The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray-Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110: All Talents

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Elise nodded. She naturally agreed with what Alexander said.

She was already very curious about Lucas and wondered just what kind of person had the ability to make Alexander defend him so ardently and Ashley fall in love at first sight with him in such a short time. She didn’t expect to meet him so soon.

Moreover, since Lucas had sent someone to wait for them at the entrance of the Steele residence, he must have already expected that the Steeles would kick them out of the family beforehand. This showed that he was an extremely intelligent person.

“Please come with me!” the middle-aged man said with a smile.

After they got inside the car, Ashley seemed to return to reality from her dreams.


Pleasantly surprised, she asked, “Alex, did Lucas really send someone to pick us up?”

Alexander nodded with an emotional gaze. “Yes, it’s that Mr. Gray.”

He was at a loss for how to thank Lucas.

As they left in the car, there was a commotion in the main Steele residence.

Several figures of authority and elders of the family were present, with Greg, the helmsman, sitting in the middle.

The Steeles had just gone through an internal dispute that left Greg displeased.

An old man with gray hair said cautiously, “Greg, like I said, Alexander has never been a reckless person nor a liar. Since he repeatedly warned us not to go against that young man Lucas Gray, he must have his reasons. So, I suggest that we don’t make a move against him for the time being.

“Just like what Alexander said, we should at least run a detailed investigation on him. Know yourself and know the enemy. This will prevent us from offending someone we can’t afford to provoke.”

The old man spoke rationally.

But he was the only person in the room who suggested avoiding attacking Lucas before finding out his identity and background. The others were all for taking revenge on him and bringing him back to the Steeles’ residence to make him pay for his actions.

“Uncle Tim, it’s not appropriate for you to say that. Do you mean we should just let my son die in vain if Lucas Gray turns out to have a powerful background?” Godfrey’s father said furiously.

After hearing about his son’s death, he flew into a rage and cursed the entire night. If his family hadn’t stopped him, he would have left last night to take revenge on the bastard who had dared to kill his son.

Trevor added fuel to the fire. “That punk doesn’t have a powerful background at all. Alexander just deceived us. Jace Hutton personally said that Lucas Gray was expelled by his family a long time ago and that he doesn’t have a powerful background at all.

“But that punk is indeed skilled in martial arts. That’s why he throws his weight around and acts high and mighty. We just need to send a few of our experts to deal with him, and they’ll definitely kill him!

“At that time, no one will stand up for him!”

Now that Alexander had been kicked out from the Steele family, Trevor’s next goal was to make Lucas die!

In Club Illuma yesterday, Lucas had not only killed his top expert, but he had also forced him to crawl out of the fighting hall on all fours like a dog in front of so many people.

He had to use Lucas’s blood to wash away the humiliation!

After hearing what Trevor said, even the old man who had insisted on investigating Lucas before taking action was at a loss for words.

Both the Steeles and the Huttons were among the eight top families in DC, so they obviously couldn’t bow down to a young man who had been kicked out of the Hutton family.

“Alright, does anyone else have any objections?” Greg looked around at everyone in the room.

Everyone shook their heads without any objections.

“Okay!” Greg stood up from the couch and said to the crowd, “Since there are no more objections, let’s go capture that punk Lucas Gray and make him pay for his actions last night!”

Then Greg looked at Trevor and said in a deep voice, “Trevor, since you were there yesterday, you know what that punk looks like, and you also have a feud against him. I’ll assign a few of the family’s top experts to you. Take them with you and bring that punk back!”

“Yes, Grandpa! I promise to complete the mission and bring Lucas Gray back to the Steeles so that we can take revenge with his blood!” Trevor acknowledged with an excited look.

As long as Greg handed over a few of the family’s top experts to him, Lucas wouldn’t have another chance to be arrogant!

At this time, in the general manager’s office of the Stardust Corporation headquarters…

Lucas didn’t know anything about the Steeles’ plan, but of course, even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

The Steeles had to be dreaming to think that they could seize him.

There were some documents on the table in front of Lucas, which contained detailed information about Alexander, Ashley, and Elise.

“I really couldn’t tell that all three of them are extraordinary.”

Lucas finally finished reading all the information and closed the folder.

Next to him, Flynn said, “Yes, especially Alexander Steele’s mother, Elise Bale. She is a talented graduate of the finance department of Georgetown University. She has impressive business acumen and is a senior of mine. If she hadn’t married Alexander’s father back then, she’d probably be a very accomplished businesswoman now.

“I’ve sent someone to investigate them. Back then, Elise’s husband managed to operate all his businesses excellently and become the second-generation successor of the Steele family because of her brilliant business advice.

“All of it was due to Elise Bale, who stayed behind the scenes and contributed silently!”

Flynn spoke about her with admiration.

In the world, there are many outstanding women whose business acumen and management abilities were not inferior to those of men. But their talent had been buried because of getting married and having children.

If Flynn hadn’t found out that Elise was an alumnus of the same university as him and investigated her out of curiosity, he probably wouldn’t have known that she was so talented.

Alexander and Ashley were outstanding as well. Alexander had obtained an MBA from the London School of Economics, and his business talent was also very high.

Ashley, who was a few years younger and fresh out of college, was also very talented.

It could be said that the family of three were all talents.

Furthermore, from the interaction with Lucas and Alexander and Ashley, it was apparent that they were righteous and loyal people.

What Lucas lacked most now was various kinds of talents, especially talents in corporate management. After all, the Stardust Corporation was definitely going to expand beyond its current size.

Thus, after Lucas guessed that the Steeles wouldn’t let Alexander off easily and that the family of three would definitely be kicked out soon, he sent someone to wait at the gate of the Steele residence to pick them up.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the office, and the secretary reported from outside, “Mr. Gray, your guests have arrived.”

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