I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses-Chapter 1457 - Song Yao's Failure and Jin Taixin's Backlash!

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Chapter 1457: Song Yao’s Failure and Jin Taixin’s Backlash!

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Xue Jiangxian glanced at Pan Junxie’s information and nodded. “Don’t worry, Miss Song’s interests won’t be affected at all. However…”

“I’m afraid we can’t let Miss Song endorse our subsidiary’s products.”

Pei Yunge’s eyes landed on Xue Jiangxian slowly and the atmosphere inexplicably became oppressive.

Xue Jiangxian subconsciously avoided Pei Yunge’s gaze and lowered his head. “Miss Song’s popularity still can’t match our product line. If we really let Miss Song endorse it, it won’t be good for Miss Song’s audience.”

“If you’re afraid that Miss Song will drop her endorsement, I can contact our company’s artiste studio and change the terms with them so that the studio can set up a suitable endorsement for Miss Song.”


Pei Yunge slowly looked away and continued to flip through some endorsement documents Xue Jiangxian had prepared in advance.

However, Pei Yunge’s idea of Song Yao dropping the endorsement contract quickly happened.

In just three hours, all five brands that Song Yao had endorsed had been terminated! There was even an unbearable amount of insults online. Even Yu Manran had called and asked Song Yao to go out less recently.

“I’ve long heard that this b*stard Pan Junxi is the best at using despicable methods. Many female artistes who offended him before have left the industry.”

Yu Manran sat in the dressing room and scolded with a cold smile, “He thinks that if Yunge is in trouble, no one will protect you.”

“Thank you, Sister Manman. I’ll settle this matter myself. You don’t have to tell Yunge.”

Song Yao looked at the name card in her hand and was silent for a moment before she said with a smile.

Yu Manran had a bad temper. The more she spoke, the angrier she became. It was only when Song Yao comforted her that the call ended.

“Nini, bring this document that the company gave me to the company tomorrow.”

Hearing this, the assistant suddenly looked up at Song Yao. “Sister Yao… Are you really terminating the contract?”

“You’ve caused so much trouble. In the end, you haven’t brought much value to the company.”

Song Yao smiled. “Don’t worry, I already have a plan.”

Nini glanced at the name card in Song Yao’s hand and felt that this foreign company was a little familiar.

“Are you planning to go to… Konya Productions?”


On the other side.

Jin Taixin and Jin Qi’en were recording a live variety show. They did not expect the popularity of this conference to make Jin Qi’en and Jin Taixin gain countless fans.

A young movie queen and a scientific research genius.

With a little marketing from such sisters, they became the hottest topic right now!

“Sister Xin, there’s news that Song Yao has terminated her contract with the company. I think that drama will end!”

After the assistant received the news, she walked towards Jin Taixin and said excitedly while the camera was not following him.

Others might not be able to understand, but the company had actually analyzed it for Jin Taixin before they came to Yun Cheng.

Currently, Song Yao was the one who clashed the most with Jin Taixin!

Although Song Yao was not famous currently, it was said that the director that Jin Taixin had been longing to work with for three years was very interested in Song Yao!

Therefore, if nothing unexpected happened, if Song Yao could finish working on a movie with this director, her resources might very well be divided by Song Yao!

After all, that person was a famous godly director who had groomed five international Best Actress!

Besides, Song Yao was younger than her…

Fortunately, Song Yao’s resources were average. As long as something happened this time, Song Yao would have no chance to climb up.

Jin Taixin said casually, “Manric has to know about this.”

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