I Become Baby Mafia Boss-Chapter 1606 "Axelle’s True Identity"

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Cellino and Bello were already about to evolve after their contribution to this war, anyway, but there was still Blaze, who was about to become a sacred beast.

The legend said that the moment a beast with a Phoenix or a dragon bloodline became a sacred beast, there would be a worldwide miracle, especially if the beast had a mutated origin!

Ainsley was not too greedy about herself but hearing that other people, such as Blaze, would benefit too, Ainsley was moved.

The baby also thought about Axelle and the others and felt that since Axelle had the bloodline of the Abyss demon, maybe he would also benefit from the shared merit.

Little did Ainsley know that from the moment the Gate of Hell was opened, Axelle's demonic bloodline was awakened and the Sloan Family's mansion was now in a mess.

Let's go back to the moment the Gate of Hell was opened.

Aside from the common people suffering from the evil whispers and many people were influenced by the evil aura leaked from the war zone, and suddenly committing various crimes, the dark creatures were the ones who got affected the most.

This was not necessarily a bad thing because anyone with the light camp's bloodline also got some kind of strange awakening the moment the Gate of Heaven was opened.

The same goes for anyone with the bloodline belonging to the dark camp.

Even if they themselves had a super thin dark camp's bloodline and never thought of siding with the dark side, these people called the dark camp's descendants were still affected one after another.

The biggest example was the halflings who lived in the blood clan kingdom and were now already evacuating far away from the war zone, waiting for the pure-blood members to look to return with victory.

The moment the Gate of Hell was opened, all these halflings awakened their blood clan's bloodline, just like Ainsley.

Then, the suffering came because of the sudden bloodline awakening and many people from young to old lay on their beds with pain all over their bodies.

However, maybe because everyone in the blood clan kingdom were generally stronger than your ordinary ability users or people with no power at all, no one died because of the bloodline awakening.

On the other hand, many halflings found out that after their bloodline awakening, their strength increased in terms of racial advantage and even if the majority couldn't manipulate blood...

The halflings were still sensitive to anything related to blood and could get a lot of information just through a speck of blood.

This thing happened all over the continents in the world.

Both dark camp's descendants and the light camp's descendants underwent bloodline awakening one after another, including the students in Elton Academy.

It was precisely because of the awakening that the still developing teenagers became more extreme and the students from the opposite camps directly fought on the spot.

Many teachers who had a little bloodline from the light camp or the dark camp also suddenly awakened their dormant bloodline, which further made the situation more chaotic than ever.

The instructors in the academy were experienced after all, so after the initial chaos, they managed to calm down and start managing the students.

However, there were quite a few instructors and students who had both the bloodline of the dark camp and the light headquarters, which made some kind of fierce competition in their bodies.

Most of these types of people could only end their bloodline awakening after choosing one side and letting the other side fall into a dormant state, leaving only one active bloodline camp. 𝑓𝔯𝑒e𝘸e𝘣𝓷𝘰ѵe𝚕.c૦𝙢

But there were some cases where the person awakened both bloodlines successfully and became a rare ability user in an instant.

Still, generally, the infighting of the bloodline awakening in these people's bodies often led to the destruction of the bodies itself, which was why the academy was flustered.

Many geniuses in Elton Academy had both camp's bloodlines that weren't awakened yet but still affected their awakened special abilities.

Because of the bloodline's influence, these geniuses could awaken many extreme attribute abilities, but when the Gate of Heaven and the Gate of Hell were opened one after another... ƒ𝐫𝒆𝐞w𝗲𝚋𝗻૦𝘷e𝙡.c𝑜𝙢

These students suffered the most and the Academy had to work hard to prevent these students from dying.

So, what's the relation between all this news and Axelle?

Well, Axelle was also one of the rare people who had both the bloodline of the dark creature and the light creature.

It was said that elves were naturally in the light camp despite the nowadays elves being more neutral than leaning towards the light camp.

Still, in the end, the forest elves were still included in the light camp based on their ability's attributes and not based on their personal choice.

Axelle was born from a unique person, and he was actually the illegitimate son of the forest elf's princess back in the day!

Axel's past history was like a novel on its own because his mother was the respected princess of the elven race with a thick light camp's bloodline, the darling of plants and forest.

If one looked closer at the previous hints about elves, one would notice that the so-called Royal Pacifier that Jake's female elf friend accidentally gave to Ainsley had something to do with Axelle.

Because this female elf was Axelle's nanny when Axelle was still a child!

But Axelle's identity...was not as simple as the illegitimate son of the elf princess.

The elves knew Axelle was a halfling and his other bloodline was a demonic bloodline, not just any ordinary dark creature's bloodline.

For the elves who participated in the event of creating the Abyss and sealing the demons from their world in the Abyss, the demons had always been their nemesis.

Then, despite all of this, there was Axelle's father, who turned out to be...the king of the Abyss Demon.

You guessed it right.

The King of the Abyss Demon!

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