course, he was extremely angry.

But now, for some special reason, he cannot leave Changqing City.

“When Liu Cheng comes back, you guys will work with him and bring back the city lord of Lingxian City to me.”

“I want him dead or alive.”

As soon as his words fell, his right hand waved, and the wall on the front was directly opened.

Liu Mo stepped in directly and disappeared.

Similarly, in Shachang City and Haiwang City, after finding out that all the warriors who went to Lingxian City were dead, they were all very angry.

A large number of warriors were already targeting Lingxian City.

“Lin Xiu, they should be coming soon.”

On this day, Baili Haoling stood in the yard and was speechless as she looked at Lin Xiu lying on the rocking chair.

This guy has been lying around these days.

He didn’t train at all.

But what was depressing is that in this situation, Lin Xiu’s power seems to be further strengthened.

This discovery almost made Baili Haoling felt like vomiting blood.


Lin Xiu rocked the rocking chair leisurely.

Rollie was rolling on Lin Xiu’s shoulder back and forth, like helping Lin Xiu massage, making Lin Xiu feel very comfortable.

Xiaobai was lying in Lin Xiu’s arms.

This ice crystal white bird’s body was cold, making Lin Xiu feel very cool.

“They are here, just to give me experience.”

Baili Haoling didn’t know what that meant but just felt that Lin Xiu didn’t take Changqing City, Shachang City, and Haiwang City seriously.


Baili Haoling was a little helpless at this time.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen …”


Lin Xiu was just about to close his eyes when his eyes widened in the next moment.

Because he found that in the sky, a black spot became bigger and bigger.

It was… a spacecraft like a rocket!

Boom ——

At this time, a loud noise burst out.

there was a loud noise around.

Even the people on the periphery of Lingxian City were frightened by this loud sound.

“What kind of darn thing is this …”

Baili Haoling responded quickly and flew to the other side.

At this time, if you looked closely, there was an oval shape, like a flame -like spacecraft flying over.

It happened to hit the yard where she and Lin Xiu were just now.

Although the buildings of the city lord’s mansion were built with special materials, but now they suffered such a terrible impact, and some buildings were destroyed.

At this time, Mr. Pang also rushed out.

He could clearly see the scene in this yard.

The head of the spacecraft was directly embedded in the land of the yard, and the rest of the spacecraft seemed to be damaged.

There were many holes from the rays, accompanied by thick smoke.

It’s as if they were attacked before landing.

“That idiot.”

Baili Haoling thought that Lin Xiu was still shaking the chair leisurely, and could not help but frowned.

However, with Lin Xiu’s strength, he will definitely not be killed so easily.

“Damn …”

“Peh peh-”

At this time, Lin Xiu’s figure climbed out of the dirt next to the spacecraft.

He had soil over his body, his face was blackened and he looked disheveled.

“Who told you to lie there.”

Baili Haoling looked at this scene and said in contempt.

“Who! Who dares to attack me!”

Lin Xiu climbed up at this time, and said with anger.

Lin Xiu was really angry. He had a good rest here. Who knew that extremely huge missiles would be on the top of his head. Oh no, he meant a long spacecraft shaped like a missile.

Kaka Ka ——

At this time, the side door on the spacecraft was slowly opened.

“You dare to come down.”

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly at this time.

He is very angry and the consequences are serious.

At this time, Mr. Pang led the guards to rush over, and he was shocked to watch the scene.

“Be careful!”

This Lingxian City did not install the energy defense barrier, so the spacecraft directly flew over and came to the city lord’s mansion directly.

At this time, the door was completely opened.

As soon as it opened, Lin Xiu saw a few red eyes.

Several black figures rushed out in an instant.


Seeing this scene, Lin Xiu snorted.

At this moment, the fist on his right hand waved directly.

Bang Bang ——

Every fist bombarded these red-eyed black figures, and a loud noise broke out.

The bodies of these people had sparks flying out.


Take a closer look, these people are all … robots!

Lin Xiu was also a bit surprised at this time. No wonder he didn’t feel any warrior aura at this time. All of them were robots in this spacecraft.

But at this time, Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

As Lin Xiu’s perception ability entered this spaceship, he could clearly feel that a living person was slowly coming out.

But this living person does not seem to be very formidable.

Is it hidden strength?

“Ah !!! Go to hell!!!”

Just the next moment, a figure was rushed out of this cabin, attacking Lin Xiu directly!

A cold light flashed in front of Lin Xiu’s eyes, but Lin Xiu responded quickly.


A long knife exuding a cold light was directly clamped in his hands by Lin Xiu.

The man didn’t seem to expect that his weapon would be caught between Lin Xiu’s fingers so easily at this time.

At this moment, with the triggering of his thoughts, the weapon suddenly burst into a dazzling white flame.

The white flame temperature seemed very high, and even the surrounding air became twisted.

But at this time, it had no effect on Lin Xiu at all.

His left hand hit the man’s head directly.

“Lin Xiu!”

The man looked at Lin Xiu’s fist and saw Lin Xiu’s face clearly, and the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly.

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