I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN) - Chapter 704

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Chapter 704

704: Powerful Opponents

Today is the second day of the first round with the C and D blocks having their matches.

「Hilt is coming out.」


We're sitting in our special seats again today, spectating them.

Fran is sitting in front of Urushi, hugging him from behind and resting her chin on his head, enjoying his fluffiness.

『Now, what kind of match are we going to see here?』


I appraise Hilt, as she appeared into the arena. She is strong as expected.

Name: Hiltoria Age: 23

Race: Human

Occupation: Magic War Martial Artist

Status Level: 61/99

HP: 682 MP: 582 STR: 410 VIT: 262 AGI: 589 INT: 197 MAG: 366 DEX: 314


Foot Sense: Lv 4, Intimidation: Lv 6, Super Strength: Lv 6, Brawling Arts: Lv 3, Brawling Mastery: Lv 3, Crisis Sense: Lv 5, Holy Fist Arts: Lv 4, Holy Fist Mastery: Lv 6, Fist Arts: Lv Max, Fist Mastery: Lv Max, Hard Spirit: Lv 8, Hardened Qi: Lv Max, Leadership: Lv 6, Blink: Lv Max, Blink Step: Lv 3, Status Resistance Lv 5, Mental Resistance: Lv 5, Provocation: Lv 4, Throwing: Lv 4, Dimitris Style Martial Arts: Lv Max, Dimitris Style Mastery: Lv Max, Physical Barrier: Lv 6, Magic Resistance: Lv 6, Magic Perception: Lv 5, Magic Release: Lv 8, Drowsiness Resistance: Lv 5, Orc Killer, Kobold Killer, Gastronomy, Split Thinking, Energy Control

Unique Skills

Energy Outburst, Food Storage

Innate Skills

Magic Cloak Fist


Orc Killer, Kobold Killer, Giant Slayer, Heir to the Dimitris School, Bludgeoner, Destroyer of Monsters, Rank A Adventurer


Spiral Piercing Knuckles, Tenma[1] Silk Robe, Tenma Silk Garments, Water Dragon Bone Wargreaves, Bracelet of Magic Control, Pendant of Regeneration

Her stats are strong, and so are her skills. Since her Dimitris Style is maxed out, she should be able to the use the same moves as Dimitris himself. I'm sure she'll be able to use whatever secret arts the style has.

It would be like a higher level version of the Colbert we fought last year in his unsealed state.

『It would be nice to see a few Dimitris-style moves.』

「……No way.」


《The probability that the individual name Hiltoria uses Dimitris style martial arts, 2%.》

Not only Fran and Urushi, but even Announcer-san! Well, I agree too.

Hilt's opponent is a large adventurer with an axe. His face is stern and powerful. If he was walking through town, everyone would get out of his way.

With that being said, he isn't very strong. In fact, he's pretty weak. No stronger than those of the three Scarlet Maidens.

Since the preliminary matches are completely random, it's possible that a person with a weaker ability can be selected for the main tournament if he or she wins a block full of weak fighters.

And the match ended as expected. Hilt's jab, which was thrown as a feint, easily settled the match.

Unable to even react to Hilt's attack, the axeman collapsed in a heap after taking a jab to the jaw. We couldn't even have a glimpse of Hilt's ability.

『W- Well, I'm sure he'll be a better opponent next time, so we'll see what happens then.』


As we continued to watch, I saw a friend of ours in the next match.


Fran actually remembered his name, which is a rare occurrence. He's that old wizard from Ulmutt who had tea with Fran once. He's C rank, but is as good as a B and was once in a party with Aurel apparently.

I couldn't watch his match last year, but I'm pretty sure he was defeated by Cruz, who was supposed to be a lower ranked fighter. He was probably disoriented by his speed and was hit by a big move before he could do anything.

He was a former court magician, so even though his magic level is high, his physical stats were quite low due to his old age.

How about this year?

I was a little worried while watching the match, but old Ladur was very strong. He said that he could use land, storm, and ocean magic, and he used them exquisitely.

He didn't use any powerful magic, but rather a combination of simple spells.

He uses land magic to break his opponent's foothold, flashy ocean magic to draw his attention, and invisible storm magic to quietly attack.

The enemy shieldman sank helplessly in the face of the various amounts of magic released without chanting.

『He might not be good with guys like Cruz that focus on speed and aim for big reckless damage, but he is pretty strong against a slow opponent.』

「Ladur is amazing!」

「Woof woof!」

Fran's eyes were shining. He's not a flashy fighter, but he is a skilled one. I guess he has a similar style to Mordred, except he specializes in sorcery.

In the final D block, there were quite a few fighters I know.

First up was Elsa. His presence was as strong as ever, and carrying a huge mace so powerful that a child would have nightmares about it.

He was smiling as he took his opponent's attacks and easily won the match with a only few attacks.

Next on stage was Charlotte. A girl who specializes in a rather tricky style of fighting weilding an iron ring while dancing.

She used the ring to capture her opponent's spear and snatch it away from him, winning the match without much hesitation.

Both of them were strong, but the impact of the next person was no less impressive. The mantis-headed half-insectkin Neidhart stood out compared to the rest.

Although he was barehanded, he had smashed and destroyed a steel sword. There were screams when he fought back against the sword with his bare hands, but it was followed loud cheers the next moment.

Name: Neidhart Age: 57

Race: Half-Insectkin - Mantis

Occupation: Twin Striker

Status Level: 66/99

HP: 897 MP: 214 STR: 588 VIT: 317 AGI: 612 INT: 138 MAG: 167 DEX: 433


Bad Eating: Lv 3, Sole Sense: Lv 4, Assassination: Lv 4, Stealth: Lv 4, Singing: Lv 3, Observation: Lv 4, Crisis Perception: Lv 8, Archery Arts: Lv 4, Archery Mastery: Lv 6, Critical Detection: Lv 4, Court Etiquette: Lv 2, Arithmetic: Lv 5, Perception: Lv 6, Presence Blocking: Lv 5, Sword Arts: Lv 5, Sword Mastery: Lv 5, Holy Fist Arts: Lv 3, Holy Fist Mastery: Lv 3, Fist Arts: Lv Max, Fist Mastery: Lv Max, Hard Spirit: Lv 4, Negotiation: Lv Max, Hard Power: Lv 3, Command: Lv 7, Instruction: Lv 4, Blink: Lv Max, Blink Walk: Lv 8, Silence Action: Lv 6, Status Resistance: Lv 7, Mental Resistance: Lv 3, Twin Sword Mastery: Lv Max, Farseeing: Lv 4, Fatigue Recovery: Lv 6, Magic Resistance: Lv 2, Magic Sense: Lv 3, Night Vision, Strengthen Legs, Leg Boost, Control Energy, Null Pain, Fortitude, Increase Agility

Unique Skills


Innate Skills

Sickle Blade, Twin Strike, Bugform


Giant Slayer, King of Battlefield, Thousand Slayer, Twin Swordsman, Survivor of Loss, Hundred Slayer, Bug Bond


Silver Dragon Twin Swords, Silver Dragon Scale Gauntlet, Cerberus Garment, Orihalcon Light Armor, Cerberus Wargreaves, Bracelet of Spirit Recovery, Anklet of Super Life Restoration

He's quite strong and also much older than the others. I thought he was in his twenties because he sounded like a handsome voice actor. I guess he's been fighting on the battlefield for many years, and which explains his strength.

He has some skills that we haven't even seen yet, so I'm really excited to see him in a real fight.

Felmus, the last one on the list, will bring out the best in Neidhart. He is a former rank A adventurer who fought with us last year in the match for third place.

His ever-changing strategy using threads really made us suffer and even now, he uses strings to block his opponent's movements and his fists to settle the match. To the spectators, Felmus' opponents seems to have suddenly stopped moving for no reason.

Last time we managed to win the fight by overpowering him with hard hitting moves, but I am not sure if we'll win the next time we fight.

But Fran, Urushi and I have become much stronger since then and in the limited space of the arena, we would have a good chance to win.

But if it ever comes to a death battle in an area like a forest, I am honestly not so sure.

『It doesn't look like it'll be easy to win again this year……』

「Nn! Bring it on!」


『First up, we have to beat Mordred!』



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[1] Tenma - Demon of the sixth heaven in the realm of desire who tries to prevent people from doing good

[2] Skanda - A swift footed (really fast) guardian deity from Buddhism

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