The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 627 - Receiving An Invitation Again

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Chapter 627: Receiving An Invitation Again

Lucas, Cheyenne, and Amelia slowly had breakfast. By the time they packed up and got ready to leave home, it was already past ten in the morning.

But it was the weekend, where he had the rare opportunity to relax with his wife and daughter, so there was no need to rush.

Lucas drove to the amusement park with Cheyenne and Amelia in his black Jaguar. It was an amusement park for kids, to which Amelia had been longing to go. They accompanied her to countless rides and then headed to the mall together to buy some clothes, toys, and other miscellaneous items. After enjoying a feast for dinner, they returned home happily.

Today was particularly enjoyable for Amelia. Not only did she finally get to go to the place she had been longing for and had a whale of a time there, but she had also finally got to spend an entire day with her parents. For a young child like her who hadn’t been able to see her parents for several days because William had been seriously ill, there was nothing more awesome than this!

“Daddy, Mommy, can we still go out to play together tomorrow?” Amelia asked intently with her eyes wide open, still longing for more fun.

Cheyenne shook her head. “No, you’re going to kindergarten tomorrow, so you can’t go out to play anymore! You were also supposed to have a piano lesson today, but you skipped it, so you have to do a make-up lesson tomorrow.”

“Huh~~ Why?!” Amelia pulled a long face and frowned the instant she heard this. She leaned backward and plonked her tiny body against the soft couch. She protested, “Mommy, I don’t like piano lessons. Can I skip it?”

She pouted.

Since the start of the new semester, Cheyenne had enrolled Amelia in several enrichment programs such as piano, painting, dance, and French language classes because Amelia was already over five years old.

Thus, Amelia’s extracurricular time and weekends had become much less relaxing than before.

Amelia was somewhat interested in painting and dancing, but she had no interest in piano at all. Whenever she had to attend piano and French lessons, she would sulk in reluctance.

“No, these enrichment classes are all for your own good. You can’t skip them!” Although Cheyenne’s tone was gentle, her attitude was firm.

Seeing that she couldn’t convince Cheyenne, Amelia immediately looked at Lucas with her large eyes that seemed to have the ability to speak. She pleaded coquettishly, “Daddy, help me! I don’t want to learn to play the piano and French!”

Lucas glanced at Cheyenne before shrugging helplessly. “Amelia, Mommy’s right. It’s good to learn more things. Besides, playing the piano and learning French are very interesting too!”

Although he felt that it was indeed too early to send Amelia to so many enrichment classes at the age of five, he still respected Cheyenne’s decision since she was Amelia’s mother.

In particular, he couldn’t indulge Amelia and spoil her in front of Cheyenne. Otherwise, it would cause Cheyenne to seem a lot less authoritative.

It was definitely not a good way to teach and raise children!

This was something that Lucas had learned after reading a large amount of material about parenting in the last few months.

In fact, it had been less than four months since he returned to Orange County from Calico and learned that Amelia was his daughter.

Lucas was definitely inexperienced in teaching and nurturing children. But fortunately, he could still go through other channels to learn how to be a good father and a qualified husband.

Cheyenne was clearly pleased with Lucas’s answer as she grinned at him beautifully before bending forward and saying to Amelia, who was still pouting in displeasure, “Amelia, as long as you attend your lessons, Daddy and Mommy promise to take you out to play next weekend. We’ll take you to the aquarium to look at the fishies. How does that sound?”

Amelia was an obedient and sensible child to begin with. After hearing what Cheyenne said, she immediately stopped throwing a fit and instead nodded gleefully. “Alright! Mommy, you have to remember your promise. I’ll attend the classes so that we can go to the aquarium together next week!”

Cheyenne hugged Amelia, gave her a kiss, and then pressed her forehead against hers. “You’re so obedient, Amelia!”

The family of three were chatting happily in the living room. Soon, Charlotte returned home from work.

Although it was the weekend, there were numerous things to handle at the Stardust Corporation lately, so Charlotte, the general manager, naturally couldn’t take a break and relax properly.

Now that Karen had been thrown behind bars, and William hadn’t recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital, the four of them were the only ones at home.

Since Lucas, Cheyenne, and Amelia ate out tonight, they bought some of Charlotte’s favorite food home for her. So after arriving home, Charlotte didn’t have to cook.

“Wow, you guys actually still remembered to bring me my favorite food even though you were out for a day of fun as a family today. I’m so touched!” Charlotte returned to her childish state after getting home and was joking and laughing.

“Even food can’t stop you from talking. Quickly eat the food while it’s still hot!” Cheyenne smiled.

Halfway through the meal, Charlotte suddenly remembered something. She took out a large envelope from her bag and handed it to Lucas. “Lucas, your name is the addressee of this parcel, but it was delivered to the company, so I brought it home for you.”

Surprised, Lucas grabbed the envelope and opened it to see that it was a large gold-embossed invitation card with a red base.

“Huh? An invitation card? Who sent it?” Charlotte asked curiously.

After skimming through the content of the invitation card, Lucas suddenly narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, “It’s the Kingstons from San Francisco. They’re holding an Elite Business Exchange in San Francisco in two days, and they’ve invited me.”

“Elite Business Exchange?” Cheyenne asked with surprise when she heard this name.

“Do you know about this exchange?” Lucas turned to ask Cheyenne.

Cheyenne nodded. “Yes, the Elite Business Exchange is an event that only first-tier families and businesses in various regions of California are invited to. Because Grandpa… Mr. Dominic Carter used to be extremely eager to receive an invitation to the Elite Business Exchange, I know a little bit about it too.

“The Elite Business Exchange isn’t an annual event, but one held on average once every three years. Furthermore, there are high requirements to qualify to be a guest, and each session is hosted by a top wealthy family in California. It is a very exclusive event, and a spot at it is very valuable.

“As far as I know, it’s actually just an exchange similar to a party. It allows the heads of various top families in California to get together and showcase their strengths while providing a platform for them to exchange pointers and cooperate with one another.

“However, it is different from ordinary parties because the exchange is meant for the current organizer to assess the comprehensive strength of each family or force to determine the hierarchy of the first-tier families and so on. Some families who perform outstandingly will also gain recognition from everyone and be promoted, while others who have declined will be demoted or even removed from the list of elite businesses.

“So, to be exact, the Elite Business Exchange should be considered a semi-official assessment of top wealthy families, and it can also be called a power reshuffle within California.”

Cheyenne told Lucas all the information she knew about the Elite Business Exchange, and she even felt a little surprised. “I’m surprised that you’d receive an invitation to the Elite Business Exchange even though you’ve only been back in Orange County for a few months.”

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