Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110: To Get Yellow Crane 2

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That was what the Crown Prince was like. And that was how he should behave. Gu Ruxue used to be the most beautiful girl in the whole capital, and she had all kinds of artistic skills. So it was very reasonable that the Crown Prince adored her.

Gu Ruxue felt so happy, and believed that the life she was living right now was what she had been dreaming about since childhood.

She had always looked beautiful and was favored at Gu Mansion, and she was even more adored than the lineal daughter. She even married the man who was going to be the King when she just stepped into adulthood. Soon she was going to be the Queen and the most respected woman in the world. And her child would become the next King, and the Crown Prince would continue to spoil her like this. More importantly, she was the Phoenix Girl!

She was the happiest woman in the whole world.

Smiling Gu Ruxue said, “I did have something I would like to discuss with you.”



“Brother has just come to the mansion because he wants to take over Yellow Crane.”


“I think that as the Crown Prince, you can help my brother to take over Yellow Crane without any difficulty, right?”


“Brother also said that he will just take the name, yet the profits will all be yours to boost your army!”


“Crown Prince, what do you think?”

Gu Ruxue really believed that it would be very easy for him to do. He could even order them to offer Yellow Crane, look at what happened to Lord Huai’s Mansion! That was why she put it forward so easily.

Zhou Huailing, who had been displeased a while ago because Gu Ruxue came to disturb him for such a small matter, was satisfied by how Ruxue spoke.

It was a very easy thing for him right now, and the Gu Family knew what he could do. They also knew that they should support him rather than take the profits personally. So the restaurant was good for him.

In this case, he was going to say yes to this request.

It would just take some time and energy.

Well, that was too true.

He did not think that his Eighth Brother had any idea of what situation he was in right now.

He better keep a low-profile so he should drop Yellow Crane. He did not need that much money as a minor Lord.

So he was going to take over the restaurant.

“Okay, I will spare some time to help your brother. Your brother is now hanging out with Young Masters of the noble families, which is good for us. Yellow Crane should be a good place for them to have fun,” Zhou Huailing said, looking supportive.

Then he turned to Junyi and said indifferently, “Junyi, how do you think we should deal with this matter?”

It might be an easy thing for him right now, but he was still the Crown Prince, and he needed to obtain civilians’ support rather than do anything impulsive. It would be best if they could deal with everything in a proper way.

Junyi showed a very bad look on his face.

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