I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce-2882 Chapter 2882: If You Love, please love deeply

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“Little Jade Pendant!”

Gu Yan looked at the direction where the golden light disappeared in excitement.

Lucifer raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong, Xiao Yan?”

Gu Yan’s expression paused for a moment before she calmed down. She looked at Lucifer and said seriously, “Big Brother, actually, I have a special ability.”


Despite Lucifer’s vast knowledge and because of his physical condition, he didn’t care about many things.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 However, after hearing Gu Yan’s words, the corner of his mouth twitched for some reason.

However, Lucifer was very tolerant of Gu Yan and didn’t say anything else. Instead, he nodded seriously.

Gu Yan sighed, “Forget it. If you don’t believe me, don’t force me. “But, weren’t you curious about the method I used to wake up Guan Yujue who was unconscious for the first time? “I used my special ability. “But that time, I used up all my special ability. In the end, it only left a ray of golden light. It was very similar to what we saw just now.”

Most of the remaining golden light went into her stomach and had merged with Xiaoyu.

However, Gu Yan suddenly remembered that it was Lucifer who saw the Golden Light.

Did It prove that the little jade pendant and Lucifer were fated?

Lucifer looked at Gu Yan in surprise.

Gu Yan knew that Lucifer still didn’t believe it, but she wasn’t in a hurry to say anything.

At this moment, a gust of fishy sea breeze blew. Gu Yan clenched a dagger that he found somewhere and said, “I have a feeling that we should be able to see Cang Lan soon.”

Lucifer nodded.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

He liked to see Gu Yan’s confident look.

However, this might be the last time he saw Gu Yan like this..

Gu Yan was right. The two of them walked forward for a while and found that they were at a beach.

Obviously, Guan Yujue knew about the plane crash very well. In his imagination, he had almost recreated the accident.

On the coast, there were some wreckage of the plane.

Gu Yan said, “At that time, Cang Lan was not called Cang Lan but Ying. “He was really good to Shen Xiyan. He was so good that he had no bottom line. He even knew that she had always loved another man and even gave birth to a daughter for that man. Cang Lan still gave up in silence and was willing to be Shen Xiyan’s shadow.”

“It was just because she didn’t love him.”

Gu Yan looked up at Lucifer and shook her head.

“If Shen Xiyan just didn’t love Cang Lan, then she wasn’t wrong at all. She was very fair because she knew Cang Lan’s feelings for her, but she kept hanging on to him and used him. This was definitely a piece of SH * t. “If you love him, please love him deeply. If You Don’t love him, please let go. “Shen Xiyan couldn’t do this. In the end, she deserved to die at Cang Lan’s hands.”

Shen Xiyan was also a notorious space pirate, so in the end, she died at Cang Lan’s hands. No one thought that it was Cang Lan’s fault.

When Lucifer heard Gu Yan’s words, his eyes flashed with a helpless bitterness.

“To be loved, if you can do what you said, if you love her deeply, if you don’t love her, then let her go. This is indeed the right thing to do. But Xiao Yan, have you ever thought about the situation of a unrequited lover?”

If you deeply loved someone, even if you knew that she was using you and giving you a perfunctory answer… you would still be willing to endure it.

Gu Yan looked at Lucifer’s eyes and slightly turned her head away.

She said softly, “Maybe some things are fated but not fated.”

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