She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 951 - Because I'm the Lord of All Demons (2)

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Chapter 951: Because I’m the Lord of All Demons (2)

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As a mother, Vivian naturally sided with her child unconditionally.

However, what she didn’t know was that the moment Yu Huang’s hand touched Vivian’s stomach, invisible and majestic energy instantly grabbed Yu Huang’s five fingers firmly. A warm and cold aura that was filled with vitality instantly spread throughout her body through Yu Huang’s fingers.

Surrounded by that feeling, Yu Huang felt as if she had obtained spring.

Yu Huang suddenly retracted her hand and stared at Vivian’s stomach in shock. Her beautiful face instantly turned pale.

What she didn’t want to face the most became real.


The child in Vivian’s stomach was the 24th holy child!

Vivian noticed Yu Huang’s reaction. She was stunned and immediately felt a strong sense of uneasiness. “Yu Huang, what, what’s wrong?”

Sheng Xiao frowned and looked at Yu Huang worriedly.

Yu Huang slowly raised her head and stared at Vivian.

Realizing that Vivian was trembling, Yu Huang knew that Vivian had already guessed the truth.

However, as a mother, how could she accept that the child she had been pregnant with for more than five months was a dangerous monster?

The corners of Yu Huang’s mouth twitched as she revealed a forced smile. “Vivian, you have to go to the Alliance headquarters with us.”

Hearing this, Vivian seemed to have lost all her strength and plopped down weakly on the sofa.

* *

In the afternoon, ten pregnant women from different countries were brought to the conference hall of the Beast Tamer Alliance.

Most pregnant women still didn’t know why they were brought here.

Nine out of ten pregnant women were Beast Tamers, and Vivian was the only commoner.

When Vivian sat on the soft sofa and saw seven powerful Beast Tamers sitting on the conference table opposite her, her heart skipped a beat.

She couldn’t fully recognize the identities of the Beast Tamers in front of her, but she could guess that the people who could sit next to Prime Master Lingfeng were definitely the most powerful people in the Holy Spirit Continent.

At the thought that the child in her stomach was very likely an existence that even these adults feared, Vivian felt uneasy and dizzy, as if she would suffocate to death at any moment.

Noticing that Vivian was so afraid that her legs were trembling, Yu Huang closed her eyes helplessly and sighed.

Xiao Shu noticed that Yu Huang had closed her eyes. He followed Sheng Xiao’s gaze and realized that he was looking at the commoner woman. Only then did he realize that the commoner woman looked familiar. Xiao Shu thought about it carefully for a while before remembering that the pregnant woman was Yu Huang and Anna’s friend.

This woman had participated in Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao’s wedding.

As Xiao Shu stared at Vivian’s bulging abdomen, he felt that something was wrong.

Sheng Lingfeng suddenly turned around and asked Xiao Shu, “Xiao Shu, what should we do to accurately find the hiding place of the 24th holy child?”

For a moment, everyone in the room looked at Xiao Shu.

“The solution is very simple.” Xiao Shu walked in front of Vivian and the other pregnant women. His gaze swept across the pale faces of the pregnant women, then he said with some pity, “Spring awakening means that the weather will warm up and everything will grow. It also represents hope. Among the 24 holy children, it is the kindest and most loving holy child.”

Xiao Shu suddenly pointed at the potted plants on both sides of the conference hall and said, “Find a potted plant that is on the verge of death and place it in front of these pregnant women. The child in the womb of the pregnant woman who can make the potted plant come to life is the spring awakening holy baby.”

Hearing this, Vivian subconsciously thought of the lush green lawn in her courtyard.

Xiao Shu turned around and stared at Yu Huang with a frown as he said meaningfully, “The spring awakening holy baby is not a monster, but once he is born successfully, Holy Spirit Goldfeather will be revived. Therefore, we can’t keep this child!”

After hearing Xiao Shu’s words, Yu Huang couldn’t help but turn to look at Vivian.

Coincidentally, Vivian was also looking at her.

They could see the sorrow and pity in each other’s eyes.

Finally, Vivian closed her eyes first. “Then let’s begin,” she said.

After Sheng Lingfeng nodded at the door, Lu Yubei brought over a potted plant with withered leaves. He carried the potted plant and tested seven pregnant women in succession, but the tree didn’t show any signs of new growth.

Lu Yubei carried the fortune tree to the eighth pregnant woman.

He thought that the fortune tree wouldn’t have any reaction this time either, but Lu Yubei clearly saw the withered leaves on the fortune tree suddenly shake off. Then, fresh green leaves emerged. In the blink of an eye, the withered fortune tree regained its vitality.

Lu Yubei watched this scene in shock. He subconsciously looked up at the pregnant woman’s face, but saw a pair of beautiful eyes filled with tears.

Vivian covered her eyes with her hand and shook her head. “How could this be?”

When she saw this scene, Yu Huang couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Xiao Shu was silent for a long time before saying in a low voice, “The child in Madam Vivian’s stomach is the 24th holy child.”

Hearing this, Vivian finally broke down and cried.

At this moment, Dongfang Xiagui suddenly turned around and stared at Xiao Shu with a sinister gaze. He asked inquisitively, “Xiao Shu, I’ve always been puzzled. At such a young age, how do you know about the existence of the 24 holy children and their use?”

Dongfang Xiagui pointed at Vivian and said, “That’s a pregnant woman with a small life in her stomach. You have to show enough evidence to make us believe that what you said is true and your judgment is right before we can continue our next plan.”

This was also what made Sheng Lingfeng and the others feel suspicious.

Sheng Xiao closed his eyes slowly. He knew that when Xiao Shu told the truth about the 24 holy children, he wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of his identity being exposed.

Xiao Shu was already prepared to face all of this, so Xiao Shu wasn’t flustered when Dongfang Xiagui questioned him in public.

He didn’t say anything. He only stomped his feet hard, and his body turned into a majestic Fire Unicorn. As the Fire Unicorn stood in the void of the conference hall, his dignified and cold voice spread throughout the entire Jingdu City—

“Because I’m the Fire Unicorn, the Lord of All Demons. I was once the exclusive mount of Holy Spirit Goldfeather!”