Nine Star Hegemon Body Art-Chapter 3354 Earth Tier Immortal Kings

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Chapter 3354 Earth Tier Immortal Kings

The divine light descended from the heavens. Bai Shishi and the others were shocked to find that the area enveloped by the divine light was separated from the rest of the world.

“It really is a trap.”

Bai Shishi’s expression changed. Although she had been mentally prepared, she still had a bad feeling.

Thousands of assassins of the Bloodkill Hall and the Nine Underworld Hall were almost wiped out. Everything was too simple, too easy. It was like they were just bait.

To use thousands of Immortal Kings as bait, with even Spirit tier Immortal Kings amongst them, wasn’t this bait a bit too generous?

“It really is a trap. Look, the blood soul energy of the slain assassins is gone. This light was summoned using their blood soul power,” said Qin Feng.

“How ruthless! They intentionally had us kill them just to summon this light. They’re willing to pay a bloody price!” Bai Xiaole stuck out his tongue. This was way too exaggerated. Since when did the lives of Immortal Kings become so worthless?

Following that icy voice, five figures slowly descended from the heavens.

“Earth tier Immortal Kings!”

Bai Shishi’s heart jumped. Amongst the five of them, four of them were elders with auras as vast as seas. The auras were so heavy that everyone had difficulty breathing. They were Earth tier Immortal Kings.

This was Bai Shishi’s first time seeing an Earth tier Immortal King. She was unaware that her mother and father were Heaven tier Immortal Kings because they had sealed their auras. Only Long Chen had seen some clues and knew about it.

The four of them emitted such an immense pressure that faint threads appeared within heaven and earth. Their pressure caused even space to freeze.

Furthermore, the four of them were standing behind a young man. This was a fair-faced man in black robes, and a demonic light shone in his eyes.

He was at the peak of the Four Peak realm. His aura seemed to be on the verge of breaking through at any moment to the Divine Lord realm.

Although he was only in the Four Peak realm, the sense of danger that this person gave off was not at all inferior to those four Earth tier Immortal Kings.

Most importantly, the four Earth tier Immortal Kings were standing behind him. He was the leader, so his status was clearly extraordinary.

Long Chen’s saber swung, killing two Immortal Kings who thought that they had managed to escape death. Long Chen cut them in two, and their corpses fell to the ground, their Yuan Spirits dead.

With a swing of his saber, the blood slid off, leaving the saber as white as pure jade.

Resting his saber on his shoulder, he looked at the five of them without the slightest shock. It was as if this was all within his expectations.

“I asked you a question. Are you mute?” asked the young man after he saw Long Chen’s cold indifference. It seemed that this wasn’t the effect that he had anticipated.

Long Chen stared at the young man, feeling the resentment of hundreds of nine star heirs on him. The young man’s hands were covered in the nine star heirs’ blood.

Nine Underworld Hunters lived to kill nine star heirs, viewing them as prey. Moreover, they used their prey’s heads to gain status and rewards. They were slaughterers.

This person had the most resentment on his hands, out of all Nine Underworld Hunters that Long Chen had ever encountered. Long Chen only had one thought in his mind when he saw this young man. Kill him! Avenge the nine star heirs!

“Are you blind? Can you not see that I am the dean? If you know the answer, why ask?” said Long Chen coldly.

“Dean? Hahaha, good, very good! I like that status. After I kill you, I think I can get a reward comparable to killing a few nine star heirs.” The young man laughed arrogantly, seemingly not placing Long Chen in his eyes.

Long Chen sneered. “I heard that you hunt down nine star heirs while relying on a realm advantage. You don’t even dare to fight them in the same realm. Even if you are in the same realm, you use numbers to bully them. If it was a one-against-one, nine star heirs would kick the crap out of you, is that information correct?”

This wasn’t something that Long Chen had heard. He just guessed it. There were no historical records of nine star heirs, and their stories were only passed down from mouth to mouth.

However, considering how powerful a nine star heir was, the Nine Underworld Hunters would have to pay a heavy price to kill them. In fact, many Nine Underworld Hunters fell to their prey’s final struggle.

Thus, they most likely fought in groups against a nine star heir or used higher realms to suppress them. Otherwise, they couldn’t possibly kill the nine star heirs.

“Bullshit! That’s absolute nonsense.” The young man was enraged and he flatly denied it. But his expression seemed to be proof of it.

Seeing Long Chen’s cold gaze, that man was enraged. It felt like his lie was seen through, embarrassing him. Long Chen’s words had clearly touched a sore spot.

It wasn’t just his expression that was ugly. The four Earth tier Immortal Kings also had surging killing intent in their eyes.

Long Chen smiled. “As expected, the rumors are true. You Nine Underworld Hunters are cowards who only know how to use numbers to bully others. I suppose it’s just like the hyenas of the plains. You’re both despicable animals who use any means necessary to feed yourselves. Although the nine star heirs were slain by you, they were true heroes, while you are simply cowardly trash. The likes of you can be called an assassin? What a joke. You’re practically an insult to that title. The Shadow Sect is the home of true assassins, kings of the night. But you lot are such trash that I’ll ask you to stop calling yourselves assassins. Really, you’re simply insulting real assassins.”

Every single one of Long Chen’s words was like poison arrows shooting into their hearts. The five of them felt like they might explode.

These were the words that they hated the most. That was because every time they hunted nine star heirs, they always mobilized over a hundred people and had experts across realms as well.

Even one against a hundred, the nine star heirs sometimes had the power to kill all of them, even though some of the most outstanding talents of the Nine Underworld Hall were present. Thus, they usually had seniors who first injured the nine star heirs or used secret arts to limit their power. They were truly willing to use any means necessary to kill nine star heirs.

Of course, to the public, they announced that they always killed the nine star heirs in a one-against-one. But that was simply them pasting gold on their faces.

Now that this gilt was mercilessly torn off by Long Chen, they were embarrassed. The young man darkly said, “I used my own power to kill four hundred and thirty-seven nine star heirs. Since you dare to question me, I’ll show you the power that I used so that you can die fully convinced!”𝗳re𝙚w𝐞𝚋n𝚘ѵ𝗲𝚕.𝑐om

His arms shook, blasting off his sleeves. After that, dual daggers with a flickering blue light on them appeared in his hands. They were like the fangs of a viper pointed at Long Chen.


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