Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 1490 - 1490 A Slap in the Face, Two Forces Coincidentally Met!

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1490 A Slap in the Face, Two Forces Coincidentally Met!

“You make me feel like I’ve got a higher space to explore on the potion every time you visit. Sigh.”

Zhong Yiliu smiled bitterly. He had been defeated by Qiao Nian.

“As expected, I still have to cultivate!”

After saying this, he knew what Qiao Nian was here for. Without wasting any time, he said to the girl sitting on the computer chair, “Come with me. I’ll bring you to get the medicine.”

CD-3 was a targeted drug he’d developed last year.

As many as the Pharmacy Association wanted.

If Qiao Nian wanted this medicine, he would bring her to the place where he had placed it.

Qiao Nian stood up, tugged at the brim of her cap, and followed behind him. “Mm.”

Zhong Yiliu led the way. She walked a short distance away from Zhong Yiliu, about two steps apart.

As they walked out of the laboratory, Zhong Yiliu chatted with Qiao Nian about potions.

Until they walked out of Zhong Yiliu’s laboratory and met a young man with blond hair and blue eyes.

The young man also had three people with him. He happened to see them come out.

The young man greeted Zhong Yiliu skillfully and said respectfully, “Director, the Countess is here.”

Zhong Yiliu stopped and let out an “Oh” in surprise, as if he had just remembered that Qi Yan had called him. “You guys are here.”

Qiao Nian lowered the brim of her cap with one hand in her pocket, revealing only her chin.

But her skin was very fair, and her temperament was outstanding.

Zhong Yiliu stopped to talk to someone, and Qiao Nian stopped as well. She had no intention of responding.

Robert, on the other hand, was stunned to find a young girl with his teacher. His eyes lit up as he reacted.


He was thrilled.

After all, Zhong Yiliu had mentioned Q many times, but this was the first time he had seen her in person.

He hadn’t expected her to be so young.

However, Robert had been in the Pharmacy Association for so long and had often been outside himself, after all. His mental fortitude was much stronger than that of the average person.

Even though he was very excited, he temporarily restrained himself. He turned to Qi Yan and the other two and said, “Let me introduce you to Dean Zhong.”

Robert looked at Qiao Nian, who was standing beside Zhong Yiliu, and said in a low voice, “… The other one is a very important friend of our dean. She came to our Pharmacy Association today because she had something on.”

Qi Yan didn’t recognize the girl standing beside Zhong Yiliu at first glance, so she could still smile. “I didn’t expect Dean Zhong to have such a young friend.”

However, Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou’s expressions changed when they walked out of the laboratory and heard that she was Dean Zhong’s ‘important friend’.

At this moment, Jiang Xianrou looked as if she had been struck by lightning after they saw each other clearly. Her beautiful face was snow-white, and her lips were trembling. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Qiao… Qiao Nian?

Why had she come to Continent O and appeared beside the Pharmacy Association’s dean?

Jiang Xianrou couldn’t describe her current mood. It was as if she had flown into the clouds and fallen into the abyss.

A kind of shock and pressure pressed down on her so hard she could barely lift her head.

Jiang Xianrou stood there in a daze. Zhong Yiliu was clearly in front of her, but she couldn’t even greet him normally.

Her gaze was fixed on the girl beside Zhong Yiliu who had her head lowered and was acting nonchalant. Her gaze was so scorching that it was as if she wanted to chisel her apart!

It was Qiao Nian. That person was clearly Qiao Nian!

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