Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me-Chapter 1211 - Parting At a Small Distance

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Chapter 1211: Parting At a Small Distance

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“You said that 19 and Dark 1 went to train?” Shen Xiaoxiao had finally heard about Dark 1’s whereabouts after nearly 10 years. However, Shen Xiaoxiao had not expected this outcome.

Yan Kuan nodded. He knew more than Xiaoxiao, but there were many things that he had not told Xiaoxiao.

“They are destined not to be together in this life, so to say that they are going for experiential learning is to renew their predestined relationship in another place.”

Hearing Yan Kuan’s words, Shen Xiaoxiao nodded. It was good to say this, but she still felt that it was a pity for Dark 1 and 19.

“So you are going to take over 19’s position?”


“No, I’m just supervising. I’ll just go and take a look occasionally.”

“Is it the same as going on a temporary business trip?”

“Yes, you can say that.”

“Oh, then go ahead. When your territory is hot, I’ll follow you.”

Yan Kuan smiled. This little thing was still so cute. However, it made sense. After things were sorted out, he would come back to pick up Xiaoxiao. All these years, he and Xiaoxiao had never been separated. Although they were separated for a few days now… He still felt a little reluctant.

“You don’t feel reluctant to part with me?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao with some jealousy. Shen Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, said indifferently:

“All these years, I’ve been with you every day. I can’t wait to be able to breathe on my own. Moreover, I’m with the children. I don’t believe that you won’t come back. You’ve already recovered your spiritual sense. If you can still be tripped up by others or suffer from amnesia, I think you shouldn’t come back. In any case, the children and I will definitely not go looking for you.”

These words successfully made Yan Kuan choke. He did not expect that Xiaoxiao would say such a thing. However, what she said seemed to make sense. That was right. If he could still be stuck like this and not come back… He should not have lived.

However, neither of them expected that the person who ended up stopping Yan Kuan would not be anyone else but themselves. The two of them did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Yan Kuan could not even hold the children’s birthday banquet and left. However, Shen Xiaoxiao did not feel any regret because Yan Kuan had already gone through one with the children in advance. Furthermore, because of the incident with De Cruz… They decided not to hold a big banquet at all. It would only be a small-scale one.

As soon as Yan Kuan left, Little Treasure mysteriously brought his mother and sister into the Netherworld once again.


“Mommy, are you sure that Daddy won’t teach us a lesson?” Little Treasure was still uncertain. If their father found out that the three of them were planning to come to the Netherworld to play… She even had plans to go check on Dark 1 and 19. He didn’t know if Yan Kuan would beat them up.

“Don’t worry, your dad won’t teach me a lesson.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao said that, Little Treasure was even more uncertain. His mother said that his father wouldn’t beat her up. Of course, they knew that his father wouldn’t dare to beat his mother up, but he and Da Bao would be.

“Little Treasure, Daddy said that no matter what I did wrong, he won’t beat me up. Don’t worry.”

Da Bao also came to add insult to injury. But why didn’t Daddy say that to him? If Daddy didn’t beat up his mother and Da Bao, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to escape. No, Daddy valued girls over boys. He couldn’t play like that.

“Mommy, let’s not go. If Daddy finds out–”

“Little Treasure, what’s there to be afraid of? If your father teaches you a lesson, you still have me. Don’t be afraid.”

“Mommy, are you sure you won’t help pass Daddy the stick? You’ve betrayed me every time.”

Shen Xiaoxiao laughed awkwardly when she heard Little Treasure’s words. Wasn’t she helpless every time? Besides, it was all that little brat’s doing. Every time, he would let Shen Xiaoxiao know something that was enough to scare her half to death. How could she not loosen his skin?

“I promise I won’t this time. I’ll go and see if your uncle and aunt are happy. I’ll come back when I see them.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at her son. Little Treasure was ultimately defeated by his mother, so he could only nod in agreement.

“But Godmother Lou Yin is coming. Let’s wait for them to leave before we go. Our birthday is coming soon anyway.”

“That works too, but we’ll have to stay a few more days, right, Da Bao?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll stay with Mommy for a few more days. Don’t forget, Little Treasure.”

“I know, I know.”

With these two women at home, once his father left, they would be out of control. Sigh, thinking about how his father had told him to look after his mother and Da Bao before he left, he finally understood what he meant.

It turned out that his father knew that once he left, his mother would be very, very unreliable.

“Da Bao, accompany Mommy to go shopping. Buy gifts for Godmother Lou Yin’s children.”

“Okay, is Little Treasure going?”

“Little Treasure isn’t going. Little Treasure is taking care of the house. Moreover, there are many things that Little Treasure has to deal with in this company.”

“Mommy, I’m only 16 years old.”

“Little Treasure, those who can do it work harder. Besides, you’re a boy, so these things must be done by you. Of course, if you’re too busy to make a call, go look for your Godfather Ai Wei.”

Little Treasure didn’t say anything because he didn’t know what to say at all. He could only watch as his mother brought Da Bao to drive the car elegantly, leaving a row of exhaust fumes for him.

“It really is Mommy. Daddy, why didn’t you bring me along?”


“Sister, that little demoness is very powerful. We have to stay away from her. She is only afraid of Brother.”

Da Bao glanced at the little demoness that her two younger brothers were talking about. It was Godmother Lou Yin’s little daughter. She was only five years old this year. To be called a demoness by two ten-year-old little guys, it showed how powerful this girl was.

However, when that little girl saw Da Bao, she acted extremely well-behaved. This was because Fu Lin had been told since she was young that Da Bao and Little Treasure were the only two people who had entered the World of Magical Beasts to train before they were six years old. It was something that even an adult could not do, yet two children who were not even six years old had done it.

Of course, as the heir, Fu Lin had been brought by a few elders to train near the Black Tornado’s forest. She naturally knew how great the danger was. Although she was young, she was arrogant, but to be able to complete tasks that ordinary people could not, she was very powerful.

“Sister, do you know how to change your appearance? Can you teach me?”

Little Fu Lin had a small mushroom head with chubby flesh. She looked extremely cute, completely unlike the demoness that the two children described.

Da Bao usually did not have many playmates, especially this kind of little girl. Now that someone was so close to her, she was naturally very happy. She said to Little Fu Lin,”Okay, let Big Sister teach you. Let’s go.”

The two little ones saw that their favorite sister had been taken away by someone. As expected, that little demoness was really annoying. However, after the two of them held hands and left, Little Fu Lin suddenly turned around and gave the two brothers a warning smile. This smile was very obvious. It meant that if the two of them dared to talk nonsense, she would teach them a lesson!