Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2957 Scram

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Chapter 2957 Scram

Clearly, not everyone had Chu Yang’s amazing defensive powers. This one slap heavily injured him. In fact, it was unknown if he was dead or alive as he lay at the bottom of the mountain.

“You declare? Does Long Yanzong think he is an emperor? Who does he think he is? If he has the ability to come fight Boss Long San, go tell him that a person shouldn’t be so arrogant, or I’ll show him what true arrogance is,” barked Long Chen.

It seemed that he had severely overestimated Long Yanzong as a person. Who would have thought that because of Long Chen, he would actually cast his anger on Luo Bing? He was shameless.

If he had the ability, why didn’t he come here? Long Chen hated such people. They were trash.

After Long Chen slapped that person flying, the rest of the experts of the Heaven Melting Valley were enraged. He was their vice leader.

Other than the rank one and rank two guilds, no one in the inner academy dared to provoke this vice leader. Hence, he had never dreamed that someone would dare to strike him.

As they were climbing up the mountain, they just so happened to see Chu Yang. Seeing a satisfied smile on his face, they thought that he had just finished humiliating everyone. In their mind, if the seventh rank guild could be so arrogant, then even less had to be said about their third rank guild.

Thus, the vice leader had thought that he was untouchable, all without realizing that Chu Yang had simply shown him that smile on purpose. Unfortunately, that confidence caused him to be caught completely off guard.

“Courting death!”

Some of them rushed down the mountain to see how he was, while the others furiously charged at Long Chen.

As a result, as soon as they moved, a sword appeared in Long Chen’s hand. With a flash, it pierced the chest of the person at the front. It was so fast that people only saw a blur before that person’s life was in Long Chen’s hands.

Those experts stiffened, staring in horror. That person was the number three expert of the Heaven Melting Valley. His power was only slightly lower than their vice leader.

At this moment, terrifying energy fluctuations flowed along Long Chen’s sword. With just a thought, this person would be left without a corpse.

“Who gave you the courage to get into a close-range combat with others as a flame cultivator?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

These disciples of the Heaven Melting Valley all had flame energy, but flame cultivators didn’t specialize in physical battle. So why did this group of people dare to fight Long Chen in close range? They must not know how the word ‘death’ was spelled.

“You… you won’t dare to kill me!” shouted that person.

“There is nothing that Boss Long San doesn’t dare to do. However, I do disdain killing an ant like you. Go back and tell Long Yanzong that if he’s a man who pisses standing, he should come at me directly. If he wants to play such games with me, then don’t blame me when he is crushed to death by the ancestor of such games.” Long Chen snorted and pulled his sword out of this person’s body. His fresh blood still stained the sword.

Long Chen didn’t kill him, because in the inner academy, armed fighting was not allowed. Since the enemy had struck first, it wouldn’t be a problem if Long Chen only half-killed him, but if he really killed the latter, it would be troublesome. To waste so much precious time just to kill someone like him was completely not worth it.

Killing intent instantly exploded out of the Heaven Melting Valley’s experts. Now that he didn’t have a hostage, they prepared to attack once more.

“If you dare to take a step forward, I swear on this sword that none of you will see tomorrow’s sun. If you don’t believe me, just try it.” Long Chen’s expression immediately darkened. His killing intent erupted.

After sparing them, they actually thought to continue pressing him. In that instant, he made his determination that if they dared to move, then he wouldn’t give a damn about the rules.

The person he had stabbed began to quiver, fear welling up inside of him. Perhaps because he had been stabbed by Long Chen, he could sense his anger far more clearly, as well as the determination in his voice.

“How brazen!” The disciples of the Heaven Melting Valley shouted furiously, never having seen someone so arrogant.

“We’re leaving!” The person Long Chen had stabbed suddenly waved his hand.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang!” The others were shocked, unable to believe it.

“I said that we’re leaving! Are you deaf?!” Senior apprentice-brother Zhang roared, causing those disciples to shut their mouths. After that, they left.

“Brother San, are you alright?”

Long Chen had scared off Chu Yang with a slap and forced back the third rank Heaven Melting Valley with a single attack of his sword. His name was guaranteed to resound within the inner academy. He should be happy, but they saw that his expression was frighteningly dark.

“These idiots really piss me off. In my world, they could count themselves tough if I didn’t beat the crap out of them,” said Long Chen hatefully.

Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and the others turned red. He actually used such coarse words in the company of women.

Long Chen hastily apologized, “Sorry, these idiots just really piss me off.”

“It’s fine. If you want to rise in the inner academy, you must fight. Since I dared to establish the Luo Gate here, I am prepared to fight. Dignity and resources are gained through fighting with your lives and your blood. Cowering in fear and begging for pity will only cause others to mock and bully you,” said Luo Bing.

Although Luo Bing looked scholarly and cultured, as a person, she truly possessed the mannerism of a leader, a general. She said this so that Long Chen wouldn’t be shamed over the third rank alliance coming after her Luo Gate. If the Luo Gate wished to stand tall in the inner academy, they had to show their own fangs.

Otherwise, anyone would trample over them, and they would quickly be disbanded. She said this also for the rest of the disciples of her Luo Gate to hear, so that they would be mentally prepared. Establishing a new guild was not so easy.

“Bing-er, your Luo Gate was just formed, but because of a certain person, you’ve offended the third strongest guild. Think well on how your conduct implicates the disciples of the Luo family,” said Luo Qingyang. With that, Luo Bing could tolerate no more.

“Luo Qingyang! Get the hell out of here and never come back to our Luo Gate!”

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