The First Order - Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159: Wang Congyang’s fleeting springtime

The Kingdom of Sorcerers was far, far away from the Central Plains. Generally, Wang Congyang should no longer have to worry about the arrest warrants for him now that he was here.

In the Central Plains, he was wanted by the Kong Consortium, the Qing Consortium, the Pyro Company, and later, the Wang Consortium too.

The vast territory of the Central Plains could not even accommodate his steam locomotive and black cauldron.

Wang Congyang did not want to leave the Central Plains either. That was where he was born and raised. It had everything familiar to him, and he had grown accustomed to the lifestyle there. But he had no choice. He really could not continue living in the Central Plains!

He could live with being wanted by so many organizations since he could survive by taking on shady jobs for the underworld. That would have been enough for him to lead a carefree life. But for some reason, Wang Congyang felt that he would always end up encountering Ren Xiaosu.

At first, Wang Congyang was not that afraid of Ren Xiaosu. But later on, he felt that something was off.

In fact, Wang Congyang had personally witnessed the trajectory of Ren Xiaosu’s rise. From a refugee who needed to hide the fact he had stolen a pistol to becoming a stronghold destroyer, he eventually ended up as the future commander of the Northwest.

When Wang Congyang saw Ren Xiaosu getting stronger, his sense of danger also grew. In the end, he was forced to make a choice and flee from the Central Plains.

When he left, he had two choices. The first was to go to the Northern Plains, but before he could head there, he heard the current lord of the steppe was actually Yan Liuyuan. Back then, he had pointed a gun at Yan Liuyuan. Wouldn’t he be walking to his death if he went there now?

Finally, he drove his steam locomotive through the vast Gobi and arrived at the unfamiliar Kingdom of Sorcerers.

At first, Wang Congyang was worried he couldn’t adjust to living here due to the language barrier. But later, he realized there were more people from the Central Plains here than he had imagined. There was not much difference in the cuisine either.

Moreover, the most important thing was that there were no surveillance cameras here, nor were they a technologically advanced nation. He could boldly live here without any worry.

From now on, there would no longer be anyone hunting him down every day, nor would any organized troops be coming after him anymore. Wang Congyang felt like he had arrived in Heaven.

If he took to banditry in the Central Plains, he would have to face the encirclement of organizations. If he ran a black market operation, it would leave him on edge every day. If he achieved mob boss status, he would have to hide in the spa center every day too. This was all because the way the Central Plains was governed was too strict.

As for the Kingdom of Sorcerers, things were more relaxed here. The sorcerers lived like gods every day, so why would they care about trivial matters in the “secular world”?

Here, bandits ruled the hills they occupied. In the cities, thugs flocked together and bullied the residents. In the black markets, those with power were respected. As long as you had money and strength, you could do whatever you wanted.


This made him feel like a fish that had finally returned to the water from dry land after more than a decade.

Although he also had to face the threat of sorcerers in this nation, Wang Congyang was part of one of the earliest groups of awakened superhumans. Not only did he have the skills, but he also had high physical fitness, so he might not be weaker than the average archmages.

He was already 34 years old. Before he turned 33, his life could either be described as winter or fall. But now it felt like his life had suddenly entered springtime.

But the moment Wang Congyang saw Ren Xiaosu, everything seemingly returned to square one.

Melgor stood there in a daze as he watched Ren Xiaosu chase after Wang Congyang. At this moment, his young steward’s explosive speed dazzled him.

“So this is Ren Xiaosu’s strength?” Melgor was extremely shocked. If Ren Xiaosu’s target were him instead, he probably couldn’t cast any spells!

How could someone with such explosive power be bound by his Earth Bind spell? Who was he trying to fool?!

Although Melgor was already mentally prepared, he still could not accept it when he saw this scene.

“Hurry back to the relay station,” Melgor muttered to himself. He did not want to get involved in a violent incident like this.

Ren Xiaosu and Wang Congyang were sprinting crazily in the overcast Winston City.

With a loud rumble, the first bolt of early summer lightning pierced through the dense clouds and struck the ground from above.

The large white bolt of lightning was like a spear that suddenly illuminated all of Winston City.

Then the clouds condensed into bean-sized droplets of rain and poured down.

As the rain pattered on the ground, Ren Xiaosu and Wang Congyang’s clothes became completely drenched. However, they were both determined people, so they did not feel the least bit affected.

Ren Xiaosu was much faster than Wang Congyang. His gaze was locked onto his target as he gained on him!

When Wang Congyang looked back, he was surprised to see the young man in the black cloak approaching him like a wild beast. He was so frightened it felt like his entire body was paralyzed!

The current Ren Xiaosu was even more terrifying than the one he had encountered back in the Sacred Mountains.

Wang Congyang could not understand this. They were both superhumans, so logically, as someone who awakened his power earlier, he should have the better physical fitness. So why was Ren Xiaosu growing at a faster rate than him?

But there was really no logical explanation to this matter. Otherwise, Wang Congyang would not have to leave home and travel so far away.

The difference between Wang Congyang and people like Melgor was that the sorcerers did not know the trump cards Ren Xiaosu held. However, he knew all about them.

All he wanted to know now was which fucking idiot had attracted a terrifying creature like Ren Xiaosu to the Kingdom of Sorcerers!


Ren Xiaosu shouted from behind, “Stop running! Let’s talk.”

“Talk? My ass!” Wang Congyang suddenly turned left and went into a dark alley.

Wang Congyang started seriously thinking. He felt that Ren Xiaosu must have just arrived in Winston not long ago. In that case, he could easily rely on his familiarity with this place to shake him off.

As the two of them made their way through the falling rain, the patrolling guards in Winston City were taking shelter from the rain under the eaves with their kerosene lamps. The few of them were smoking and complaining about the weather.

As they were talking, Wang Congyang suddenly sprinted past them without any intention of stopping.

The patrolling guards stared blankly at Wang Congyang’s back. It was as though Wang Congyang had left a human-shaped hole in the heavy rainfall. They had never seen anyone move so fast before.

But before they could react, Ren Xiaosu had already sped past them as he chased down Wang Congyang at an even faster speed.

In that quick instant, the heavy rain that was falling was swept up by the vortex in Ren Xiaosu’s wake. The soldiers who were taking shelter from the rain immediately felt as though someone had splashed a basin of water on their faces. The cigarettes in their mouths were extinguished.

One of the soldiers subconsciously stuffed his whistle into his mouth and tried to call for backup to give chase. However, the patrol captain snatched his whistle away and said, “Are you fucking crazy? You dare go after someone like that? Do you wanna die?”

The guard looked at his captain. “They…”

“You won’t go wrong listening to me. The reason why I was able to survive and become a patrol captain is because I know what business we should and should not interfere in!” the patrol captain said firmly.

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