Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3150 - Chapter 224 - Shimmering Sword

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Chapter 224 – Shimmering Sword

TL Notes:

Another change (24-June-2022):

Shimmer adventurer team -> Glimmer adventurer team

“It shattered…”

When everyone saw the Crimson Demon Barrier disintegrating into particles of light and the woman with light-blue hair standing amidst these light particles, an indescribable sense of shock filled their minds.

The Crimson Demon Barrier had risen to fame on the main continent many years ago.

Back then, before anyone had reached Tier 4, the Crimson Demon Barrier was nicknamed “The Infallible Fortress.” It was also the several great alliances’ most powerful trump card for monopolizing the Boundary Mountain Range’s second level.

Once the Crimson Demon Barrier was deployed, even an army of ten million Tier 3 experts attacking simultaneously couldn’t break it. In fact, the barrier would remain unfazed even after taking a hit from a Magic Cannon.


If one were to talk about the Crimson Demon Barrier’s flaws, there would only be one—its ridiculous Mana consumption. Not only did the Crimson Demon Barrier require many magical class players to maintain, but it also consumed upwards of 100,000 Magic Crystals per day.


Yet, now, some unknown woman had actually shattered the Crimson Demon Barrier in one hit…

Who is she?

Summer Wolf, who had just climbed onto his Mount, couldn’t help but look at Laura Crader in fear and disbelief.

The Boundary Mountain Range’s special environment weakened the attacks of all players by a significant margin. Even former Tier 6 God-ranked experts would have difficulty killing peak experts in one move. Out of the experts he had chosen to bring with him, he was confident that any one of them would, at most, lose one-third of their HP when facing an offensive combat technique executed by a God-ranked expert.

With the abilities of Tier 3 healers, it wouldn’t take more than two or three seconds to heal a near-death MT to full health. It would take even less time to heal the players he had chosen since all of them were of a DPS class.

This was why he was confident he could whittle even a God-ranked expert to death with his team.

However, Summer Wolf changed his mind after seeing Laura’s attack. An attack capable of destroying the Crimson Demon Barrier in one hit was something not even a Tier 3 MT with a Damage Reduction Skill activated could survive.

Moreover, Summer Wolf didn’t even manage to see Laura’s attack previously. By the time he realized that Laura had released her attack, a small hole had already appeared in the barrier. The speed of the woman’s attack was unfathomably fast.

At this time, the several great alliances’ members weren’t the only ones dumbfounded by this situation, Liu Wusheng, Galaxy Past, and the others were similarly astounded.

It was too fast!

Laura’s attack was so fast that none of them had managed to react. For a moment, they even suspected whether Laura was a high-tiered NPC in disguise and whether she was actually a player.

This is the strength of Slumber City’s strongest player?


Hidden Soul was deeply shocked as she looked at Laura’s distant figure. Although she had long since known that the woman known as Laura Crader would be incredibly powerful, she didn’t think it would be to such an extent. Out of all the Tier 6 God-ranked experts she knew, none of them could achieve such speed at Tier 3.

An Advanced Silver Footwork and an Advanced Silver Combat Technique!

Shi Feng was similarly surprised by Laura’s performance.

Unlike Hidden Soul and the others, Shi Feng had many years of experience wandering the expansive Greater God’s Domain, and he had encountered numerous God-ranked experts during his travels. Thus, he instantly recognized that Laura had only managed to exhibit such speed and power with her attack because she had used an Advanced Silver Combat Technique. Meanwhile, every individual he knew that had mastered an Advanced Silver Combat Technique was a peerless monster capable of ranking within the Greater God’s Domain’s Seven Luminaries Ranking List.

Of course, Laura hadn’t relied on only an Advanced Silver Combat Technique to break the Crimson Demon Barrier in one hit. On top of that, she had also located the barrier’s mana node. The mana node was the convergence point for all of the barrier’s Mana. So long as it was destroyed, the barrier’s mana flow would crumble.

However, locating a barrier’s mana node was incredibly challenging. Even the persons responsible for constructing and maintaining the barrier wouldn’t know its location. This was because the mana node’s location was constantly changing based on the players maintaining it. Specifically, the node’s location changed based on the varying flow rate and strength of the Mana supplied. Moreover, even the smallest of changes could affect the node’s location. Meanwhile, with over 300 players operating the Crimson Demon Barrier, trying to locate the mana node’s location was nigh-impossible.

This was also why most people deemed that only Tier 4 attacks or above could destroy the Crimson Demon Barrier.

Yet, Laura Crader had located the Crimson Demon Barrier’s mana node in the blink of an eye. Her perception and grasp toward mana were simply unbelievable.


After a moment, Shi Feng hurriedly shouted, “The barrier’s down! Advance!”

When Liu Wusheng, Galaxy Past, and the others heard this, they promptly snapped out of their dazes and followed Shi Feng to the second underground level’s entrance on their Mounts.

An ordinary Tier 3 player sprinting at full speed would only need around thirty seconds to cover a distance of two thousand yards. With the help of a Bronze Mount, they could cover this distance in under ten seconds.

Now that the Crimson Demon Barrier was no longer obstructing the way and the several great alliances’ members were still in a daze, this was the perfect opportunity for them to charge into the second underground level.

“Not good! They’re charging at the entrance!”

When the several great alliances’ members recovered from their shock, Shi Feng’s team was already within a thousand yards of the second underground level’s entrance.

“Don’t even think of getting past us!” When Death Omen saw Shi Feng’s team charging for the entrance, she hurriedly shouted, “Wolf, distract them! Everyone else, guard the entrance with your lives!”

At this time, Summer Wolf and his team had already gotten on their Mounts, so they were the most suitable candidates to intercept Shi Feng’s team. After all, the average Tier 3 Refinement Realm expert could run nowhere near as fast as a Bronze Mount.

Meanwhile, so long as Summer Wolf’s team could buy enough time for a few thousand players to gather at the entrance, they’d be able to take down Shi Feng’s team easily.

Meanwhile, Chiyang Tianhe and Ruthless Sky had also promptly made their way to the entrance. Although neither of them had any grievances with the Asura Mercenary Alliance, it was to their benefit to prevent outsiders from entering the second underground level.

If they allowed Asura to freely enter the second underground level, the other alliances that were subjected to the several great alliances’ oppression and arrangement would definitely have an opinion and try to secure more entry slots for themselves. They might even try to mimic Asura and forcibly break through.


When Summer Wolf and his team of peak experts had moved within three hundred yards of Shi Feng’s team, a figure suddenly appeared before them. This figure was none other than Laura Crader, the person responsible for destroying the Crimson Demon Barrier.

At this time, Laura Crader had already unsheathed the shimmering rapier[1] she carried around her waist and was poised to strike. Upon seeing this, the members of Summer Wolf’s team couldn’t help but grow fearful and hesitate.

Noticing his team’s anxiety, Summer Wolf shouted, “What are you scared of?! We are in the Boundary Mountain Range, and she is alone! Even if she can kill one of us with every hit, how many times do you think she can repeat that attack?!”

After thinking it over, everyone quickly realized that Summer Wolf’s words made sense.

The Boundary Mountain Range’s environment not only reduced the standard of players’ Stamina but also increased the burden of using Skills, Spells, and combat techniques by several times. Even a God-ranked expert using only basic combat techniques couldn’t fight in the Boundary Mountain Range for a long time, much less use combat techniques as powerful as the one Laura had used previously.

Immediately, everyone stopped hesitating and charged at Laura.

However, when Summer Wolf’s team resumed its charge, Laura had long since disappeared from her original location, transforming into a streak of flowing light and arriving next to Summer Wolf’s in the blink of an eye, Then, she began stabbing and slashing at the mounted players around her, those targeted by her attacks disappearing from their Mounts after getting hit.

Don’t even think of getting rid of me so easily!

Summer Wolf hurriedly activated his Tier 3 Berserk Skill Rampant Shadow, the Skill drastically increasing his Attack Speed and reaction speed. It had also increased his Strength and Defense by 100%.

One attack… Two attacks… Three attacks…

With each subsequent attack Summer Wolf blocked, the fear in his heart grew deeper and deeper. This was because he found it increasingly difficult to keep up with Laura’s attacks. The feedback he received from the attacks he blocked also grew stronger with every subsequent attack.


By the eighth attack, Summer Wolf could no longer keep up with Laura’s speed. He could only watch as Laura’s rapier cut across his neck one time after another, continuously draining his HP until nothing was left.

Meanwhile, this entire clash lasted no more than two seconds. From an outsider’s perspective, Laura had merely charged into Summer Wolf’s team. Then, Summer Wolf and his teammates had suddenly vanished from their Mounts.

After taking care of Summer Wolf’s team, Laura sheathed her rapier, jumped into the air, and landed on the back of Shi Feng’s Mount. Then, together with Shi Feng’s team, she disappeared into the second underground level’s entrance…

TL Notes:


The rapier mentioned in this chapter wasn’t described in much detail, so I can’t tell if it is Laura’s second weapon or if the author forgot that the weapon Laura previously used was a light-blue longsword. I have also double-checked Chapter 223 and made sure that she was using a longsword.

For now, I am going to assume that the rapier is Laura’s second weapon.

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