Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1152 - Exorcizing an Old Ghost   

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Chapter 1152: Exorcizing an Old Ghost


Seeing that Jiang Duo and Xiong Luoying were unwilling to eat, “Mother Wei” simply turned to Xiao Ningjin and Wei Panyang, then looked at the unconscious Chang Hao, and asked in concern, “What’s wrong with Chang Hao? Should I take him to a doctor for a look?”

Xiao Ningjin keenly sensed that something was very wrong with this “Mother Wei”; her movements were very stiff. It was most likely as Master Chi said, that Mother Wei really was possessed.

At the thought that the “Mother Wei” standing in front of them wasn’t human, Xiao Ningjin couldn’t calm down no matter how brave he was. He got goosebumps all over his body. Wei Panyang was timid and wanted to faint, but didn’t dare. Moreover, the person in front of him was his mother. He didn’t dare faint, and looked at Master Chi for help.

“Everyone, eat. Don’t be shy. Panyang, hurry and have your friends try my cooking. By the way, I remember that Ning’er and Chang Hao like my cooking very much. Why aren’t you eating now?”

Mother Wei’s lips curled up into a strange and stiff smile.

Chi Shuyan suddenly got up, but Wei Panyang was holding her arm too tightly. As soon as she got up, Wei Panyang trembled in fright. Chi Shuyan patted his hand.

At that moment, Mother Wei walked toward Wei Panyang. Wei Panyang was so scared that his face changed drastically. He suddenly yelled for help. “Master Chi, save me!”

As soon as Wei Panyang cried out, so did the others, their faces filled with fear.

When Mother Wei heard the words “Master Chi,” she thought of the reactions of these boys just now, and no longer hid things. Her originally gentle and loving face turned sinister. One moment, it was Mother Wei’s well-maintained face, and the next, it was a wrinkled old face.

Creepy and sinister laughter filled the ward. “Master Chi? You actually found a little girl barely grown to subdue me? I’ll kill you! All of you must die!”

At the end of the sentence, the old face was very excited. She looked at everyone maliciously, and the faces of the boys who were caught in her cold gaze turned deathly white.

This was especially true for Wei Panyang. When he saw that something really had possessed his mother, his face changed drastically and he trembled in horror.

Chi Shuyan didn’t waste any more time. Without waiting for the other party to make a move, she channeled some spiritual energy into the Exploding Talisman which she had taken from Chang Hao.

The Exploding Talisman hit the old ghost, and a golden light flashed. The old ghost immediately screamed and was torn out of Mother Wei’s body. He was flung out a few meters away, and he hit the door with a bang before falling to the floor.

Chi Shuyan quickly propped up Mother Wei, who had fainted, and handed her to Wei Panyang. Her eyes fell on the hunched old man in a white burial robe who rolled over the floor with a twisted expression

Wei Panyang immediately supported his mother, while Xiao Ningjin and the others stared at Chi Shuyan with wide eyes.

They didn’t expect the talismans from Master Chi to be so awesome!

There was no warmth in Chi Shuyan’s eyes. She channeled some spiritual energy again and was about to attack, when the door suddenly opened. “Ah Yang, your mother…”

Before Father Wei could finish speaking, he vaguely saw a black shadow flash past him. Father Wei thought that he was seeing things.

Seeing Father Wei suddenly appear at the door, Chi Shuyan could only stop and let her spiritual energy disperse. She then went out first. She had stuck a Tracking Talisman on that thing, so it couldn’t run from her.

Wei Panyang didn’t expect his father to come just as Master Chi had been about to exorcize that ghost thing. At the thought that the old ghost had yet to be disposed of, the boys shuddered.

Father Wei was shocked when he saw his son holding an unconscious Mother Wei. “Ah Yang, what’s wrong with your mother?”

Xiao Ningjin and the others were worried about Master Chi, so they exchanged a few words with Wei Panyang and ran out first.

Wei Panyang was also anxious. After thinking about it, he handed his mother over to his father and chased after the others. He still wanted Master Chi to see how his mother was doing later.

Who knew if Master Chi would leave right after she exorcized that old ghost.

Father Wei was stupefied when he saw the boys suddenly disappear.

Chi Shuyan found the old ghost in a sealed off ward on the top floor. Chi Shuyan kicked the door open and entered, only to see that there were many wreaths inside; the ward was decorated like a mourning hall. On the wall hung black and white portraits of Xiao Ningjin, Wei Panyang, Chang Hao, Jiang Duo and Xiong Luoying, with white candles lit underneath.

Chi Shuyan waved her hand, and the candles instantly went out one by one. Her eyes fell on the window, and she channeled her spiritual energy to smash it.

With a blood-curdling screech, the old ghost was immediately sent rolling out. He was no longer as arrogant and sinister as before. He cringed and was scared witless. “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I was forced! I was forced!”

Chi Shuyan stopped and narrowed her eyes. “Oh? Who forced you?”

The old ghost shook his head. “I can’t say! I can’t say!”

Chi Shuyan narrowed her eyes and sized up the old ghost in front of her. When that old face wasn’t twisted with malevolence, it looked quite kindly. Unfortunately, as the saying went, you might know a person on the surface for a long time, but not their heart. This thing obviously wasn’t anything good!

Seeing that Chi Shuyan was distracted, the old ghost’s originally kindly face suddenly turned sinister. Taking advantage of her distraction, he suddenly attacked her.

Chi Shuyan unhurriedly drew an Exploding Talisman in the air. “Go!”

The Exploding Talisman unhurriedly struck the old ghost in the stomach. In a flash of golden light and fire, it burrowed into the old ghost’s stomach.

The talisman exploded with a bang. The old ghost hissed and howled mournfully, before it exploded into pieces, and things quietened down.

When Xiao Ningjin, Jiang Duo and Wei Panyang came in and saw Master Chi exorcize the ghost, their eyes opened wide. It was simply an eye-opener.

But then they saw black and white portraits of themselves on the wall, with several white wreaths and white candles around them, like in a mourning hall. The boys’ faces turned deathly white and their limbs turned to jelly. They were scared out of their wits.

This… this mourning hall was for them?

Who could calm down when they saw that a mourning hall had been set up for them?

Xiao Ningjin and the others had the vague feeling that if Master Chi hadn’t come today and they had eaten Mother Wei’s food for a few more days, this place might have become a real mourning hall for them. Thinking this, they shuddered hard and their limbs and bones turned cold.

Xiao Ningjin and the others originally wanted to take down their portraits immediately, but they then saw their faces in the portraits gradually disappear, until all that remained were frames of white paper.

Xiao Ningjin, Jiang Duo and Wei Panyang were so scared by this supernatural scene that their legs turned to jelly. They hurriedly looked up at Master Chi in front of them. “Master Chi, this… this… what the hell is going on?”

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