Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1694 - A Boss That Even a Cheat Player Scratches His Head Over

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Chapter 1694: A Boss That Even a Cheat Player Scratches His Head Over

The little killer whale came over.

Luke didn’t have a good solution for this newly orphaned baby. It was already good enough that he didn’t let Selina eat it.

Nature was cruel. Other animals wouldn’t let you go just because you were cute.

Of course, what human beings loved to do most was tamper with nature.

Since Luke and Selina were free, they simply left with the little fatty to look for other killer whales.

Killer whales could hear the calls of their own kind from a distance in the water. After listening for an hour, the fatty finally found a pack with just two big killer whales and a small one.

Luke used Mental Communication + Mental Hypnosis + Illusion to create close feelings between the little fatty and the new killer whale family.

Lone killer whales would join other killer whale packs to begin with; Luke was just reducing the friction between the little fatty and this new family.

Also, the little fatty was a girl.

For this pack that was led by a female killer whale, it wouldn’t be hard for the little fatty to live.


After everything was done, Luke and Selina went back.

The little fatty jumped out of the water and cried despondently.

Luke didn’t erase its memories, but made them less vivid.

It still remembered its family, but it wasn’t that sad.

For a young killer whale, this was better than remembering its lost family.

The little fatty chased them for several hundred meters before it stopped at the call of its new parents. It broke the surface and swam several circles before it finally turned around and left.

Selina turned to look at the little fatty and sighed. “Poor thing.”

At least it wasn’t eaten by you and Gold Nugget, Luke mocked inwardly. However, he said, “If it looked like that giant octopus at the bottom of the ocean, would you still think the same thing?”

Selina blinked. “Is it tasty?”

Luke said, “…I cut off one of its tentacles last time, but we know too little about it. I don’t dare give it to Gold Nugget to eat.”

Selina said, “Gold Nugget said that it isn’t scared.”

Luke said, “Save it. Gold Nugget is already split in two and it’s bad at math – what if it becomes as stupid as a giant octopus after eating the tentacle?”

Selina asked, “It won’t be that bad, right?”

Luke said, “That’s hard to say. This giant octopus is very strange. It didn’t have the ability to affect minds last time, but it does now.”

Selina thought for a moment and realized that it made sense. “That’s right. It looks like it’s mutated from radiation poisoning. It’s not as smooth and round as other octopuses.”

Luke said, “Besides, this guy hasn’t done anything yet. We’ll try later. If it doesn’t work, we’ll retreat.”

Selina nodded.

It couldn’t be helped.

The giant octopus was clearly no ordinary creature. It looked like a system bug.

At a depth of 3,000 meters underwater, their armor’s combat ability was far inferior to what they could on land.

If the other party went even deeper down into the ocean, they wouldn’t be able to stop this several thousands of tons of meat. They could only try.

After making the decision, they returned to the ice house and sat down. Luke took out some drinks and snacks, and they started discussing a plan.

Half an hour later, Selina was feeling some despair. “Why is it so big?”

Luke scratched his head.

The most important thing about the giant octopus was that it was unbelievably huge and was in the ocean.

If this monster appeared on land, they could blow it up. However, most weapons were useless in the ocean.

A physical brawl? They could try it if they got Dr. Banner to come.

But this thing probably wouldn’t die so easily. If they weren’t careful, it might run into Ushuaia and kill a bunch of researchers and tourists.

By the same logic, Luke didn’t dare use nanotoxins.

If the giant octopus came ashore and “self-destructed,” and took thousands of people along with it, Luke could say goodbye to his credit points.

After thinking for a while, Luke handed the problem over to Frank and Tony for their opinion.

When they had a look at the issue, both of them were bewildered.

A giant octopus that weighed thousands of tons? How much fertilizer did it have to eat to grow to that size?

Tony also felt that this monster could eat the ocean floor bare.

After watching some of the surveillance footage which Luke had taken on the cruise liner back then, they fell silent as they looked at the terrifying mountain of flesh.

Soon, they shared the same opinion: Lure it to the surface and kill it.

Luke smiled bitterly.

He had thought of this method as well, but last time, he had used Life 1, which was made from the Blood Orchid extract, and had even used the Aliens’ corrosive fluid to create a huge pit in the octopus’s head.

In the end, not only was the guy still alive, it had mutated even more.

Not only was it bigger, its original octopus characteristics had also changed.

The two small eyes on the big round head had turned into an expanse of big eyeballs. Anyone with trypophobia would be bent out of shape if glared at by those eyeballs.

It felt like these eyeballs were the main body, while the brain had shrunk. It didn’t look very smart.

At the same time, the octopus tentacles were different from the one Luke had cut off. They were rough and looked more like a fusion of tree roots and tentacles, and were even green.

He suspected that the Blood Orchid extract, which had been hidden in a lot of milk barrels, had given the guy enough stimulation to turn into what it was now.

Based on Tony and Luke’s separate research, a large dose of Life 1 could cause mutation in the cells.

Sloan’s medicinal bath only used a few milliliters of the Blood Orchid extract.

It was perhaps thanks to the medicinal bath that the elite assassins of the Fraternity could use Curve Shooting and Physical Outburst.

Without the medicinal bath which contained the Blood Orchid extract, Wesley and Bloodmint thought that their gifts were a mental disorder of some sort.

It was even effective on Carter Slade, the Ghost Rider.

The Ghost Riders could be considered semi-supernatural creatures. There weren’t many drugs on Earth that were effective on them.

Luke wasn’t short of the Blood Orchid extract. Because of his misgivings, he hadn’t used Life 1 on a large scale, and had a lot of the raw materials for it.

But the last time the octopus had been lured in by the Blood Orchid extract, it had immediately jumped into the ocean to escape when it realized that its life was in danger.

If they lured it out this time and only managed to beat it up halfway before it escaped again, then what?

That was something Luke had to consider.

After confirming that they didn’t need to personally help out, Frank and Tony didn’t say anything else.

…Fine, the tycoon actually wanted to come, but Luke firmly refused.

Even Luke was affected by the mutant giant octopus’s ability to affect minds.

His own Mental Strength was 33. Coupled with focused training, his mental resistance was more than 20 times that of an ordinary person.

If it had been Tony and Frank who had gone down just now, they would probably have gone crazy after entering a 500-meter range.

In this situation, Luke didn’t dare call his teammates to help him fight with the mental remote-controlled robots.

This was a big boss with a negative AOE halo and high HP output. It could slip back into its safe zone at any time to recover.

Even someone like Luke, who was a player with cheats, scratched his head over such an unreasonable existence.

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