Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1878 Resonance! L

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At a crucial time others couldn't even imagine, an existence tried to assassinate the descent of a Will of a Dimensional Hellion Ruler!

It was something unbelievable as others wouldn't even have the courage to do it.

It was great execution and timing…but the power that had come down was simply too dreadful.


The bullet carrying tendrils of TABOO authority smashed into the region where the head of Genevieve was, but it was like an object was heading into the boundaries of a scorching sun.

Before it could even reach her skin, it was slowly evaporated as the force didn't even touch a glimpse of this newly rising Genevieve.


The infusion and the descent of the will of a Dimensional Hellion Ruler completed as Genevieve's face underwent another transformation, dazzling pairs of eyes erupting from her as they shone with a bloody gold light!

Exceedingly devilish beauty unfolded itself as this will- this Dimensional Hellion Ruler…merely batted an eye towards the direction where an existence even dared to throw attacks in its direction as Elora felt her soul buzz and nearly shatter.

She grasped onto her Techno Relic tightly as she disappeared into the folds of space soon after. It was a worthy effort, but the enemy was simply too dreadful.

Noah looked at this scene as he nodded, Akaris, Katelyn, and Ezekiel having difficult and somber expressions as the one being with a smile etched on his face was Noah!

This was because he knew it was time.

The existence that had risen this time was an uber big boss that was multiple levels above him, where he would even be fighting with an insignificant portion of her soul at this moment!

He was plenty powerful right now as he could withstand over a Billion Damage Values easily and dish out something similar, but it would entirely not be enough here as the aura they could all feel from the existence before them…

"Alpha Strata."


Ezekiel spoke the words with a sigh as he grasped his Sword of Avalon tightly.

The aura they were just beginning to sense was no doubt something they had felt when facing the Alpha Strata LEGENDS that were outside the Domain Rift of this Unexplored Grotto Sanctum!

Noah gazed forward as he wanted to correct Ezekiel's words just a little. He was more perceptive as he could see the strength of this being was rising towards the peak of Beta Strata and nearing Alpha, but she wasn't fully there yet!

But this didn't matter. This was a being who might be able to utilize DHARMA Tier Concepts or even the very Natural Laws of Reality themselves.

? It didn't even matter whether her aura reached Alpha Strata or not as this alone was dreadful enough.

It was still a level of strength he couldn't stand against in his current state as the only thing left to do…was for him to exceed himself!

In the Dimensional Holy Land.

Noah sat on the Throne of Unnamed Tyranny as he fully utilized its time dilation effects, the movement of time in the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest seemingly coming to a halt for him as he could accomplish many things in this period of time.

When a being blinked their eyes as merely a second passed in the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest, Noah would have had over 5 hours to do whatever he wanted in the Dimensional Holy Land.

And what he wanted to do now…was proceed forward after he had stayed behind for too long.

He had forged his foundation to the extremes.

Even now, he was still forging his Physique as the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique would soon finish its 20th Cycle!

The Resplendent Infinite Reality Passages continued to grow above him as his power still rose steadily.

And amidst all of this, his Dream Dimensional Reality Seed, Dream Dimensional Body, and Dream Dimensional Soul were fully saturated and ready.

His Origin pulsed with Kainos Royal Dream Cosmos as it gave him a sense of boundless strength, Essence of Reality coursing within him powerfully!

His body contained astounding refinements of Physique as it continued to undergo even more Cycles, where in its current state- it should be able to withstand at least another 10 Cycles of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique.

His soul…pulsed with power as thousands of TABOO Edicts now swam within it, simply waiting for Noah to sort them out and put them where he wished.

By all accounts, he was ready to resonate his Aspects of Existence and enter a new stage!

Geniuses did this easily so long as they had a solid foundation and many Infinite Reality Passages, stepping from Cosmic Filament and into the Reality Realm easily. But…would it be the same for Noah?

He had his own Realm of Progression as he currently had a Dimensional Reality Seed that wished to become a type of a Dimension!

He wasn't forging a Reality, but a type of Dimension termed as a <Dimensional Reality>.

To achieve this seamlessly, Noah knew he had to be in the proper state of mind.

A state of utter peace and tranquility as if he wasn't facing a ridiculously powerful enemy who had her hands dipped into three Dimensions that even Primordials were still increasing the dominion in!

For this, one of his True Sanguine Clones was already up to the task.

Far away from Noah's main body that was situated on the Throne of Unnamed Tyranny.

In a domain also under the authority of the Dimensional Holy Land.

As shocking wars and chaos bloomed in the outside lands of the vast Realities and Dimensions, a fantastical scene was blooming in this domain where one could see many figures of Noah's friends and family currently clustered in one location!

The skies were a radiant blue with seas of multicolored Essence floating with grandeur, the earth they were on filled with abundant life force as silver gold trees floated behind them while verdant gold grass weaved beneath their feet.

Vibrant crystalline metallic grills could be seen atop the grasslands they were on as Adelaide and Barbatos manned two of them while adorned in aprons pulsing with the light of Primordial Relics.

Kazuhiko and the Emperor Penguin had similar attire while they also manned other grilling stations, the whole land they were on being a vast cliff as further ahead of them, the earth dipped as one could see an endless golden sea below it!

Near the edge of this vibrant cliff, Noah's True Sanguine Clone had the blue slime bouncing above his head as he cast a fishing line into the golden sea where massive deep sea Beasts swam in, Little Henry sitting beside him doing the same while his Mother was behind them with Athena and Elena among others currently peeling the scales of a massive Phoenix Shrimp.

The Oathkeeper was using his large body to split apart a lobster that was gushing golden seas of essence and preparing spices on it as the aroma even before it was cooked was already astounding enough.

Tiamat was in her Dragon form as he used her Dragon's Breath to rekindle the grills further behind them, all of Noah's people being on this vast paradisical domain as they merely spent time together enjoying a barbecue of whatever Noah fished from the endless golden sea below the cliff they were on!

With such a scene surrounding him and feeling the warmth of those he protected and loved, Noah's will found this to be a prime state to be in at this juncture.

As he held on to the Primordial Relic Fishing Rod, he thought about the spark one needed when going past their Cosmic Filament Realm.

The resonance they had to undergo with their Aspects of Existence!

Geniuses could easily bypass the state of epiphany and achieve resonance, and Noah was the same even when he was walking an entirely different path.

With his mind in its best possible state, he looked within himself as he focused on his Aspects of Existence.

The Essence of the <Origin of Nature> he had attained from Dr. Hall shone vibrantly as he saw the three Aspects that made him.

His Origin, Soul, and Body!

To step into the next stage, one had to resonate these Aspects of Existence and bring them closer together- interlinking them as of they were one!

It all began with their Soul as normally, one would spread its gaseous state over their whole Origin and Body and interlink everything during the resonance.

Limit Breakers had condensed their Souls as they were in a liquid state, and they had to spread their Soul Sea onto their other Aspects of Existence!

Noah's Soul was a vast golden sea and not the cerulean blue of all other beings, this soul beginning to buzz at this moment as it got ready to connect everything together.



In his unique state, Noah merely uttered these words for it to begin.

For the process of bringing many different aspects into one!

As the resonance began, Noah found himself reflecting on himself and his own separate identities.

He was a Son.

He was a Father.

He was a Man.

He was the Ninth Infernal Lord, the Apex Paragon, the Antiquity of Mana, and the Peerless Forger!

He was an Emperor and the owner of the Infinite Dimensional Reality.

He was the Tyrannical Emperor, the ETHEREAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR, and the Unnamed Kainos Emperor!

He had all of these identities but at the end of the day, he was simply...

Noah Osmont.



An incandescent light of utter glory and majesty shone everywhere where Noah's will reigned, a shocking transformation blooming at this moment!


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