Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 745 - The Eldest Young Master of the Jiang Family Is Uncommon, Transforming Into an Innocent Little Virgin (2)

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Chapter 745: The Eldest Young Master of the Jiang Family Is Uncommon, Transforming Into an Innocent Little Virgin (2)

Her breath was gentle, and his arm felt slightly tingly and cold. But she was a little close, and her hot breath landed on his shoulder, making Duan Linbai feel a little uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

“N-no!” Duan Linbai looked away. This woman is definitely poisonous. Does she think I’m a three-year-old child? She even blew on me. This didn’t work on me when I was four or five years old.

“Are you injured?”

“No,” he said firmly.

“Let me check.” Xu Jiamu remembered that someone had hit his back. Since she was applying medicine, she had to do a thorough job. While speaking, she reached out to pull off his shirt.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, woman?!”

Duan Linbai was actually very innocent. He had never been too close to the opposite sex, so he was inexplicably nervous. He looked determined and unyielding, as if Xu Jiamu had ill intentions toward him.

Xu Jiamu was stunned. “Don’t worry. I’m a doctor. I won’t do anything to you. In front of me, everyone’s body is the same.”

“F*ck, what do you mean by that? I…” Duan Linbai choked on her words. “How many men’s bodies have you seen?”

What do you mean by the same? How can I be the same as others?

“When I was learning anatomy, I saw all kinds of things.”

“Aren’t you studying ophthalmology? You also had to study human anatomy?”

“We also need to learn some basic medical knowledge. Eye problems don’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with the eyes. It might be a problem with the other parts of the body, or it might be the brain, or it might be…” Xu Jiamu paused for a moment. “For example, your snow blindness last time, the psychological factor was relatively big.”

Duan Linbai frowned, feeling that this woman was scolding him.

Is she saying that I have a mental problem?

I have comprehensive development of my morals, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty, okay?

“Turn around. I’ll take a look at your back.” Xu Jiamu was a doctor after all, and her technique was professional.

But Duan Linbai looked a little awkward. He felt his shirt being lifted, and his skin was exposed to the air, making it a little cold.

There was a palm-sized bruise on his waist. Because his skin was too fair, it looked a little scary.

“Hold up your shirt yourself. I’ll apply some medicine on your back.”

“Oh.” Duan Linbai held his shirt awkwardly.

Xu Jiamu half-squatted and applied medicine for him from behind.

Duan Linbai could feel the medicine being applied and the gentle touch of her breath. His fingers gripped his shirt tightly, and he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

“Don’t take a shower when you get back tonight, and put some medicine on it tomorrow. The swelling should subside in a few days.”

When Xu Jiamu spoke, hot air still landed on his waist for an instant.

This place was very sensitive, making Duan Linbai feel uncomfortable.

Xu Jiamu knew that applying the medicine would definitely hurt, so she deliberately changed the topic. “Your skin color seems different.”

“I went to Nanjiang to do business previously and specially went to sunbathe.”

“Your back is a little dark,” Xu Jiamu said casually. “Your face isn’t as pale as before either. Actually, you’re not very suitable for this kind of bronze color. You look quite good even if you’re a little fairer. You look more graceful.”

Duan Linbai’s face felt inexplicably hot. Is this woman praising me?

“You’re much darker than before.”

Duan Linbai choked. She said I’m dark?


He had always been known for his fair skin and beauty, yet he was actually called dark?

“Besides, your facial features are more exquisite, so you look better with fair skin. You don’t have to deliberately pursue skin color.” Xu Jiamu applied medicine to him in peace.

She had no idea what Duan Linbai was thinking at this moment.

When a police officer pushed the door open and entered, he was surprised to see Duan Linbai blushing. “Young Master Duan…”

“Xu Jiamu, be gentle. You’re going to hurt me to death.”

“I’m already being very light.” Xu Jiamu was helpless. Why is this man so delicate?

The police officer suddenly understood. He was in pain.

“The family members of most of those people are here. Do you want to go out and see how to negotiate this matter?”

After all, no one wanted to blow the matter up. It was best if they could settle it in private.

“Why would she go out? I’ll settle it.” Seeing that she had already applied the medicine, Duan Linbai let go of his shirt. “Don’t tell me you want her to tell your group what happened again?”

Xu Jiamu actually knew long ago that although Duan Linbai was carefree, he was a very meticulous person. She lowered her head and packed the first-aid kit. “Thank you.”

She spoke very solemnly with her head lowered. Her voice was a little hoarse, and it trembled slightly.

She was used to being independent, and she suddenly felt inexplicably emotional to have someone protect her.

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