Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith-Chapter 3449 - Happy Cooperation (6)

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Chapter 3449: Happy Cooperation (6)

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Huang Yueli stood up from the chair, turned around and walked in front of Li Moying.

“Husband, you are so kind to me! The hairpin is so beautiful, thank you!”

When Li Moying heard her words, the corners of his mouth were obviously raised, but he still spoke in a very arrogant tone, “There’s no need for any thanks, just don’t kick me out of bed if you don’t agree!”

“Uh, that was all a mistake! It was a mistake!”

Huang Yueli looked up at the sky and became a little anxious, “It’s getting late, I made an appointment with Grandmaster Xiao to meet at and I’m only left with half an hour now, I should leave…”


Li Moying grabbed her shoulders and pulled back his little fox who had already taken two steps forward.

“Wait a minute, you have to have breakfast!”

“Ah? But, I’m too late…”

“Let them wait before it’s too late!” Li Moying said firmly.

Huang Yueli was speechless for a while, Li Moying is really getting stronger and stronger, she is a junior after all, it would be a bit rude to let an old man like Grandmaster Xiao wait!

However, she also knows that what Li Moying believes will not be shaken by anything.

So, I could only sit down and have breakfast with him.

She was in a hurry, so she ate quickly. Li Moying still had half of her plate, and she had already finished it.

Huang Yueli raised her head, looked at Li Moying eating gracefully, and said, “I’m done eating, then I…”

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

Immediately, Li Tianyi reported from the outside: “Young Master, Young Madam, there is a Black Tortoise Clan’s Young Miss from the Black Tortoise Clan who said that she is a friend of Young Madam and came to find Young Madam.”

Huang Yueli gave an “ah” and hurriedly said: “She must have come to find me to go to Grandmaster Xiao’s manor with me, I’ll go right now!”

Huang Yueli stood up and was about to go out.

Li Moying followed and stood up, “I’ll take you there.”

Huang Yueli blinked and looked back at him, “No need! Since Xuan Qingling is here, she must have brought the Black Tortoise Clan’s carriage and guards. I’ll just go in her carriage.”

Li Moying glanced at her and said lightly, “There’s no need for anyone else to send my wife. Besides, last night, you agreed…”

Huang Yueli’s mind buzzed, and she immediately remembered how, under Li Moying’s various methods, she dazedly agreed to let him pick her up every day.

She couldn’t help blushing and glared at him.

“Since you don’t find it too troublesome, and you want to be my bodyguard in such a hurry, then you should come! But don’t interfere with the deal while I’m discussing it with my friends, I won’t be able to care about you then!”

Li Moying glanced at her noncommittally, but did not speak.

However, when Huang Yueli got up and went out, he walked by Huang Yueli’s side without any haste.

Huang Yueli was a little impatient, so she walked quickly.

Not long after, he arrived at the hall.

“Young Miss Xuan, you’ve been waiting for a long time! You are too polite, why did you come out of your way and come all the way here? We can meet directly at Grandmaster Xiao’s place, there’s no need to trouble you!”

Huang Yueli walked in in a hurry, saw Xuan Qingling sitting and drinking tea, and said a few polite words.

Xuan Qingling shook her head, “It’s alright, it’s on the way. Grandmaster Xiao specially asked me to come over yesterday, worried about you…”

Halfway through her words, she saw Li Moying who was following behind Huang Yueli. Halfway through her words, she stopped abruptly.

“Why are you worried about me?” Huang Yueli asked curiously when she saw that she didn’t say anything.

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