Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1561: The Infinite System! lIl

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Chapter 1561: The Infinite System! lIl

Multicolored Essence of Reality surged forth madly around Noah's figure in the Infinite Reality.

Medium Tier Reality Crystals lay shattered and leaking glorious splendor around him as they released waves of multicolored light that went on to surge into his soul, causing the infinity symbol to pulse with cosmic might as it entirely took a rainbow-colored visage!

Noah called it the Infinite System.

This was because he wanted it to be constantly evolvable and capable of having more additions to it as it could encompass the Reality altering Constructs of many possible systems. But more than this…it was also based on the concept that was infinity!

Infinite Mana.

This was where it began as at this moment, Noah was implementing the first construct of the Infinite System that expanded further on this concept of Infinite Mana as he was tyrannically calling for…

"Infinite Resources…"


He called out such words with fervor as the Essence of Reality around him surged even more, another Medium Tier Reality Crystals shattering as more units of this profound resource surged into Noah's soul to try and achieve his Tyrannical goals!

Not just Infinite Mana, but an infinite amount of all the resources under him!

It was a terrifying wish…but it wasn't entirely achievable as such a thing meant the resources of all different types of Essence would be infinite, along with the resource of Destiny, Fortune, and even…the resource of the Essence of Reality.

This wish was too overbearing as if Noah achieved it, it simply meant game over for any other existences across the Firmaments.

All those scaling the Firmaments of Ascendancy were focused on finding ways to generate this essence within their Origins as it involved becoming Overseers of Realities among a few other means. For this resource to become Infinite? It was impossible!


His soul contracted and expanded as the first reality altering construct was established.

His Origin surged with untold light and colors as an endless river of blue could be seen- this representing his Mana as thereafter…endless rivers of a myriad of other colors bloomed all around as his Origin became blinding for one to even gaze towards!

There were over a hundred of endless rivers of colors that rose which represented different Infinite types of essence resources, but three particular types of resources were not seen among these!

The resources of Destiny and Fortune were not capable of being turned Infinite from a mere reality altering construct as this concept was denied…but it didn't prevent Noah's already vast reserves of Destiny and Fortune that far exceeded anyone he had met to explode even further at this moment.

The glimmer of gold and destiny around him was so intense as seas of golden destiny flashed around his body, his soul getting the sense that of any beings scaling the Firmaments…he could say with surety that they would never exceed him in terms of destiny and fortune!

This wasn't just a belief, but his soul could almost ascertain it as fact. A fact that across the myriad Realities, those at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy and below…they would never be able to match him in terms of destiny and fortune.

This…was the first product of the first Reality altering construct under Noah's Infinite System- a construct that he would term Infinite Resources!

Then came the inviolable Essence of Reality.

The concept of Infinite Essence of Reality was denied, but similar to destiny and fortune…it was expanded ridiculously as the small space that Noah could contain this essence was expanded multiple times over, climbing by multiple thousands as the maximum reserves he held went to 3,000…5,000…and continued on with wildness and glory as they reached 10,000 and they could not proceed any further!


His soul screamed out euphorically and with utmost joy at such a juncture, his Affix of Reality blooming out its effects as Noah felt Units of the Essence of Reality course through him wondrously while his Ascendancy Value rose by an entire 10 Million...and he achieved a 33,000,000 Value.

The mere construct of the first stage of the Infinite System had such a shocking boon as his Destiny, Fortune, and reserves of the Essence of Reality were expanded to a shocking degree! No common existence at the Eighth or Ninth Firmament could stand before Noah and claim that their reserves of these types of Essence exceeded his, and this was just the first stage of his System as at this moment…we have to look closely at the resources that Noah had succeeded in turning Infinite.

All the different types of Essence of Daos and Edicts were now Infinite! But…what did this truly mean? Noah had Infinite Mana in the past as when it came to the essences of Daos and Edicts, he would simply change and alter his mana to whatever essence he wished to utilize to cast his skills and abilities.

He had transformed mana into endless Ruination or Primordial Essence, and he used his mana to power up and bring forth the essence of his Nomological Edicts when he cast their terrifying abilities!

And this…was the crucial point we must understand.

This reality that for any of these other resources that weren't Mana, Noah had to first take pure mana itself before changing it into these resources, and then he activated the skills. This was something we've even referred to in the past as the efficiency in utilizing essence, where the more efficient one was…the faster they could cast their abilities and the more power they could display!

With the birth of the sub System of Infinite Resources under the Infinite System, Noah had now effectively cut off this need of alteration of pure mana into another type of essence, removing a time consuming feature that all existences under these vast Realities had to go through if they wished to cast their abilities.

So what would the results of this actually be? Was it something that was even quantifiable?!

[The quantification of Cast and Attack Speed is rendered null under the Infinite System.]


[True Instant Cast and True Instant Attack have now been achieved.]


Golden prompts rained over Noah's eyes as an existence with infinite resources was given the authority to completely evade the time delay of converting mana into other types of essence, a shocking reality coming to be at this moment.

As for what this really changed in Noah's power?

The answer to this would be found when our eyes turn towards the sparring match between two Emperors of Old occurring within the Boundary Between Realities!

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