Reincarnated With The Strongest System-1438 Nergal, The God Of Pestilence And Disease [Part 1]

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“Hahaha! This is a new record,” Nergal laughed after seeing Ahriman’s defeated expression when he returned to the void alone. “You’ve been only there for five minutes, and now you’re back looking like the loser you are. You disappoint me so much, Ahriman.”

Owuo had a smile on his face, as he looked at his colleague berating the former God of Chaos and Darkness.

However, although he had a smile on his face, there was a faint trace of dissatisfaction in it as well.

Ahriman had descended on the world of Hestia with a hundred thousand Giants from their Vanguard. Although this number was quite small compared to the main bulk of their Army, it was more than enough to destroy an entire world, even if there were powerful defenders protecting it.

Surtr didn’t even look at Ahriman, and simply stared at the beautiful blue planet in the distance. As a God of Destruction, he could sense that there was currently only one God in the world, and it was none other than the Goddess Hestia, who was currently in a weakened state.

However, when Ahriman and the Giants descended, the Goddess didn’t move from her position, which made Surtr wonder if there was another God present in Hestia.

It was not only Surtr who had this opinion. Owuo and Nergal were the same, and they scanned the surface of the world to see if there were any other Gods, who would be able to contend with their powers, that were getting in their way.

But, after doing a full sweep of the entire world’s surface, they found no one whose divinity matched Hestia’s or theirs.

“Tell us what happened,” Surtr ordered as he glanced at Ahriman who was kneeling on the ground with his head bowed.

The former God of Chaos and Darkness bit his lip in frustration but still decided to tell the three Gods of Destruction what happened as soon as he descended upon the world they were about to destroy.

“We were ambushed,” Ahriman reported. “As soon as we appeared, a bombardment of spells was already about to fall on our heads, giving us no time to mount a counterattack.”

Nergal snorted. “Surely you jest? How can they possibly ambush you? If you are going to make an excuse, you should think of a better one.”

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Owou, who was listening to the side, crossed his arms over his chest in disdain. “Even if what you said is true, can’t you at least activate a barrier to protect yourself? There were Giants who knew how to cast magic among the Vanguard. Are you telling me that you were too panicked to even do something so simple?”

“I did try to summon a barrier to block the magical bombardment, but something nullified it,” Ahriman explained.

“What can a magical bombardment of lowly mortals do to a Peak Pseudo-God like you?” Nergal asked. “With your body, you can easily shrug off their attacks with ease.”

Ahriman firmly shook his head. “You don’t understand. Billions of warriors were already waiting at the place where we appeared, and there were dozens of Pseudo-Gods and Demigods among them. It was practically a slaughterhouse, and we were there to be slaughtered.”

Owuo frowned as he digested Ahriman’s words.please visit panda(-)

“So, you’re saying that there is a mortal army that numbers in the billions where you descended, and among them were dozens of Pseudo-Gods and Demigods,” Owuo commented. “I find it hard to believe, but since I can tell that you are not lying, I have no choice but to believe that our arrival was something that they have prepared for.”

“Indeed,” Nergal agreed. “To even predict the place where we will make landfall in order to set up an ambush is not an easy feat. They probably have an oracle or seer whose spiritual power far surpasses mortal standards.”

A silence that only lasted for a few seconds descended upon the Gods of Destruction before it was broken by Nergal’s loud laughter.

“Well, this sure is interesting!” Nergal said with a mischievous smile on his face. “I have grown bored of the pitiful resistance that I’ve faced whenever I descend into a world. Perhaps this time, I will actually enjoy myself.

“The last time I had fun was when we destroyed Asgard. At least those Gods put up a good fight. Too bad Loki kicked the bucket when he fought against that guy, Heimdall.”

“Are you going on your own?” Owuo asked with an arched brow.

Nergal laughed as if the question asked by his colleague was very funny.

“None of you interfere,” Nergal stated. “If Hestia moves, you can go join me, but until then, this battle is mine.”

The Giants parted to make way to one of their Gods as they raised their weapons high in the air to honor his presence.

“I need a million brave Giants to come with me to destroy that world!” Nergal shouted. “Who’s with me?!”

Loud roars resounded from the Army of Destruction, telling Nergal that all of them wanted to accompany him to battle. However, since Nergal only wanted to bring a million giants with him, he decided to take his own elite army with him to descend to Hestia.

Ahriman, whose head was still lowered, glanced in the direction of the God of Destruction who was about to personally take command of the battle.

A part of him wanted Nergal to fail, but the greater half of him wanted Nergal to slaughter the mortals who dared to humiliate him. Although Ahriman felt bitter about his recent loss, he still stood up and followed Nergal’s army as they prepared to launch a new wave of attack on Hestia.

Surtr and Owuo watched him go with their arms crossed over their chests. They knew how destructive Nergal could be with the power of pestilence, death, and disease.

It would not take long for the God of Destruction to make short work of the pitiful resistance of the defenders, who thought that they had the ability to ambush someone as powerful as him.

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