Supremacy Games-Chapter 1161 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. II

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Chapter 1161 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. II

Ten minutes later after the destruction of Earth...

The news had reached the eyes of almost everyone in the universe due to the planet's connection to one of the highest-profile individuals in this era...Felix Maxwell.

Everyone kept a close eye on the story's development, knowing that it would have massive repercussions on the alliance as a whole.

After all, the home of the humans' representative and also the Void Nation King had been destroyed after the war was concluded!

As expected, all the humans and void citizens throughout the entire universe had descendant into a unified rage, calling for an investigation to find out the culprit.

Since the 'murder weapon' was left behind, it didn't take long for Federation Council to find it and connect it with the Vampire's race!

This caused the Mariana Federation to be absolutely livid and take it to the supreme court of the SGAlliance since the vampire race was still a member even though they had lost the war!

So, another inner circle meeting was held, and this time Zosia Everglow, the vice-leader of the Federation was invited to represent her affected background since Felix was nowhere to be reached.

As for the vampires' side? Duke Sebastian became the new Duke and attended the meeting to defend his race from such heavy accusations.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Queen Alfreda spoke coldly as she eyed Duke Sebastian with the rest of the inner circle leaders.

None of them had a pleased look at this development.

Who could blame them?

The destruction of the planet happened when it was still populated, which meant the loss of forty billion lives in an instant.

It was the greatest loss of lives in recent memory of the SGAlliance's lifespan!

That's because most apocalyptic events result in an earlier evacuation due to technological development.

Since the planet-destroyer weapons were owned by only a dozen of the races in the alliance and they never needed to use them, the casualties always stayed at an acceptable amount.

Another reason for their displeasure was knowing that Felix had too much influence and power to have him snap and take his anger on the alliance.

His Void Nation was still not part of the alliance contractually and the only thing holding them from going all out was the oath taken!

But, if he snapped and lost control? He could easily ignore it and hide in the void realm while commanding his nation to launch a true universal war on the alliance.

This time, there would be no deals, no evacuations, and no f*cking mercy!

So, if Duke Sebastian couldn't defend himself and his race, they wouldn't hesitate for a second to throw them out of the alliance for attacking another member.

In other words, they would be thrown to the wolves for real!

"I will admit that planet destroyer weapon belonged to our race." Duke Sebastian spoke composedly, "However, I have absolutely no clue how it arrived there and attacked their planet. Queen Ai can back me up."

"Is he speaking the truth?" Queen Allura referred to Queen Ai with a cold tone.


This didn't surprise most of the leaders since Duke Sebastian wouldn't have dared to attend the meeting if he had nothing to back him up.

Queen Ai's approval of his statement implied that he would not be implicated by this or his race since he was the new Duke.

Queen Ai didn't lie about his involvement in Alina's plan being nonexistent since she never actually fully addressed it with her subordinates.

The only thing they knew was that she had a plan, which might help them win the war, and that her ancestor was involved in it personally.

The only reason manananggal was involved in the first place was that Queen Ai wouldn't have snitched on them if they dared target Earth.

"This is absolutely outrageous!" Zosia slammed the surface of the platform furiously, "The weapon belongs to the vampires! Do we really need any other evidence?! They could have easily hired a mercenary group and found a way to order them without implicating Queen Ai!"

"Speculations, speculation, and speculations." Duke Sebastian shrugged his shoulders, "Unless you have solid evidence connecting our involvement, you are just accusing us wrongly. Who knows? Maybe a mercenary squad had taken advantage of World Eater devouring my home to steal the weapon from our moon."

"That's just bullsh*t and everyone's here knows it!!" Zosia glared at everyone when she saw that most of them didn't plan on putting themselves in this.

Unlike her, they knew that the war was born from a primogenitors' faction conflict.

Since this happened after Duchess Alina's death and Duke Sebastian's was cleared by Queen Ai, it left them with one last and logical assumption.

A primogenitor was responsible for this personally!

None of them was dumb enough to voice out their assumption and displease him...Their duties were related to the alliance alone and since there was no solid evidence to criminate the vampire's race, the only thing they could do was let Duke Sebastian walk free and keep his race in the alliance.

This pissed off Zosia to no end as she had no idea that the alliance's inner leaders would be this useless, not knowing that their hands were tied when matters were related to primogenitors.

Fortunately for her, she was still ignorant about them...

While Zosia failed to punish Duke Sebastian and his race, the Void Nation was a different beast!

"Just give the order and we will make sure to erase those three races from the face of the universe." The Ruiner stated murderously as he eyed Candace inside Nimo's consciousness.

Arthur, Aegnor, Mammon, Meriam, and the rest of the void citizens were all gathered in the throne's hall, looking at Candace with such hatred burning in their eyes it could kill!

They weren't targeting it Candace but at those f*ckers, who dared to attack their king's family!

"As I said, we aren't going to do anything until we receive a direct order from Felix." Candace sighed as he stared at the empty throne, "Just please be patient."

The moment Felix was forced into losing consciousness to save his sanity from snapping, all of his wisps of consciousness disappeared and returned to his main consciousness.

After all, they existed only when fed with mental energy continuously, and Felix passing out canceled it.

Although ten minutes had gone by, he still hadn't shown any signs of waking up...

Meanwhile, in his UVR's house, Felix was moved by Asna to his bed and she was sitting next to him with a worried look.

Eee Eee...

Nimo also was there, licking Felix's face with a sorrowful look, trying his best to wake him up.

"His mind must be helping him process his reality through a dream. I believe he won't wake up naturally until he completely accepts the reality of his grandfather's passing." Candace shared as she had a great deal of experience with dreams and such.

From her experience, Felix's condition could be counted as a self-inducing coma through emotional shock instead of just normal fainting.

"You don't get it yet." Thor frowned, "It's far more than just accepting his grandfather's death. If it was just him dying, Felix wouldn't have spent a second being asleep and he would have gone absolutely mad with thoughts of revenge."

"Indeed." Lady Sphinx sighed as she looked at Felix's soulless eyes, "Felix is too calculative for his own good...So, the moment he saw the flood of notifications, he instantly connected the dots and figured out that the only way for this to happen is if Earth was destroyed as a whole."

"In other words, he wasn't just trying to accept his grandfather's death or his friends, but the death of 40 billion lives, the destruction of his home planet, and most importantly, accepting the reality that he had a major role in this disaster happening."

"In other words, his guilty conscience wasn't going to let him go through the motion in peace..."

"The fact that he survived implies that he will be having survivors' guilt as well." J?rmungandr shook his head, "There is just so much to deal with and his subconsciousness clearly realized that the safest way to handle all of this is by not handling it at all."

While everyone clearly already moved to the second stage of grief, Anger, Felix was going to be trapped in the first stage for a very long time unless he managed to accept his new reality.

A reality where Earth didn't exist because of him...

A reality where 40 billion lives were lost and affected much more...

A reality where his grandfather and his friends were dead...

A reality where his life was never going to be the same again...

Instead of that, Felix was now spending his life in his new dream world with his grandfather on Earth by merging it with the best memories of his childhood.

"Granpa, does heaven really exist?" Little Felix asked with a cute voice as he sat with his grandfather near the balcony of their mansion, staring at the sunset.

"Of course it does." Grandfather Robert chuckled as he drank wine from a teacup in a sneaky manner.

"Is mom and dad there?" Felix asked with a brightened look.

"I am not too sure." Grandfather rubbed his grayed beard, "Your parents were a bit too shameless in their businesses. I am quite expecting them to be officials in hell by now."

"Granpa!" Little Felix yelled in annoyance, "Can't you say anything nice for once! With your character, you are definitely going to hell!"

"Haha! I already know that." Grandfather Robert laughed out loud.

"Aren't you scared?" Felix tilted his head in curiosity.

"Why be scared of something you can't change? Life is just a series of choices and those choices define our end whether they were good or bad." Grandfather Robert took another sip and added with a faint smile, "As long as you don't regret your choices, whether you end up in hell or heaven shouldn't concern you."

"So make sure to throw a few bad choices once in a while so you can join your grandpa in hell and wreak havoc with me there and your parents." Grandfather Robert laughed.

"You drunken geezer...Talking to you is really useless." Felix rolled his eyes at his grandfather's advice and walked back to the hall.

"Well, he will understand later on...Hopefully." Grandfather Robert smiled lovingly at Felix's back and returned to admiring the view.