Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1115 - Untitled

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Chapter 1115: Untitled

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Xia Wanyuan took the phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar landline number. She usually did not answer unfamiliar calls, but for some reason today, she subconsciously pressed the answer button.

Wei Jin’s anxious voice came from the phone. “Cousin, I’m sorry. Can you pick me up?”

Xia Wanyuan was very direct. “Location.”

Wei Jin reported her location and hung up the phone anxiously.

Xia Wanyuan sat up from the bed. Jun Shiling sensed her emotions. “What’s wrong?”


“Something happened to Wei Jin.” Although Wei Jin did not say in detail what had happened on the phone, Wei Jin was not a rash person. Something must have happened to make her panic.

“I’ll accompany you.” Jun Shiling got up and put on his clothes, accompanying Xia Wanyuan out the door.

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In a small shop near the hospital, Wei Jin put down the phone and carefully looked at the entrance of the hospital. Three teams were searching outside with the hospital as the center.

Seeing that those people were getting closer and closer to the small shop, Wei Jin’s palms were sweating. She glanced at the street outside. Taking advantage of a young couple entering and blocking them, Wei Jin left the small shop and hid in a small alley.

It was already late at night, and the shops and supermarkets were basically closed. The streets were so quiet that only the footsteps of the investigators could be heard. Wei Jin did not dare to be too far away from the address she had reported. She was afraid that Xia Wanyuan could not find her, so she could only hide quietly in the alley.

“Trash! Why did you let that Wei Jin escape?!” Zhang Yi looked at the person in front of her in dissatisfaction. “Didn’t I tell you to take good care of her?”

“Young Master has been holding her hand and won’t let go. We didn’t dare to delay when Young Master was like that just now.”

“If you can’t catch her today, don’t come back.” Zhang Yi frowned. “Go quickly!”


The Wei family would probably not take Wei Jin in, but that Xia Wanyuan was a troublesome person.If Wei Jin ran back, wouldn’t the Mu family’s matters be leaked?

The more Zhang Yi thought about it, the more flustered she became. No, I have to inform Mu Ting about this.

In the alley, a group of people was standing at the entrance, less than fifty meters away from her.

Looking at the trash on the ground and thinking of the elegant woman, the captain shook his head. “That woman probably won’t hide in here. Let’s take a look elsewhere.”


Just as everyone was about to leave, a sound suddenly came from the depths of the alley. Everyone stopped in their tracks and took out the iron rod in their hands. They switched on the flashlight and walked straight in.

Wei Jin carefully hid herself behind the trash can, but the place was too small. Half of her body was still exposed.

“Meow.” Not far away, a black cat jumped down and pounced on the bottles on the ground.

“Stinky cat, you scared me. I thought that person was hiding inside. Let’s go, let’s go. What smell is in this alley? It stinks.”

The group of people cursed and walked back. Wei Jin heaved a sigh of relief.

However, in the next second, the trash can in front of her was suddenly kicked away. A strong light shone on her face. The young man in the lead looked smug. “What are you hiding, little beauty? I almost let you escape.”

Wei Jin stood up and said neither servile nor overbearing, “I’m the legally recognized Young Madam of the Mu family. If you dare to mess around, Old Master Mu will not let you off.”

“Little beauty, you’re thinking too much.” The captain grinned. “Even if we have the heart, we don’t have the guts. Alright, come with us.”

A group of people surrounded Wei Jin and brought her into the car, heading straight for the Mu family’s villa.

In the villa, Zhang Yi looked at Wei Jin, who had been pressed in, and a fierce glint flashed across his eyes. “Hold her down.”

Wei Jin did not struggle. She did not know martial arts, and the guards around her were all special-class bodyguards. Her struggle was fearless, and it would only make Zhang Yi feel more accomplished.

Zhang Yi walked forward and slapped Wei Jin’s face. “B*tch, you ran!”

Just because Wei Jin had run out, Mu Ting had just flown into a rage at her. If Wei Jin could not be found and the fact that they had drugged Mu Feng was exposed, the Mu family would lose face.

A hint of blood surged from Wei Jin’s throat. She looked at Zhang Yi coldly. Even though she was already in such a sorry state, in Zhang Yi’s eyes, she was still noble.

She hated noble ladies like Wei Jin the most in her life. Just like Mu Feng’s biological mother, she hated her to the core. She hated the high and mighty nobility in their bones, making her feel even more inferior.

“Go ahead.” Wei Jin stared into Zhang Yi’s eyes. “Kill me if you dare.”

The corners of Zhang Yi’s lips curled up mockingly. He stroked his stomach. “Didn’t you rely on Mu Feng to support you? Do you really think that the Mu family only has Mu Feng?”

Wei Jin’s pupils constricted. The next second, Zhang Yi slapped her face again and leaned closer to her. “There’s no harm in telling you. I’m pregnant. Do you think Mu Ting will choose a son who takes power from him, or a son who can only inherit the family assets in twenty years?”

Wei Jin’s eyes shattered. Her tone was rare and anxious. “If you dare to do anything to Mu Feng, Grandpa won’t let you off.”

“Why would I do anything to him? Mu Feng is my son. I can’t wait to dote on him,” Zhang Yi said as she gently stroked her stomach. However, when she turned around, her expression was ruthless. “Beat her up.”

She had been unhappy with Wei Jin for a long time. Just because she had Mu Feng’s love, she wanted to lord over the Mu family. Why didn’t she consider her own capabilities?

After receiving Zhang Yi’s order, four to five bodyguards kicked Wei Jin at the same time. Wei Jin knelt on the ground.

Wei Jin gritted her teeth. Her body seemed to have reached its limit. There was no place that did not hurt. In the end, she was almost numb.

Her consciousness gradually dissipated. At the last moment before she fell into a coma, Wei Jin thought of Mu Feng and her eyes filled with tears. I was the one who implicated Mu Feng. If not for me, Mu Feng would not have become like this.

“Madam, she fainted.” The bodyguards saw that Wei Jin was unconscious and squatted down to check her breathing. Fortunately, she was still alive.

Zhang Yi glanced at it and waved his hand. “She’s yours. Enjoy it. Just don’t kill it.”

“Thank you, Madam!” The bodyguards were clearly happy.

They had all seen how beautiful Wei Jin was. Although her body was bruised, it was also another kind of fun.

Everyone carried Wei Jin out excitedly and rushed to the dormitory.

“Brother, are you going first?”

“Together? What’s the point of being first?” The captain spat and rubbed his palms together. “I wonder how young this little beauty is. We’re lucky today.”

On the bed, Wei Jin lay quietly and had already lost all consciousness.

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