Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 834 - Third Master: Calling Master Xu Brother, Scaring Sixth Master's Wife

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Chapter 834: Third Master: Calling Master Xu Brother, Scaring Sixth Master’s Wife

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Jing Hanchuan didn’t expect Fu Chen to go to the Xu residence. But after calming down and thinking about it carefully, he understood why he went. But this fellow was full of tricks. Who could guarantee that he wouldn’t ‘accidentally’ reveal something?

He might even indirectly point out something.

The scene of Master Xu rushing to his house when he was a child flashed across his mind. That tattooed arm was one of his childhood shadows.

At this moment, Sheng Aiyi’s clapping interrupted his thoughts.

“Alright, everyone, take a break.”

“Thank you, Master.” The few of them sat down on the sofas at the side. They didn’t dare to join in the fun in front of a certain big shot, let alone Jing Hanchuan.

“Hanchuan.” Sheng Aiyi took off her costume and hung it neatly at the side. “Fu Chen is engaged. What are you planning to give him?”

Because they were very close, just giving red packets felt like something was missing.

“I haven’t decided yet.” At this moment, Jing Hanchuan just wanted to give Fu Chen a few bricks and smack him to death.

“How are things between you and Little Boss Xu recently?” Sheng Aiyi smiled.

As a mother, she could always tell what her son was thinking, but she didn’t inquire too much. She just let the feelings between the young people develop. Interfering too much might backfire.

Anyway, she had seen Xu Yuanfei before. She wasn’t a bad person, and her good character was more important than anything else. Moreover, her tone was neither servile nor overbearing.

Most importantly, she wasn’t afraid of the Jing family, so she definitely wouldn’t be scared away.

Jing Hanchuan said in a muffled voice, “Not bad.”

Before Sheng Aiyi could continue asking, he got up and left. “I have something to do, so I’ll go upstairs first.”

At this moment, he wasn’t sure about what Fu Chen was going to do and wasn’t in the mood to talk with his mother.

The group of people from the Pear Garden were next to each other, drinking tea and eating snacks cautiously while whispering, “Is the Boss Xu that Master mentioned Sixth Master’s girlfriend?”

“I’m not sure. Even if they’re not a couple, their relationship is definitely not ordinary. Master knows her too. From her tone, she’s probably quite satisfied.”

“Hey, is Young Master Duan the only one we can fantasize about now?”

Just as the girls were whispering, a cold girl suddenly said, “If you have time to gossip, why don’t you think about performing and singing well?!”

The few of them immediately fell silent. After speaking, she got up and walked toward Sheng Aiyi. “Master, I have something to ask you.”

Sheng Aiyi was arranging her costume and looked at her lightly. “Go ahead.”

The remaining people looked at each other.

“She went to make her presence known again.”

“What’s the matter with her? Master nurtured her, but she failed to live up to expectations. She just can’t be the lead. Why is she venting her anger on us?”

“I heard that she likes Sixth Master a lot.”

“There are many people who like Sixth Master. Which of the girls in the Pear Garden don’t have red eyes when they see him? They’re like wolves and tigers. Who does she think she is?”

“That’s true. She started singing opera with Master when she was in her teens, and she knew Sixth Master earlier than us. If they had a chance, they wouldn’t have waited until now.”

People who weren’t familiar with Jing Hanchuan might be very prejudiced against him. But when Sheng Aiyi wasn’t around, he often went to the Pear Garden to take care of the business. He was familiar with everyone in the Pear Garden, so these people naturally knew what kind of person he was.

Many young ladies who had awakened to love would blush the moment they saw him. After all, he was born very good-looking.

At this moment, Jing Hanchuan had already arrived in the study upstairs. He leaned against the sofa and sent Fu Chen a message.

[Watch your words.]

He tapped his fingers on the table lightly, waiting anxiously for Fu Chen’s reply.

He better not spout nonsense.


At this moment, in Lingnan, the Xu residence…

Fu Chen had already gotten out of his car and walked in. The Xu residence had been built on their own land. It was near a river and a lake. Because the lake opposite had been developed as a tourist attraction a few years ago, although the residence was in a remote area, the property price was comparable to those in the central districts of Beijing.

Their house had a typical ancient architectural style. It had white walls and black tiles, and there were two huge stone lions at the door. The gate was painted gold and red, and it was tall and big, giving off a majestic feeling.

“Third Master, please come in.” A Xu family member was already waiting at the door and led him in with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Fu Chen’s expression was very calm as he followed him in. When they passed by the courtyard, there were all kinds of plants, as well as beautifully trimmed potted plants and other plants. There was even an ancient well in the Xu residence. From the looks of it, it seemed to be still in use.

The overall layout was solemn and not warm.

In the past, he had always been curious about how the Xu family raised their children. Xu Yuanfei’s personality was considered very tranquil. Although Xu Yao had a short temper, he wasn’t someone who showed off or had a ruthless character. At this moment, looking at the furnishings and layout of the house, he seemed to be able to tell a thing or two.

Fu Chen sized up the Xu residence imperceptibly, and in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived at the main living room.

“Master, Third Master is here.”

Fu Chen retracted his thoughts and looked at the middle-aged man walking toward him.

From his appearance, he looked to be in his early forties. He was very tall, and because he had been maintaining his figure, he looked very well-proportioned. He was dressed casually, but he seemed to walk with the wind.

“Fu Chen.” The man smiled. The coldness that was like the edge of a sword disappeared, and his entire body exuded the scholarly aura unique to scholars.

“Uncle Xu.”

“When you call me that, I keep feeling like I’m taking advantage of Old Master Fu.”

Although he gave off a refined feeling, his lips were slightly darker, so it was inevitable that he also gave off a sharp and profound feeling.

This person was the current head of the Xu family—Xu Zhengfeng. Many years ago, people called him ‘Second Master Xu’. But later, when he took over the Xu family, people directly called him Master Xu.

“Come in and sit.” Xu Zhengfeng called Fu Chen in without putting on any airs.

He had heard a lot about Master Xu bringing people to the Jing family to settle scores back then. Now that he saw him in person, he felt that he didn’t seem like someone who would do such a thing. What happened back then…

… was perhaps exaggerated.

“Thank you.” Fu Chen was very polite to him. After all, before understanding a person’s temperament, it was definitely not wrong to be low-key and humble.

“With our seniority, it wouldn’t be too much to call us brothers. It’s just that our age difference makes it a little awkward.” Xu Zhengfeng smiled and poured him some tea.

“In that case, I’ll call you Master Xu. You can just call me by my name.”


Fu Chen pursed his lips. While Xu Zhengfeng was pouring tea, his phone in his pocket vibrated. It was a message from Jing Hanchuan.

[Watch your words.]

He subconsciously licked the inside of his cheek with the tip of his tongue and replied calmly,

[I’m calling your future father-in-law brother.]

When Jing Hanchuan saw this reply, he was really furious. Fu Chen really takes advantage of me whenever he gets the chance.

At this moment, Xu Yuanfei had already changed her clothes and come downstairs. She greeted Fu Chen simply and sat beside her father uneasily.

“I really didn’t expect you two to know each other in private.” Xu Zhengfeng smiled.

“I’ve always told her not to stay home all day or in the store. She should go out and make more friends.

“Some time ago, she went to a ski resort on New Year’s Eve with a group of your friends, right? But this girl refused to tell me.”

Xu Yuanfei smiled bitterly.

She had told her family that she was going out with her friends. But when she posted on her Moments, she had forgotten to turn off the location of the ski resort. Everyone knew that Fu Chen had proposed to Song Fengwan there, so the Xu family guessed it immediately.

“Yes, I invited Miss Xu.” Fu Chen nodded lightly.

“Sorry to trouble you to take care of her.” Xu Zhengfeng smiled.

“I had a lot of things to do that day, so I didn’t have time to take care of Miss Xu.”

“Look at what you’re saying…”

“It’s the truth. The person who took care of her that day wasn’t me but a friend of mine.” Fu Chen raised his eyelids slightly, his tone relaxed and casual.

Xu Yuanfei was so frightened by his words that her heart instantly skipped a beat and her face turned slightly pale. She bit her lips until they were pale. Third Master Fu, you can’t play like this.

Xu Zhengfeng smiled and took a sip of tea. “A friend of yours? Who is it? I saw that she was in high spirits when she returned home. It seems like she had a good time.”

“Definitely. The two of them stayed in the same room and faced each other day and night. They would have definitely taken good care of each other.”

Xu Yuanfei’s pupils subconsciously dilated. You’re still saying more?

“Who is it? Do I know her? After hearing what you said, I think I need to thank her in person.” Xu Zhengfeng smiled. He didn’t notice that his daughter’s face was as pale as wax.

Shi Fang was sitting at the side, eating the pastries brought by the Xu family with his head lowered. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the undercurrents not far away.

Third Master is too bad.

After just being threatened by Sixth Master, he came to scare Sixth Master’s wife. Her face is pale from fright.

What a bad hobby!

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