I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1370 - Leave Yunyun to Someone Else Than Leave Her to Me?  

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Chapter 1370: Leave Yunyun to Someone Else Than Leave Her to Me?

Pei Yunge knew that Huo Shidu would wait for her in the study when he came, so after flipping through the book, she took a bottle of nail polish and sat by the desk, applying it in boredom.

This nail polish was not bought by Pei Yunge. It was snatched by Pei Yunge after Xu Xianing poked holes in the potato chip bags on Pei Yunge’s table some time ago.

Xu Xianing was so angry that she gritted her teeth for a week.

At the same time…

The atmosphere downstairs did not ease either.

“When did you have such thoughts about my sister?” Qin Yu took a deep breath.

Huo Shidu narrowed his pale-colored pupils, his eyes dark and unreadable.

He said carelessly, “I’m not sure.”

Back then, Ji Yiqing had deliberately provoked him and only let him see his heart clearly. As for when he had designs on Pei Yunge, even he was not sure.

Hearing this, Qin Yu’s urge to fight with Huo Shidu intensified.


Was there anyone more f*cking beastly than him?

He wanted to kidnap a brother’s sister??

Seeing that Qin Yu was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, the man was still dignified and refined. The corners of his upturned eyes were inexplicably charming and his low and magnetic voice was a little frivolous. “Brother, didn’t you also tell me before that you wanted to be with my family?”

“We’ve known each other for so many years. How can I be at ease leaving Yunyun to an outsider?”

“…” This shameless person.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. “President Huo, you also know that I’ve known you for so many years?”

As long as they remembered their brotherhood, they would not mess around with their brothers’ sisters behind their backs.

“Who started it first between you and Ge’er?” Qin Yu asked again.

Huo Shidu said calmly, “Me.”

Qin Yu could not help but say, “Huo Shidu, if you like female students, why don’t you look for someone?”

At this point, Qin Yu’s scalp turned numb.

He really could not imagine how a person as cold as Huo Shidu could suddenly develop like that with his Ge’er…

At the thought that Huo Shidu might become his brother-in-law, Qin Yu shivered and asked immediately, “When can you break up?”

Huo Shidu slowly looked up, but his eyes were void of any warmth. There was an unreadable coldness in them, making people afraid.

A moment later.

He said slowly, “Qin Yu, I’m sorry for not telling you in advance. I’ll apologize to you.”

“But I’m not that beastly, nor do I have any intention of playing. I understand that you can’t accept it for the time being—”

The man’s tone was gentle. “But for the sake of the family’s atmosphere in the future, it’s better to endure it.”

Qin Yu was speechless.


How could Huo Shidu, who deserved to be hacked into pieces, be so shameless??

“These few punches of yours really didn’t care about brotherhood.” The man licked his numb cheeks and smiled, feeling several spots on his body hurt.

However, Huo Shidu felt good that Qin Yu had found out this time.

It saved him the trouble of thinking how to explain this to Qin Yu.

“From the moment you seduced my sister, our brotherhood no longer exists.”

Qin Yu took out a cigarette from the cigarette box on the table. After a while, he suddenly remembered something.

He slowly and stiffly turned to look at Huo Shidu. “Have you… done it with Ge’er?”


Qin Yu was speechless. “…How many rooms do the both of you sleep in?”

With that said…

The atmosphere turned cold for a moment.

After that, she heard Huo Shidu ask with a faint smile, “Qin Yu, she’s only in her first year of university. Do you think I can bear to do it?”

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