Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 728 - You Like Me

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Chapter 728: You Like Me

“What are you doing?” Yan Jinyi’s tone was rather hostile.

She wasn’t going to forgive him yet! Huo Xishen was rarely good-tempered and his voice sounded extremely gentle at the moment.

Staring at her closely with his dark pupils, it was as if he wanted to draw her in. “Darling, you like me.”


Huo Xishen had a rare smile on his face and said, “You like me.”

He asked in an affirmative tone.

“You… Don’t spout nonsense, I don’t like you at all.”

Yan Jinyi glanced at him and thought, ‘Why should I like you when you don’t even like me?’

She could tell that Huo Xishen was in a very good mood at the moment. Seeing that she had rebutted without getting angry, he put his hand on the back of her head and gently planted a kiss on her lips. “Darling, you don’t have to deny it. Everyone can tell that you like me.”

Yan Jinyi panicked. ‘Who does everyone refer to? Who’s spreading rumors about me liking Huo Xishen?’

“Don’t listen to everyone’s nonsense, I don’t like you.”

Huo Xishen smiled and raised his hand to pinch her cheek.

“Yeah, you don’t like me, you love me.”


‘Get lost!’

Yan Jinyi slapped the partition hard and exclaimed, “Assistant Wen, pull over!”

Assistant Wen pretended not to hear her and put down the partition with a look of puzzlement. He asked, “What is the matter, Second Young Mistress Huo?”

“I told you to pull over!”

Assistant Wen did not dare to slow down at all and he frantically stepped on the brakes.

‘Second Young Mistress Huo’s eyes are too scary. I might be scared to death before I even get a girlfriend!’

Huo Xishen watched as Yan Jinyi opened the door and left. Still in a good mood, he sent her a text message.

Yan Jinyi cursed hard at Huo Xishen while walking. She took a look at her cell phone to see that Huo Xishen had even sent a text message to her. However, the content was extremely ambiguous.

[Darling, it seems that you love me very much. Are you going to respond to me?]

He even attached a photo of a small devil.

‘Why should I respond to you? Since when have I ever loved you deeply?’

‘Doggy Huo is really malicious. He’s taking a mile when given an inch. Now, he’s even imagining that I carry a torch for him? Hah…’

Yan Jinyi sneered and thought, ‘Is it that easy to win my heart? Back in hell, a man who was an emperor in his previous life, tried to pursue me for more than ten years but I never agreed to it!’

‘But…why is my heart beating so fast?’

Feeling rather annoyed, Yan Jinyi scratched her hair and resolutely called Shen Yan and Tan Sangsang to ask them out for drinks.

Night fell and it was the peak hour for business at the Black Cloud Fortress.

Seeing that Yan Jinyi was storming over furiously, Zhao Xinchen reserved a private room for her and even prepared a few bottles of wine.

When Sangsang Tan and Shen Yan arrived, Yan Jinyi was already drinking. The two looked at each other and thought that she had argued with someone.

“Jinyi, why did you ask us out for drinks all of a sudden?”

Shen Yan had always been a dignified and elegant woman who was favored by heaven. She smiled and walked towards Yan Jinyi. She sat down beside her and asked, “Did you get into an argument with Xishen?”

The mention of Huo Xishen seemed to have triggered Yan Jinyi as she slammed her hand against the table and said, “Who argued with him? Huo Xishen goes overboard all the time. He’s so heartless and annoying, how dare he think I like him? He must be kidding!”

‘Oh~ It seems that she has really argued with Xishen.’

Shen Yan pursed her lips before laughing. “Jinyi, you’re drunk.”

Tan Sangsang pointed to the two empty bottles beside Yan Jinyi’s hand and said, “You’ve drunk so much.”

“Who’s drunk? Am I, Yan Jinyi, the type to get drunk?” Yan Jinyi’s eyes were glassed over and she suddenly looked at Shen Yan with a lewd smile. “Hey, isn’t that Yan Yan? Yan Yan, Huo Xishen will be the last person I like!”

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