Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 922 - What Else Could Be More Important Than Your Marriage

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Chapter 922: What Else Could Be More Important Than Your Marriage

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Dou Zhiyuan was caught off guard by Ian’s sudden request and he turned silent.

Ian started to panic when he did not receive any response from the other end. “Xiangling and I are sincerely in love with each other and so please give us your best wishes. If you feel that my country is too far, Xiangling can continue teaching at M.Uni while I’ll fly over there every weekend. You can rest assured that my love for her will never change, no matter if we are in a long-distance marriage or not. She’s the only one I have in my heart.”

Ian started blurting out all sorts of sincere words and the more Dou Xiangling listened on, the redder her face was.

Right now, Ian was like a teenager who had just experienced his first love and was promising the other party’s parents that he would treat her well in the future.

However, there was still silence from the other end.

Ian got even more anxious. His ears turned flushed red and there seemed to be even some tears in his eyes. It was as if he would start crying out if the other party did not agree to their marriage.

Dou Xiangling also started to get anxious. She took the phone from Ian and called out, “Father.”

In fact, Dou Zhiyuan had turned on the speaker when Ian started making all sorts of promises. The whole family was in fact, shocked when they listened to his words.

Dou Zhiyuan recovered his senses only after Dou Xiangling called out to him. He said, “Ian suddenly threw us a curve ball and you should give us some time to digest.”

Dou Xiangling responded with an ‘ok’.

Dou Zhiyuan continued to ask, “Xiangling, are you really determined to accept Ian as your other half?”

Dou Xiangling glanced at Ian who was sitting there with a wronged expression and said, “Ian is very good.”

Dou Zhiyuan was silent for a few seconds before he said with a sigh, “This child Ian is indeed a good child. However, if you marry him, it will be difficult to live apart from each other.”

“It won’t be difficult.” Dou Xiangling said “Ian said that he would come to visit me often and I can do the same. Both of us have our own careers and I think it’s good this way.”

“Alright then. As long as it’s your decision, we will support you. However, we won’t have the time to come over in the coming days.”

Just then, Dou Zerui interrupted him. “I can find time to make a trip over.”

Having said that, he said to Dou Xiangling loudly, “Sis, if you have decided to marry Ian, I will buy a plane ticket and fly over there right away.”

“Brother, if you don’t have the time…”

“What else could be more important than your marriage? I have time!”

Dou Xiangling did not try to dissuade him, but she still mentioned this. “Little Lu and Cousin Yiyi are here too.”

The Dou Family members were relieved upon learning this news.

Everyone had a discussion and decided for Dou Zerui to make a trip there. Following that, they hung up the phone.

Dou Xiangling put away her phone and turned to look at Ian.

He suddenly came closer to Dou Xiangling and gave her a hug. “Xiangling, I want to play the violin.”

Dou Xiangling: “…”

That night, Dou Xiangling accompanied Ian as he played the violin for the entire night. When it was nearly dawn, Ian finally sobered up.

His arm was so stiff that he could not even lift it up. He ended up placing the violin on the ground and took a deep breath at the same time. He was planning to quietly return to his room to change his clothes when he regained the sensations in his body. However, just then, a soft chuckle sounded next to him.

Ian’s body shook.

A familiar voice sounded. “You’re awake?”

Ian’s ears turned red as he slowly turned to Dou Xiangling who was looking at him with a faint smile.

The morning breeze blew against Dou Xiangling’s face which had the appearance of a classic beauty that was unique to Asians. Her shoulder-length hair was fluttering freely over her shoulders. Ian looked at her with an infatuated expression and he had long forgotten the embarrassing moment.



“Your violin sounds really nice.”

Ian’s heart trembled and he said subconsciously, “If you like it, I’ll play it often for you in the future.”

“But I only want to listen to the violin you play when you’re sober.”

Traces of a gentle smile flashed past Ian’s eyes. When the sensation finally returned to his hands, he raised his hand, pinned her hair behind her ears before he leaned closer and kissed her on the lips.

The morning sun shone down on both their figures, coating them in a layer of sun. Their appearance was so beautiful that others could not bear to interrupt their time.

Qin Ze quickly moved back to his room and sadly thought to himself, “Why did I wake up so early? I was showered with PDA from the two couples for so long last night and I can’t believe I am getting showered again so early in the morning.”

What evil had he ever done to deserve this?

Qin Ze simply went back to his room and checked the time. It was currently eight o’clock at night in China and he gave Mr. Qin a phone call.

Mr. Qin was currently working at this time. When he answered the call, he greeted Qin Ze with a ‘Hello’ before he continued with his work.


When Qin Ze’s voice sounded from the other end, Mr. Qin stopped his work and asked, “What’s wrong? Did you have another problem you can’t resolve and need my help with?”

Qin Ze said with dissatisfaction, “I missed you, can’t I just give you a call? What did you mean by another problem?”

Mr. Qin did not believe what he said and he said without a care for Qin Ze’s pride,”I’m very busy. If there’s nothing going on, I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, hey, hey… Dad, don’t hang up!” Qin Ze finally said what he had been holding back all night, “You know that Zi Yi built a laboratory here right? I went for a tour last night and I feel so… shocked that I don’t know what words I should use to describe my feelings.”

“Mhm… so what is it that you are trying to say?”

Qin Ze felt that his Dad was too calm and he started to get a little anxious. “All the research that will be done in her laboratory is the kind that could promote great improvement for mankind. Aren’t you anxious?”

“Why should I be anxious? Isn’t this a good thing?”

“It is indeed a good thing, but this laboratory is in Country M, not China! Country M is only a small country and when the outside world knows of this, can Ian protect this place alone?”

In fact, this was what he was worried about the most.

When Mr. Qin heard what he said, he also started to ponder in silence.

Qin Ze continued to explain, “This laboratory isn’t exactly located in a secluded place. As long as the construction is completed, many other countries would certainly pay attention. Zi Yi would not be staying here and what if the experiment results inside are stolen?”

Mr. Qin suddenly chuckled.

After he finished laughing, he asked Qin Ze, “You’ve been following Little Zi around during this period of time. What is your opinion of her?”

Qin Ze thought about it and subconsciously said, “This woman is extremely vengeful! The few invisible robots she brings along with her are simply invincible in the world!”

Mr. Qin’s laughter increased in volume and he even teased him. “It seems like you have been given another good beating.”

Qin Ze: “…”

Was he still his Dad?

“Dearest Dad, please do not change the topic to something else that is irrelevant.”

“How is that irrelevant? I received some photos she sent me last night…”

At the mention of this, Qin Ze immediately felt an ominous premonition and he quickly interrupted him. “Don’t misunderstand. That’s her robot, Little Loli. She’s not some foreign woman, I haven’t got a girlfriend!”

Mr. Qin waited for him to finish talking before he casually said, “I don’t seem to have said what photos she sent me?”

Qin Ze: “…”

Mr. Qin stopped teasing him and his tone of voice turned serious. “Since Little Zi built the laboratory there, she must have her own plans. We have to trust her. What’s more, that laboratory is her personal asset and we can always collaborate with her. However, we also cannot have thoughts on how she must act… you have to know that she’s a talent. China needs her. Other countries also need her. We can only keep her by giving her respect.”

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