The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1109

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Chapter 1109: Sending Help When Needed

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“Alexander Steele, enough! You keep saying that we can’t offend that punk Lucas Gray, or it will bring disaster to the Steeles. But I heard yesterday that he’s just an illegitimate child expelled from the Huttons two decades ago. That’s what Jace, the scion of the Huttons, said himself!

“Lucas Gray just knows some martial arts, and he defeated my subordinates because they were careless. It’s not because he’s powerful!

“You can scare others with your lies, but you actually want to deceive Grandpa. You’re really overestimating yourself! Grandpa is the helmsman of the esteemed Steeles, and he’s not even afraid of the Huttons’ helmsman. Why would he be afraid of an outcast of the Huttons? Do you take us for fools?” Trevor immediately retorted loudly at Alexander.

Then he added fuel to the fire by saying to Greg, “Grandpa, look. Alexander doesn’t take the Steeles seriously at all. He even says that we can’t afford to provoke that outcast from the Huttons. How absurd!

“The way I see it, Alexander just wants to help that bastard who killed a direct descendant of the Steeles and humiliated the family! So Grandpa, you can’t let that punk Lucas Gray off. You can’t spare Alexander either!


“Since he doesn’t care about the lives and dignity of the Steeles and just wants to protect an outsider, he’s not worthy of being a descendant of the family!”

Trevor deliberately sowed discord so that his grandfather would kick Alexander out of the family.

In that case, he would be the only direct descendant of the third generation of the Steeles, and he would definitely become the future helmsman of the family.

“Tell him to leave immediately! Tell them all to get lost!” Greg still didn’t appear, but his thunderous voice was enough to show how furious he was.

Hearing this, Alexander felt immensely sad.

He had already done his best to save the Steeles.

He took one last look at his grandfather inside the villa and gave a final piece of advice, “Grandpa, there’s nothing I can do if you refuse to listen to me, but I just hope that you will do a proper investigation on Mr. Gray’s identity before doing anything. Once you do, you will know whether I’m trying to scare you or not.”

This was all he could do for the Steeles!

With that, Alexander turned around to leave.

Elise was standing under a large tree twenty meters away from the main residence and listening quietly. After seeing her son being kicked out of the Steeles without receiving any other punishment, she only sighed.

She had already mentally prepared herself for them to be kicked out of the Steeles for a long time. Given the way the Steeles had been treating them, she knew there would be a day this would happen.

Even without last night’s incident, Alexander could easily lose everything and get kicked out of the family at any time because the family had already ostracized him.

Therefore, Elise didn’t bother pleading because she knew that her efforts would only be futile, and Greg wouldn’t change his mind.

Alexander walked out and found Elise here too. She didn’t say anything. She simply held Ashely with one hand and Alexander with the other and walked away.

“All the assets of their family of three belong to the Steeles! Seize them immediately and make sure that they leave without a single cent!” Greg yelled loudly from behind.

“Yes, Mr. Smith!” The butler immediately accepted the order.

Beside him, Trevor looked smug.

He had finally driven Alexander out of the family!

After leaving the Steele residence, the guilt-ridden Alexander looked at Elise and Ashley and said, “I’m sorry, Mom, Ashley. It’s all my fault you’ve been implicated. I’ve caused you two to be driven out too.”

Elise said gently with a smile, “We’re a family. There’s no such thing as getting implicated! Besides, the Steeles are too unbearable, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing for us to leave.”

Ashley nodded in agreement. “Yeah! Ever since Dad passed away a few years ago, the Steeles haven’t been acting like our family at all! They bully us all the time and have never treated us as family. Why should we endure it and stay when we’re facing their hostile attitudes every day?

“We’re able-bodied, and you’re so talented at business. Even if we leave the Steeles, we’ll still be able to live well, even better than we did with the Steeles!

“Although the Steeles are one of the eight top families in DC, what does that have to do with us? Life will be better for us if we live away from them. We’ll get to be carefree and enjoy freedom without being bullied by them or facing their attitudes!”

Ashley poked angrily with a puffed face. She wasn’t reluctant to leave the Steeles at all.

Alexander smiled bitterly without saying anything.

It wasn’t that he was reluctant to leave the Steeles but that he didn’t want them to offend Lucas and bring disaster to the family, which would make all of his father’s previous efforts go to waste.

But since things had come to this and he had already done his best, it was up to the Steeles to choose what to do next.

Before leaving, the three turned around to take one last look at the Steele residence, which they had called home for decades.

At this moment, a Porsche slowly stopped in front of them. The window rolled down, revealing the face of a middle-aged man. He said to Alexander, “Chairman Gray sent me to pick you up.”

“Chairman Gray?”

All three of them were surprised to hear this, and Alexander ran through his mind which chairman in his social circle had the last name Gray.

Wait… Gray?

Could it be?!

As if to confirm Alexander’s conjecture, the middle-aged man smiled and said, “He’s the chairman of Stardust Corporation, Mr. Lucas Gray.”

Hearing this, Alexander was even more surprised.

Lucas had actually sent someone to pick them up so early. It seemed he had predicted that Alexander and his family would be driven out of the Steeles. It was simply… magical!

Furthermore, they were forced to leave without a single cent. Apart from the clothes they were wearing, the rest of their belongings were detained by the Steeles, including their bank cards.

Alexander and his family could already be considered penniless with nowhere to go.

But Lucas actually sent someone to pick them up at this time. It was undoubtedly sending help when needed.

After recovering from the shock, Alexander was overjoyed and said to Elise, “Mom, since Mr. Gray has specially sent someone over to pick us up, let’s go!”

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