I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses-Chapter 1456 - Be Sensible, How About That? Start the Humiliation!

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Chapter 1456: Be Sensible, How About That? Start the Humiliation!

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Director Pan shivered from the cold and could only rely on himself to slowly move towards the pool.

However, in the next second, before he could climb up with difficulty, someone stepped on his shoulder and pressed him down into the cold pool again!

Director Pan’s face paled!

“That’s strange.”

Pei Yunge’s voice gradually sounded from above her head. “You already know that I’m quite bad. How can you court death?”

“P-Pei Yunge, aren’t you afraid that Song Yao won’t be able to survive in the future?!”

Director Pan finally could not take it anymore and roared at her.

This woman.

She was clearly a complete lunatic!!!

In the next moment!

Everyone saw that person kick someone into the pool ruthlessly and their eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

They even saw her taunting the director in the water as if she was used to it. Her red lips curled up lazily as she said, “Don’t be like this, Director Pan. What can’t we discuss properly?”

Everyone was speechless.

Thank you, she almost believed him.

“M-Miss Pei, Director Pan is just confused. Please forgive him.” Brother Qiao immediately went forward and begged anxiously.

At first, he thought that this was just a spoiled young lady. But now, it seemed that if she f*cking played ruthlessly, no one could win against her!!

Pei Yunge was unmoved.

Brother Qiao said anxiously, “Let’s finish filming as soon as possible and send Sister Yao back to rest. Don’t you think so?”

With that said…

Pei Yunge retracted her gaze and glanced at him calmly.

Seeing this, Director Pan was ready to climb up before Pei Yunge changed her mind.

However, he never thought that just as he was about to climb up, Pei Yunge would suddenly grab his collar!

The ruthlessness in her eyes when they met was terrifying!

“M-Miss Pei…”

Director Pan’s voice was trembling and he was a little afraid.

However, Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow slowly, her eyes filled with a scary coldness. The way she smirked was indescribably wild—

She patted the water droplets off his face carelessly. “It’s like this, Director Pan.”

“If you can film it, film it. If you can’t film it, it’s best if you scram to a small corner and cry secretly. Be sensible, how about that?”

Director Pan met Pei Yunge’s eyes and was so scared that he could not speak clearly.

Not long after…

After Song Yao returned, she felt that her status in the production team seemed to have changed inexplicably.

Even the assistant director suddenly asked about her well-being and got his subordinates to buy dozens of heaters, saying that he would guarantee that she would not freeze later.

Song Yao felt that something was wrong and looked at Pei Yunge.

“Yunge, did you say something to the director and the rest?”

Pei Yunge glanced at the director, whose lips were purple and pale as he shivered in a large cotton jacket.

“I did go and tell Director Pan just now that we can discuss anything properly.”

Pei Yunge looked at Song Yao with a harmless expression.


Song Yao started to doubt the authenticity of these words.

Did this person know what negotiation was??

However, with the evidence of others, Song Yao had no choice but to believe Pei Yunge’s words.


Less than two hours after work ended, Director Pan’s expression changed!

He posted a long article online accusing Song Yao of being lazy and arrogant!

Pei Yunge had just been fetched by Xue Jiangxian and was not surprised when she saw the new public opinion online.

“Elder Young Miss, should we get rid of this?”

Xue Jiangxian asked knowingly.

Pei Yunge scrolled through the iPad screen and said casually, “We have to keep this production team.”

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