God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 809 - Qian Jing Is Here!

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Chapter 809: Qian Jing Is Here!

As Liu Pan left the room, Lin Xiu sat in the wide hall and activated his ‘Cultivation Technique’.

This was Fengyun City after all. The energy in the air here was much richer than the ones in the other city.

As his ‘Cultivation Technique’ started, there was a large amount of energy that was absorbed into Lin Xiu’s body.

It entered into every single cell in his body.

Boom boom boom – –

Time passed and soon, Lin Xiu heard three loud knocks on his door.

Lin Xiu opened his eyes and frowned.

Who was it?

Liu Pan had the keys and he did not order anything from the hotel.

With his past experiences, Lin Xiu became more careful.

“Who is it?”

Lin Xiu walked towards the door and asked the person outside.

“Is this Lin Xiu?”

It was a familiar voice that answered him.

Lin Xiu was a little surprised but he already knew who it was.

Yikkkkkk – –

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Qian Jing standing by the door.

“You’re really here.”

Qian Jing laughed as well when he saw Lin Xiu.

“How did you know that I was here?”

Lin Xiu was still surprised and asked subconsciously.

“I was out last night and I thought I saw you. I looked around and asked a little before looking for you here.”

Qian Jing shrugged his shoulders as he answered.

“So….are you not going to invite me inside?”

Qian Jing smiled as he asked.

“Come in.”

Lin Xiu chuckled.

“You’re really lucky. It is extremely difficult for anyone to get a room now.”

Qian Jing said to Lin Xiu.

He immediately sat on the couch. After a while, he looked at Lin Xiu and asked, “What happened?”

Lin Xiu knew what he was asking about and told him the truth, “Nothing much. I was caught by an enemy.”

When he thought of what happened on the train, there was a murderous intention in Lin Xiu’s eyes.

Especially when he thought of that peculiar man, Huang Zhiheng. That man should be a king warrior as well.

“The competition starts the day after tomorrow.”

Although Qian Jing was still curious about what happened after that, he didn’t have much time to ask and had to talk about more serious matters.

“So quick?”

Lin Xiu was stunned after hearing what was told.

“It has been some time.”

Qian Jing sounded a little helpless when he spoke to Lin Xiu.

From the last time that they met, it has been almost a month.

If it wasn’t because he saw Lin Xiu tonight, he would have assumed that Lin Xiu was dead.

However, after taking a good look at Lin Xiu, it felt as if the boy in front of him was different from the one he met before this.

It wasn’t about the looks but the aura and charisma that Lin Xiu gave now was even more mysterious.

Perhaps his abilities have improved?!

“What level are you now?”

Qian Jing spoke to Lin Xiu with a serious tone.

“What do you think?”

Lin Xiu smiled and said in a cheeky voice.

“King warrior?!”

Lin Xiu dissolved his disguise and with the large warrior aura coming towards him, Qian Jing’s pupils shrink in surprise.

“Not yet.”

Lin Xiu chuckled.

“Huuu – I thought that you were almost a king warrior by now.”

Qian Jing let out a breath of relief. When they parted ways in the Ice and Snow City, he could feel that Lin Xiu had already entered the master warrior level.

Plus, Lin Xiu even gained his source mark at that time.

Therefore, it was obvious that he could feel Lin Xiu being much stronger now.

“But, I’m almost there.”

When he felt relieved and wanted to take a sip of water, he heard what Lin Xiu said.

Pfft- –

He spat out the water that he had in his mouth and his eyes widened in shock as he stared at Lin Xiu in disbelief.

“You…..you are really a monster.”

Qian Jing was speechless. If he was almost a king warrior…

It has only been one month but this guy’s strength has improved so much.

He really is a monster.

He always thought that there might be a chance where he could challenge Lin Xiu but now, he no longer wanted to do so.

“Come with me tomorrow. The staff from Tianlong City who guided us here have been looking for you.”

Qian Jing finally told Lin Xiu.

“”Give me the address. I’ll head over there tomorrow.”

Lin Xiu said flatly.


Then, Lin Xiu’s phone started ringing.

He only bought this phone last night and he only had Liu Pan’s number.

Did he find news about Luo Yue?!

As he thought about it, Lin Xiu started feeling excited as he quickly answered the call.



He answered the call but on the other end, it was not Liu Pan’s number.

“A hundred million gold coins or else, be prepared to only see his body.”

Then, someone spoke from the other end.

When he realised that it was a stranger’s voice, Lin Xiu’s pupil shrank.

“The address?”

“Fenghua Street.”

The call ended immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

When Qian Jing saw the look on Lin Xiu’s face, he couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

“Do you know where Fenghua Street is?”

Lin Xiu asked.

“Fenghua street?!!”

Lin Xiu wanted to continue but the look on Qian Jing’s face showed that something wasn’t right.

“What’s wrong??”

It made him feel curious.

“It’s not a particular street, it’s an area here.”

“It’s a region by the border where it is not bound by any rules or regulations. There are warriors from all over the word who would sell and trade things over there. I also heard that there are lots of assassin from the Marqi Planet who will be there.”

Qian Jing said with a solemn look on his face.

Lin Xiu was deep in thought when he nodded his head and asked, “Can you bring me there?”

“What the f**k? Why would I go there? They don’t care if you’re killed there.”

Qian Jing looked scared as he said to Lin Xiu.

“We’re not in Tianlong City…”

“Are you afraid?”

Lin Xiu raised his eyebrows as he asked Qian Jing.

“Who’s afraid?!”

Then, both of them rented a maglev motorcycle and rode towards that area.

“Damn it. Just because he provoked me, I agreed to come here.”

Qian Jing couldn’t help but regret his choice.

As he thought of what it was like in that area, there were chills felt all over his body.

In order to get to ‘Fenghua Street’, they would have to leave the city centre and head East.

They were all long windy roads.

As they got closer to the border, the area become even more secluded.

Why would fatty be in this sort of place?

As they rode on their maglev motorcycle, they finally reached Fenghua Street within 30 minutes.

“So, this is Fenghua Street?”

Lin Xiu looked at the area before his eyes and he was undeniably shocked.

This was because the area that he saw did not seem to belong to Fengyun City.

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