Nine Star Hegemon Body Art-Chapter 3353 Massacre

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Chapter 3353 Massacre

A masked expert was forced out of the void. The next instant, Long Chen’s figure was already shooting toward him.

Before that person could react, a hand clawed onto his head. This person was an Immortal King but only at the Mortal tier. He unleashed his Immortal King aura to force Long Chen back, but unfortunately for him, that little aura was nothing to Long Chen. Let alone a Mortal tier Immortal King, even a Spirit tier Immortal King could simply be ignored by the current Long Chen.

That person didn’t even have a chance to take out his weapon. Blood spurted out of his head as Long Chen’s fingers pierced into his head.

“Soul Tracing Source!”

The assassin’s Yuan Spirit exploded. Using his Yuan Spirit as a vector, Long Chen used a secret art. Countless illusory figures then appeared in the air.

These figures were originally perfectly hidden in the void. No one had been able to even notice them. But after Long Chen detonated that person’s Yuan Spirit, he used it to find those with similar cultivation technique fluctuations, revealing them.

Up in the air and within the ruins were thousands of hidden experts. Although they had been revealed, it was just due to a secret art, allowing people to see their vague figures, but not their facial features nor their cultivation bases.

However, that was enough. When they saw those figures, the Heavenly Rainbow Domain’s experts went crazy and charged at those despicable assassins.

The assassins themselves were also startled. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such a technique.

This was a technique that Long Chen had learned while going through the pavilions of the main academy. At that time, he had felt that this technique was made perfectly to counter the Bloodkill Hall. But he had never used it before.

The Bloodkill Hall’s experts would be immediately noticed by him unless they posed no killing intent to him. Otherwise, no matter how they concealed themselves, they couldn’t escape the senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Now that he finally used it, the hidden assassins were all forced out.


As Long Chen waved his hand, a flame prison appeared, sealing this entire space. It rapidly shrank.

As it shrank, a figure appeared within it. It was another masked expert, but his aura was different from these assassins of the Bloodkill Hall.


Long Chen clenched his hand, and the flame prison instantly shrank to the size of a fist around that person. He was instantly crushed and incinerated.

At the same time, countless more figures appeared. Their number was no fewer than the experts of the Bloodkill Hall that were forced out.

“Nine Underworld Hunters!”

A vein throbbed on Long Chen’s forehead and killing intent exploded out of him. The Nine Underworld Hall and the Bloodkill Hall had joined forces against him.


Seeing these people, Qin Feng roared and charged out. The closest Mortal tier Immortal King of the Bloodkill Hall was directly hacked apart by him. The current Qin Feng was very powerful. He was truly capable of being classified as a first-rate expert. Even fighting across two realms, he easily killed a Mortal tier Immortal King.

“Warriors of the Heavenly Rainbow Domain, quickly leave this place! There’s no need for any senseless sacrifices. The future Heavenly Rainbow Domain needs you to rebuild it. The Heavenly Rainbow Fairy’s soul flame needs you. You still have a purpose, so you cannot throw away your lives for nothing!”

Long Chen shouted. The Heavenly Rainbow Domain’s experts were charging at those assassins to avenge their seniors, but they weren’t a match for the assassins. They began to fall.

Long Chen’s voice resounded throughout the ancient city. Those experts still had red eyes, but they chose to listen to his orders. They no longer made any senseless sacrifices and retreated from the battlefield.

After seeing Long Chen’s fight against the experts of other domains, they knew that they would only get in his way. He wouldn’t be able to unleash his full power for fear of harming them, while his enemies would have no such misgivings.

“Long Chen, is it? I will-”

A Spirit tier Immortal King with the mark of the Nine Underworld Hall appeared right in front of Long Chen, but only just for a moment before he suddenly vanished.

Long Chen simply swung his hand. A lotus mark appeared on his palm, and space twisted. After that, blood mist filled the air. He had slapped that Immortal King to death.

This person had severely underestimated Long Chen’s combat experience. Normally, he would split himself into eight figures and attack from eight different directions.

A normal person would definitely try to deduce which of the eight bodies was real. Every single one of those eight bodies could instantly switch with the real body, and as soon as his opponent chose the wrong one, they would die.

However, against Long Chen, he had chosen to use the most simple and direct technique. Those eight figures were all fake, and he launched a frontal attack while hidden in the void. Just as Long Chen thought to handle the eight fakes, the assassin would kill him.

However, Long Chen had ignored those eight figures and directly slapped his true body. Hidden in the void, his power was suppressed. As a result, a Spirit tier Immortal King of the Nine Underworld Hall, someone who had killed countless people in his lifetime, died without understanding how Long Chen hadn’t fallen for his technique.

Naturally, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to fall for it even if he wanted to. That person had the blood of the nine star heirs on him. It was even easier for Long Chen to sense him than the assassins of the Bloodkill Hall.


Once that Spirit tier Immortal King was slain, all the surrounding Nine Underworld Hall and Bloodkill Hall experts charged at Long Chen.

“Divine ring! Battle armor!” Long Chen roared. The next moment, his divine ring appeared with a star diagram inside it and golden scales covered his body. A violent qi wave erupted along with chilling killing intent.


Long Chen slashed his saber down. The front few Spirit tier Immortal Kings were directly blown back, hacking up blood.

Despite being Spirit tier Immortal Kings, their power was far inferior to the ones replicated by the academy’s training ground. Even over ten of them combined were unable to stop Long Chen’s attack.

After one swing of Long Chen’s saber, another flame lotus appeared in his left hand. He then unleashed a palm that caused the void to explode. Flames devoured half the sky.


The Spirit tier Immortal Kings within that region screamed miserably and flew out, their bodies covered in flames. They were turned into roasted pigs. As for Mortal tier Immortal Kings, they were directly incinerated.

After that, Long Chen swept his saber out, and a mass of assassins were directly slain. Long Chen shot through the air, becoming a life-reaping devil king. Wherever he went, the assassins were killed.

On the other side, Bai Shishi had a golden lotus beneath her feet. Her golden sword came out of its sheath, and anyone who blocked her was killed. Her attacks were even sharper than Long Chen’s.


Suddenly, the world shook and a ray of divine light descended from the nine heavens, enveloping the entire city.

“Long Chen, is it? Interesting. You killed Tian Mo. I will face you today.” A cold and arrogant voice rang out from the heavens.


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