Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1248 - Coveting Purple Aura and Fate

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Chapter 1248: Coveting Purple Aura and Fate

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Father Qi was moved by Mother Qi’s words. He didn’t say anything, but he was very pleased with the girlfriend Zhenbai had found.

The girl was young, but she was especially sensible, not to mention that his son liked her. Moreover, it wasn’t like the young lady wasn’t capable. She had been admitted to the capital’s university at a young age and was also an alchemist. Father Qi naturally felt that the young lady was worthy of Zhenbai. He had been considerate of the old madam before, but after listening to Mother Qi’s words, Father Qi echoed, “Dad, I think Zhenbai’s mother is right. Zhenbai is my only son. The most important thing is whether he likes the other party or not. The marriage agreement the old madam made back then was just a verbal one, so it naturally doesn’t count!”

As soon as Father Qi said that, his second and third brothers and their wives immediately echoed him.

Firstly, Second and Third Brother Qi were a lot closer to their eldest brother. Secondly, they were genuinely quite satisfied with the wife Zhenbai had found.

Second Brother Qi and his wife approved in particular mainly because Zhenbai’s wife was good to their son.

Moreover, given the characters of Fourth Brother Qi and his wife, Second Brother Qi and his wife didn’t believe at all what they said about how Miss Zhuang was so good. They also felt that Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi had ulterior motives. It was just that these words couldn’t be said out loud.

Everyone in the rest of the Qi family stood on one side. Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi were flustered and furious; the husband and wife were so angry that their heads were practically smoking.

They were really curious. Other families like theirs, with some power, cared most about a partner’s background. Their family, on the other hand, didn’t care about background at all – it was fine as long as Qi Zhenbai, that rascal, liked the other party?

The husband and wife judged others by their own standards and felt that this was all just to fob them off. Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi even felt that this sister-in-law, who usually looked quite honest, was probably the biggest schemer and knew how to retreat for the sake of advancing.

Looking at the satisfied and relaxed expression on the old man’s face, the fourth son of the Qi family wanted to vomit blood. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this old fart was too biased. Of course, Fourth Brother Qi was more than happy to let Qi Zhenbai marry a woman with no background, since it wouldn’t bring Qi Zhenbai any advantages.

But he then thought of the plan he and the hidden party had come up with, and how the other party coveted Qi Zhenbai’s purple aura and fate, while Fourth Brother Qi wanted the entire Qi family. This deal wasn’t a loss.

Fourth Brother Qi didn’t give up and said to the old man, “Dad, Mom has been dead for so many years. How long do you think she was with you? Now, you can’t even agree to such a small request. How can my mother’s soul in heaven be at ease?”

When Old Master Qi heard Fourth Brother mention the old madam, his expression turned heavy and very unsightly. He looked coldly at Fourth Brother Qi. Old Master Qi was getting on in years, but that didn’t mean he was muddle-headed. All these years, he was well aware of Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi’s goal, as well as their attitude toward Zhenbai. He didn’t say anything, but he was very clear about things in his heart.

So, he naturally didn’t believe that his fourth son and daughter-in-law had good intentions toward Zhenbai. They probably had ulterior motives. In the end, however, this fourth son in front of him was the one he had once doted on the most.

Old Master Qi still had some compassion in his heart, but at the same time, he still hoped that he was wrong.


As for Zhenbai’s wife, like Mother Qi, Old Master Qi acknowledged only Shuyan as his granddaughter-in-law. Even if she didn’t exist, he wouldn’t agree to Zhenbai being with that Zhuang woman.

He didn’t trust Fourth Brother Qi’s judgment at all.

The fourth son of the Qi family knew the old man’s character. Seeing the old man’s cold gaze fall on him, he knew that he had said the wrong thing. He hurriedly said, “Dad, I really don’t mean anything by it. I don’t like Zhenbai’s girlfriend, but it isn’t because she’s too young. She doesn’t have the same family background as our Qi family, so how can they be compatible? How can we hold our heads up if he takes her out? As for Miss Zhuang, not only was she chosen by Mom back then, she’s also beautiful and has a good character and a good background. She’s a match made in heaven with Zhenbai!”

Grandpa Qi’s eyes fell on Fourth Brother Qi. He didn’t say whether he believed him or not. He was about to speak, when a deep, imposing and cold voice suddenly came from the door. “Fourth Uncle, since you have such a good impression of that Miss Zhuang, why don’t you marry her instead?”

Everyone subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice and saw Zhenbai stride in unhurriedly. He had always been tall, and just standing there made people feel pressured, to say nothing of his gloomy expression.

Frankly speaking, the fourth son of the Qi family wasn’t afraid of anyone, including the old man, but he was most afraid of Qi Zhenbai, this wolf cub.

The fourth son of the Qi family raised his gaze at that moment and met a pair of dark, bottomless and cold eyes. His heart turned cold. Fourth Aunt Qi flew into a rage out of humiliation and wanted to scold Qi Zhenbai, but she was scared witless by her nephew’s gloomy and vicious expression. She was like a duck that had been caught by the throat; she couldn’t utter a word, nor did she dare to!

Fourth Aunt Qi didn’t dare scold him, and Fourth Uncle Qi was also afraid of this gloomy nephew. He didn’t dare scold him, and only dared to complain to the old man. “Dad, look at how Zhenbai talks to an elder like me.” Not only did he complain to the old man, he also complained to Father Qi. “Brother, look at your son!”

Mother Qi was disgusted by Fourth Brother Qi’s shameless complaints. If his Fourth Uncle acted like an elder, would Zhenbai treat him like this?

Mother Qi choked with anger, and Father Qi was also upset.

However, Grandpa Qi immediately reprimanded the fourth son of the Qi family, scolding him for not acting like an elder. Otherwise, how could Zhenbai treat him like this?

Look at how Zhenbai usually treated his second and third uncles. Why was his fourth uncle the only one Zhenbai disliked?

Grandpa Qi’s heart was clear; the more he looked at his fourth son, the more displeasing the latter was to the eye. He told this kid to scram and go back to where he came from. At the same time, he directly expressed that he had acknowledged Shuyan as his granddaughter-in-law. As for where his fourth son found Miss Zhuang, he could sort that out himself.

In the end, Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi could only get lost. They gnashed their teeth in hatred as they cursed everyone in the Qi family.

In Fourth Brother Qi’s heart, everyone in the Qi family was too biased. It wasn’t just that old fart, but also his brothers.

Fourth Brother Qi felt that his second and third brothers were currying favor with Qi Zhenbai because Qi Corporation was now in the hands of that rascal and also because that old fart was clearly biased and wanted to give the entire Qi family to Qi Zhenbai.

And for his big brother, who looked honest, he was actually the most cunning and the biggest schemer among them.

But even if that old fart handed the Qi family over to Qi Zhenbai, who knew if that kid would live long enough to inherit the Qi family?

Thinking of how the party behind the scenes had been eyeing Qi Zhenbai’s fate and purple aura for a long time, the fourth son of the Qi family gloated and was smug.

No matter how powerful and ruthless Qi Zhenbai was, he was still an ordinary person. He couldn’t compare with those cultivators.

Sooner or later, Fourth Brother Qi would make everyone in the Qi family regret offending him.

At the same time, he wanted to see Qi Zhenbai suffer a fate worse than death. Thinking this, he couldn’t wait for the hidden party to make the first move against Qi Zhenbai.

But Zhuang Yanru was the key. No, he had to think of a way to make Qi Zhenbai marry her quickly!

In the living room of the Qi family residence, the Qi family patriarch could see at a glance that Zhenbai’s face was unusually gloomy and strange tonight. The old man directly called out, “Zhenbai, come upstairs with me to the study!”

Grandpa wanted to ask when this kid was going to bring Shuyan back to the Qi family residence again.

This kid had been busy for so long that he even forgot about his wife. If this carried on, he wouldn’t even know it if his wife ran away. No, he had to urge this kid to hurry and bring Shuyan back to the Qi family residence.

Not to mention Mother Qi, he also missed Zhenbai’s wife, and wanted to play chess with her even more.

As soon as they arrived at the study, the old man sat down and didn’t beat around the bush as he pretended to be angry. He asked directly, “Brat, when are you going to bring my granddaughter-in-law home?”

When Qi Zhenbai heard the old man mention his wife, his face changed drastically. However, when he thought of how his wife had said she would see him in two days, his face gradually softened, but his mood was still bad. He said, “In a few days!”

“That’s fine. Don’t forget to bring my granddaughter-in-law home in a few days!” After saying this, Grandpa Qi quickly exhorted, “By the way, you’ve been more than busy enough with work lately. Youngsters shouldn’t just think about work. Spend more time with Shuyan! As for your fourth uncle, pretend you didn’t hear him!”

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