Loved By An Older Man-Chapter 1019 - Had It Coming

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Chapter 1019: Had It Coming

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“Why would she want to see me? I’m not a police officer.” Jiang Yu was baffled.

Chang Kai could not understand either. “I don’t know either, but she said she wants to see you. If she can’t see you, she won’t say a word to us.”

“…Got it. I’ll be there right away.” Jiang Yu sighed. She could not understand what Wei Juan was thinking.

When Jiang Yu rushed to the hospital, she saw Wei Juan throwing a tantrum in the ward. “I said I want to see Jiang Yu. Are you people deaf?! Hurry up and contact her. Tell her to come and see me!”

Jiang Yu walked to the door and knocked symbolically. “I’m here.”

The moment she saw Jiang Yu, Wei Juan’s eyes lit up like a cat seeing a mouse. She even wanted to get out of bed.

If not for the nurse stopping her, Wei Juan would have run up to Jiang Yu long ago.

“Jiang Yu! How dare you come here! It’s all because of you! My hands are gone!” Wei Juan gritted her teeth, her expression was extremely ferocious. “Jiang Yu, I knew you had evil intentions towards me! First, you harmed Ran Ran, then you caused your father to become destitute, and now you’ve caused me to lose both my hands! Jiang Yu, you’re a jinx!”

Everyone looked at each other, not daring to look at Jiang Yu’s expression.

Although they did not believe Wei Juan’s words, what she said was too harsh. It was hard to imagine Jiang Yu’s expression after hearing it.

However, Jiang Yu did not get angry after hearing it. Based on her understanding of Wei Juan, she knew that Wei Juan would put all the blame on herself.

So she sneered, she put all the facts in front of her. “Jiang Ran deliberately blew on me with flying catkins, causing me to have severe allergies and almost lose my life. I only sent her to prison for a few years, which was already very merciful to her. As for Jiang Hai, he was poor from the beginning, and he was not ambitious. He only wanted to take advantage of the situation. Otherwise, he would not have been able to sell fake jewelry. Everyone thinks that he is not a good person. You are the only one who does not have a brain and thinks that you are married to love. As for your hand…”

Jiang Yu glanced at it. There was still a thick layer of gauze wrapped around it. It looked very comical.

“Amputation is the only way to save your life. If your intention is to die, then I admit that I am indeed meddling in other people’s business. I should not have saved you in the first place.”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, Wei Juan’s face alternated between green and white. She didn’t know what to say to refute.

After a long while, she shouted, “Shut up! Do you think I’ll believe you just because you said something like that?!”

“Who told you to believe me?” Jiang Yu shrugged. “I’m just telling the truth.”

Wei Juan was so angry that she almost choked in her throat.

A moment later, Wei Juan shouted with a red face, “Get out of here! Don’t let anyone in! Who are you people? How dare you stand in someone else’s ward? Don’t you know that this is rude?!”

The nurses could only say to the police officer standing there, “The patient’s mood is very unstable, so please leave for a moment.”

The policemen looked at each other and were about to leave, they heard Jiang Yu say, “Where do you want us to go? How many days have so many people wasted because of you? You want to kick us out with just a ‘rude behavior’? Then what’s the point of shouting at your savior? Is this considered polite?”

“Jiang Yu! Don’t talk nonsense here!” Wei Juan struggled to get out of bed to fight Jiang Yu.

“You really think your injury will heal so quickly?” Jiang Yu snorted disdainfully, “I see that you don’t intend to tell us about Jiang Hai. If I had known you would be like this, I wouldn’t have saved you in the first place. Since it’s a waste of time and it can’t be healed by your mouth, it’s really a thankless task for me.”

With that, Jiang Yu turned around and was about to leave.

“Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu! Stop right there!” Wei Juan bared her fangs and brandished her claws, forcefully breaking free from the nurse’s restraints. After getting off the bed, she stumbled and ran towards Jiang Yu.

“Jiang Yu! Give me back my Ran Ran!” She stretched out her hand towards Jiang Yu’s neck.

However, she no longer had a hand, so there was no way she could strangle Jiang Yu’s neck. Moreover, she had suddenly gotten off the bed just now. Her vision was still a little dark, so she could not see what was in front of her clearly at all.

She was staggering as she ran, and her mouth was still screaming non-stop. Jiang Yu heard it and took the opportunity to dodge to the side. Wei Juan directly hit her head against the wall.

“Dong –” With a muffled sound, Wei Juan slowly fell to the ground.

The police quickly helped to carry Wei Juan to the hospital bed, while the nurse went to find a doctor.

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