Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 983 - 983 Wiped Out

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Chapter 983 - 983 Wiped Out

983 Wiped Out

Lu Yunxiao found 30 candidates for Zi Yi in two days.

Zi Yi and Lu Yunxiao stood in front of the candidates and Lu Yunxiao said, “I spent two days selecting the candidates. These are the best men I have! What do you think?”

“It will all come down to the results of the testing. Today, I will be testing your mental endurance.”

Zi Yi turned to say to Lu Yunxiao, “You’re going to enter the space with them. You’ll have a day to complete the test. After the test, I’ll be able to obtain the test results of your physical ability to withstand pressure. If anyone is unable to take it, he will be taken out of the test.”



Lu Yunxiao nodded expressionlessly. He then said loudly to his men, “If you want to enter space, you have to give everything you’ve got for the test.”

“Got it!”

Zi Yi then brought them to a building.

The buildings here resembled the research laboratories in Country M. All of them consisted of low one to two story buildings, but they came with large basements.

After entering the building, a wide and large space could be seen.

Zi Yi stood there as she said, “In a moment, you’ll enter an unknown space. Unusual things might take place inside. Don’t worry. You won’t die from it.”

Before the candidates were able to absorb Zi Yi’s words, something flashed. By the time they caught onto it, they found themselves in a strange space.

Inside the space was contained never before seen technology that was operating on its own.

Someone automatically asked Lu Yunxiao, “What should we do now?”

Lu Yunxiao quickly studied their surroundings and gave the order. “Reconnaissance the place first. In five minutes, regardless of the clues you can gather, we will rendezvous here.”


They quickly parted ways in a well-trained manner.

Lu Yunxiao also set out in a particular direction.

Everything here looked very high-tech and was simply mind-blowing. They did not touch anything in the space and only checked out the place.

Five minutes later, they assembled at the starting point.

They did not seem as calm as before, as their faces were clearly filled with astonishment.

One of the men said in a tense tone, “I think we are on a spaceship flying in space.”

Another man reported. “I found the control room. Coordinates of our location were found inside, but I don’t quite understand what I was looking at.”

“Everything in the space is operating automatically, but I noticed a few areas which don’t seem to be running.”

“This place consists of a few floors. However, the methods of accessing each floor seem a little strange.”

Everyone reported their findings. After hearing their reports, Lu Yunxiao wanted to give new orders.

Unexpectedly, a dull crash could be heard. The area they were standing started to sway hard.

The sway was so sharp that it felt as though they were on a ship experiencing violent waves on the brink of tipping.

It gave them trouble standing steady and made them feel giddy.

A voice could be heard coming in all directions.

[Attention! Attention! The spaceship has entered a meteorite belt and is experiencing impact. The oxygen system was damaged. Activating emergency mode. All passengers please get ready.]

Everyone was at a loss.

What should they do?

What would happen when the oxygen system got damaged?

As they speculated, the voice came again.

[Warning! Warning! A foreign organism has entered the craft. Prepare to evacuate.]

Everyone present went stunned.

Even though everyone was at a loss, Lu Yunxiao swiftly made a decision.

“Go to the weapons room to arm yourselves.”

Everyone swiftly went to the weapons room.

The weapons room was very large, but they did not know how to use the weapons inside.

Even still, every single one of them armed themselves.

As they retrieved their weapons, the spaceship shook even harder.

Someone said in shock, “Over there. What’s that?”

A terrifying-looking organism appeared before them. A battle was about to unleash.

“Are you sure about this?”

Outside the space, Zi Yi had activated a live feed of the test at the request of the national leaders.

All the national leaders were watching them take the test.

Even through the screen, they could not help feeling scared looking at the creepy organisms.

Zi Yi turned her head slightly to glance at them and said, “These are only considered mid-level dangers they might encounter in space. Since they want to go into space, they need to hone their mental endurance.”

One of the leaders disagreed with her actions. “These organisms looked terrifying. It’s impossible to fight them using our existing weaponry.”

“I’ve already prepared virtual weapons for them. As long as they use them, they can defeat the organisms.”


Zi Yi did not tell them anything about the weapons previously and so the leaders felt terribly worried for Lu Yunxiao and the others.

After fighting for five minutes, the screen turned black and everyone disappeared before a single line appeared on the screen.

[Wiped out! Everyone will be sent out in five minutes.]

All the leaders were stunned and speechless.

“Does this mean everyone failed the test?”

“They are the crème de la crème in the country. How could everyone fail?”

Zi Yi shrugged, looking completely unsurprised. “Don’t worry. I told them they have 24 hours in there. Only 30 minutes have passed, so they still have plenty of time.”

The moment she finished her sentence, everyone turned to watch the screen.

Their faces were filled with terror.

When they noticed those organisms were gone, and they were in a completely different environment, they felt relieved about escaping danger.

However, they did not know what kind of horrifying experience they would face next.

Extreme hypoxia.

Unknown space creatures controlling their bodies.

Mental chaos.

At noon, someone was finally removed from the space.

Mr. Qin hurriedly asked, “What should we do about the people taken out of the test?”

The man was placed in a mentally testing environment and suffered quite a bit of abuse there. Mr. Qin was worried the candidates might lose it for good.

Zi Yi smiled and said, “No worries. I will give them fear decompression treatment to reduce their fear as much as possible.”

In a few hours, 30 people were removed from the test out of over 30 candidates.

Only around five people managed to survive to the end.

Zi Yi felt delighted. “Sure enough, my brother-in-law’s men live up to their reputation. I’m surprised so many of them made it to the end.”

The national leaders did not know what to say.

Zi Yi waited until the last candidate walked out of the fear decompression chamber. She beamed and congratulated them. “You have passed the first test. Now, you will undergo a period of training.”

Lu Yunxiao asked, “Does this mean the rest of them have been eliminated?”