Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor - Chapter 461: Different Methods

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Chapter 461: Different Methods

Wang Wei headed straight to the Blood Earth Forbidden Land to see the old beggar. After entering his cottage, he told him about Jian Wushuang's Trial and his discovery of Innate Laws.

Then, he asked him about his confusion.

The eyes of the old beggar turned golden as he seemed to be calculating something. All the knowledge in existence seemed to flash in his eyes.

"The answer to both your questions are essentially the same. Jian Wushuang's situation involved the concept of Law Resonance."

Wang Wei frowned as he remembered his father mentioned this term in passing when he was young, but he never explained it.

"There are three Paths for Swordsmen to follow regarding Laws," continued the old beggar. "The first one is only to comprehend Pure Sword Laws. The second is to combine Sword Laws with another Law, and finally, to understand Sword Laws and use Law Resonance.

"Pure Sword Laws cultivators are people like your father; they believe in the supremacy of the sword as the Ultimate Attack Dao. They are usually the more powerful swordsmen since they pursue the state of [One Sword Breaks Myriad Laws].

"They cultivate basic sword moves like cutting, slashing, or piercing to the Level of Laws and elevated them to the point of confronting even Supreme Laws.

"The second path are swordsmen like Jian Wushuang who cultivate another Law with their Sword. And this is the group of swordsmen that can become Outlaws.

"The last path are swordsmen who also cultivate Pure Sword Laws. However, their talent, dedication, or Sword Will is not enough to reach the level of the first path. So, they chose another method to make up for their attack power.

"They did not want to comprehend another Law, which would corrupt their Sword Heart and weaken them. So, they develop the method of Law Resonance. They can use their laws to resonate with others and borrow their power.

"In Jian Wushuang's case, he abandoned cultivating the Dao of Infinity and used Law Resonance instead. To be precise, he returned to the third path since he was previously on it before becoming an Outlaw."

After thinking about this information, Wang Wei understood this was a battle of philosophy or ideas. Swordsmen focused on the purity of their Sword Heart and Will.

A perfect example is his father.

He dedicated his life and heart to the sword to the point of refusing to temper his body not to affect his swordsmanship.

And Wang Wei knew some swordsmen more extreme than him; they refused to marry or have a family because of their love for the sword. Many of these extremists do not like his father because Wang Tian is so powerful despite not dedicating everything to the sword–just like them.

In Sword Dao, purity determined how powerful a swordsman was. Whether it is the second or third path, they are usually more powerful than the second one.

And the only exception to this fact is if the second path becomes an Outlaw. Cultivating Laws like Time, Destruction, second-path swordsmen can be on par with the first path, if not more powerful–especially if they are also talented with their Sword Laws.

"So, are you saying that If I change to the third path of Sword Dao, I could pass the trial?" wrote Wang Wei in the air.

"Possible. From your information, it is evident that Heavenly Dao allowed Outlaws to pass the trial as long as they weakened their Dao.

"If you did this, the power of Fate you would be able to use would diminish, and you would fit in this category. But I do not know whether this would apply to us Supreme Outlaws.

"In the end, this question is meaningless since you would never do this with your Dao Heart dedicated to achieving absolute freedom."

Wang Wei knew the old beggar was correct about him. He would only accept a way to thoroughly pass this trial and have total control of the Fate Dao. Of course, if it were up to him, he would like to slap Heavenly Dao and ask who gave it the right to test him.

Unfortunately, he could not do that.

"What about Innate Laws?" asked Wang Wei.

"Primordial Gods and Innate Demons can only use innate Laws. If humans or Acquired Lifes want to use them, they must rely on Innate Treasures, thus limiting them in some ways. So, this method could work."

Wang Wei understood that one method to "pass" the trial is to limit the power of the Law cultivated, whether through a technique like Law Resonance or foreign aid like Innate Treasures.

However, he did not want to use either of these methods. After this conversation, he had a new idea but wanted more information.

"So, what exactly is so unique about Innate Laws? Why is it that Innate Demon Gods do not have to become Outlaws?"

"Most Innate Demon Gods are restricted to the Laws they are born with. So, a Fire Primordial God could only cultivate Fire Innate Law."

'So, it's all about restrictions, huh? The entire purpose of this trial is to prove that a person is worthy of cultivating some powerful Laws. if not, cultivators either die, place some restrictions, or purposely weaken themselves.'

"As for what is unique about Innate Laws?" continued the old beggar. "I only know that no world can restrict innate Laws."

Wang Wei understood the meaning behind these words.

Every world in every World Communities has slightly different Laws. Cultivators must understand the Laws of Heaven and Heaven in the Void Shattering Realm.

However, the Laws they comprehend are the Laws of the Myriad Emperor World. So, if a Void Shattering Cultivator traveled in the Endless Void, they must take time to adapt to the Laws of other worlds.

This is why Wang Wei had to modify the Divine Runes when he tried to place an array on the sun in the Heavenly Profound Continent.

The issue of Law Adaptation is critical and also determines how great a cultivation system is. For Example, in the Origin System, this problem is dealt with in the Saint Realm.

Cultivators can forcibly change the Laws of Heaven and Earth with their Domain and do not need to adapt. And in the Supreme Realm, their Dharma Body is the physical embodiment of their Laws and does not need to adjust to using them.

Additionally, their laws have evolved into Dao at this stage.

In the Quasi-Emperor Realm, cultivators fused with their Dharma Body to create a Dao Body, and they have a Dao Fruit–which makes them the source of their Laws and not restricted by Heaven and Earth.

Other cultivation systems that use Domain, Void Caves, or Universes Inside the Body do not need to Adapt.

However, the Profound Energy System that cultivates the Laws in the realm similar to Quasi-Emperor would face such an issue.

And based on the old beggar's words, all Innate Demon Gods are born with this ability.

'These Innate Lifeforms are truly Heaven's Favored Son despite all the restrictions they also have. So, what if I turn myself into a Primordial God with Fate Innate Laws? Could I pass this trial?'

He had the [Fiengod Body Twelve Revolution] and a Dragon Spine. Wang Wei believed that he could create such a method.

Without wasting time, he tried whether this method was viable. He asked the old beggar for a clean room inside the cottage and laid out his own formation inside before beginning to deduce the possible success of this plan.

With the [Future Buddha Self], he began to see possible timelines based on his current thought process and decisions. Wang Wei decided to slight overdraft his soul to increase the deduction.

A month later, he opened his eyes with a tired look.

'I really need a way to increase the deduction of this [Future Buddha Self].'

Wang Wei saw a few timelines, but they all had the same problems: this method took too much time. Only after the 10th revolution could Wang Wei revert to an Innate Life and become a Fiendgod.

However, that level also involved the domain of the Great Emperor or being of a similar level. And to make up for the gap between himself and Immortal-Entities, a lot of time is required.

The time that he did not have.

In all the timelines he saw, something would occur that forced him to leave the Dao Opening Sect while studying a way to become an Innate Demon God.

So, he decided to see a timeline where he refused to leave the sect. The result was that an accident occurred in one of his experiments, which resulted in a tear in the void that swallowed him and teleported him away.

Then, he died as always.

In another timeline, someone sneaked inside the sect and managed to take him away before killing him. In one extreme timeline, he saw that even if he hid deep inside one of the sect's Secret Realm, some random and unnatural event occurred that disturbed the operation of the entire Dao Opening Sect.

Then, someone sneaked into the Secret Realm before killing him. And his killer is always the shadowy figure with the saber.

Ultimately, he decided to settle for being a Primordial God instead of a Fiendgod. With his Qi Flower producing Innate Qi, the Dragon Bone, and the Fiendgod Scripture, he drastically reduced the time needed for the final transition.

But, it was still not enough.

Finally, Wang Wei stopped his calculation for three reasons:

Firstly, he found his [Future Buddha Self] too slow in deducing different timelines. It was too draining on himself if he wanted to shorten the time for even one deduction. So, he needed to fix that.

Secondly, his intuition told him this solution was not the best for him. At the very least, if succeeded, there might be consequences. No, the exact feeling was that he would miss a great opportunity essentially to his path of becoming free and unfettered.

Wang Wei guessed that defeating that Saber-Wielder might benefit his cultivation path instead of avoiding him. It could be because a victory would sublimate his state of mind or some treasure or cultivation technique his killer has that may benefit him greatly.

'So, how powerful is this Saber Fiend? Maybe he is not powerful but very intelligent?' thought Wang Wei.

The real reason that he stopped was that he had another idea. So, he went to see the old beggar to ask.

People with the Absolute Chaos Physique get a pass at cultivating Outlaws Daos. What if they cultivate one of the Supreme Daos? Would they become Supreme Outlaws or regular Outlaws?

The old beggar paused for a moment before his eyes turned golden. A few minutes later, he answered:

"They can cultivate one Supreme Dao without any consequences."

'As expected,' thought Wang Wei. Heavenly Dao grants the Heavenly Physiques to individuals, so it is customary to give favors to the chosen ones with the first and most potent physique.

Although it is not fair, there has never been any fairness in the universe–especially in the cultivation world.

"Do you want to take Lin Fan's physique as a way to pass the trial?" asked the old beggar and Wang Wei only nodded his head.

"Technically speaking, it should be impossible to have two Heavenly Physiques. However, there are rumors that the Primordial Venerate Emperor, the second Emperor of the Five Element Palace–had both the Five Element Balance Physique and the Yin-Yang Eyes.

"So, maybe it is possible."

Wang Wei believed that the only reason the Saber Fiend could defeat or kill him so quickly was because of Heavenly Dao's help. A perfect example is that he could not find the slightest information about them.

Heavenly Dao is very likely hiding all secrets related to him.

If he could pass the trial and remove Heavenly Dao's protection of the Saber Wielder, he could be more proactive, find and kill him.

Wang Wei nodded his head before giving the old beggar a contract. Then, he wrote in the air:

"Sign it, and let me read your Fate Line."

A terrifying killing intent emanated from his body.

The old beggar sighed as he understood the reason: he knew too much and could be used against him in the trial. So, he signed it without hesitation.

The old beggar also knew that even with all the array he had around, he could not stop this monster if he decided to kill him at all cost. Plus, most of the arrays around were for hiding purposes, not for attack.

After taking the signed contract and reading the old beggar's Fate Line, Wang Wei nodded as he removed most of his suspicions. Plus, he learned a lot of secrets, some of which would greatly benefit him.

He also learned that the old beggar planned to find an Innate Treasure suitable for his Dao to pass the trial.

Then, he left. He had an idea on how to increase the ability of his [Future Buddha Self], so he went to execute it.

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