Ms. Doctor Divine-Chapter 1232

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Chapter 1232: Chaos in Court 4

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Thanks to Prime Minister Chu, she had managed to stay concentrated and work out everything smoothly.

She and Prime Minister Chu spent some time at Li County, but she had not spoken with Prime Minister Chu since their return. However, she had not predicted that Prime Minister Chu was the one that understood her more than anyone else did.

Sword One was so anxious to protect her just now, but Prime Minister Chu stopped her because she would have been distracted and Sword One would have been hurt.

Sword One was not a match against the metal humans, so she knew well that she was just as effective as the imperial army.

“Greetings, Prime Minister Chu.” Gu Chaoyan smiled.


“I thought those things would disappear after Li County, but they are here in the court!” Prime Minister Chu snapped furiously. He was in a very complicated mood. The casualties inside the court would definitely lead to Prime Minister Chu’s bad mood.

Having said this to Gu Chaoyan, Prime Minister Chu started to take care of the injured imperial army.

The King was hiding somewhere and Honored Princess Jing, who was in charge of the banquet, was nowhere to be seen. Some noble families, such as the Yao Family, the Min Family were all gone, and the Gu Family was nowhere to be seen. Those generals must have followed General Liu to Jiayu Pass, so Prime Minister Chu was alone here taking care of everything.

Gu Chaoyan could not help but shake her head. She felt very emotional.

After getting to know about the existence of the Phoenix Girl, the King seemed to have gone crazy. He wanted to dominate the whole world. He was so ambitious that he was trying to do something beyond his abilities.

He had released the metal humans.

The King must have kept the metal humans as well as their creator after he dealt with Li County. He even wanted to keep Mu Yihan and his metal humans so that they could work for him later.

However, he could not have believed that those things would try killing him.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head slightly.

She had talked with Mu Yihan, and he was caught by her. He was sent to the prison by Prime Minister Chu, but she had not expected that the King had not yet dealt with him, instead keeping him to make more of those things.

The King could not control Mu Yihan.

He was a tricky and sinister person. She observed him for a long while, but even she could not tell what on earth Mu Yihan was up to.

He could be very fickle. Even if he was talented, he was not to be kept because he was totally out of control.

He had gotten so many people killed, so he should be executed.

Those metal humans were all under their control.

What about Mu Yihan? If he escaped, then something like this would happen again.

Gu Chaoyan looked at the army and asked. “Where is the King?”

Those guards had a very complicated look on their faces, as they said, “The King must be in the wing-palace, close to the trees, it is safer there.”

Gu Chaoyan threw a look at it and nodded.

She started to head towards the palace.

Prime Minister Chu followed Gu Chaoyan after he settled things.

The army was on full alert while guarding the court.

They only moved away when they saw it was Prime Minister Chu who came.

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