The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 998 - Hatred Between Brothers

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Chapter 998: Hatred Between Brothers

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But Jace never imagined that his father Michael would suddenly take all the shares and management rights of the Stardust Corporation back from him and even spend a huge sum of money to buy all the Stardust Corporation’s shares from the other Huttons.

While Jace was feeling puzzled, he happened to overhear a conversation between Michael and the butler Chad. He was shocked to find that his half-brother wasn’t dead and had returned to Orange County. For some reason, his father decided to return the entire Stardust Corporation to Lucas and even tried to get him to return to take over as the helmsman!

After hearing this, Jace felt as if he had been struck by lightning. It was completely unacceptable to him!

He was clearly the only legitimate son of Michael, and he would be the only one who would inherit the position of the Huttons’ helmsman in the future. In that case, why should Michael attach so much importance to Lucas and give what should belong to him to Lucas?

So from that moment on, Lucas became Jace’s greatest enemy. He racked his brains to disgrace Lucas and eventually kill him. He would never let him return to the Huttons in DC.

This was why Lucas and the Stardust Corporation were targeted afterward.

Jace initially thought that it was just a simple matter. At the time, Lucas was just a nobody who had just returned to Orange County. He had no power, and all he had was just a tiny branch of the Stardust Corporation in Orange County.

But Jace realized later that he was wrong. No matter what moves he made against Lucas, Lucas could resolve them without getting harmed at all. In fact, his power was growing stronger and stronger. He slowly conquered the four top families in Orange County, followed by LA, then San Francisco, California, and eventually Oregon. The powerful families of these states all pledged allegiance to Lucas!

Later, Lucas even broke the Huttons’ ban on him entering DC, removed Jace from his position as the Huttons’ successor, and even replaced him with Roman, Collin’s illegitimate son!

Jace was extremely indignant, and he would never accept being defeated by Lucas, whom he saw as an incompetent half-brother who grew up outside and had nothing!

Moreover, Lucas was indeed the reason that he had lost so many things. Ever since he was dismissed as the successor, many Huttons started treating him differently and would even occasionally give him strange looks. Even the children of other wealthy families in the capital no longer treated him with as much respect. Some even dared to mock him.

And Lucas was to blame for everything!

So Jace hated Lucas and wished he could kill him immediately!

His anger would be alleviated only with Lucas’s death. Only then would he be able to regain what he had lost!

So this time, Jace had schemed a lot to defeat Lucas. He thought that he had planned everything well and left no stones unturned, but he had still underestimated Lucas’s ability. Thus, he had been defeated by Lucas right at the juncture he was about to win.


Now, even his life was in Lucas’s hands. He had completely been defeated by Lucas!

Gritting his teeth, Jace suddenly dropped to his knees in front of Lucas. “Lucas, I know that it’s all my fault for what happened previously, and I shouldn’t have deliberately targeted you and been so hostile to you! I know I’m no match for you, so please spare me this time. I will never go against you again!

“As long as you let me off, I am willing to leave the country and never return. You can take over the Huttons if you want. I will never fight against you again!

“All I beg is that you let me off this time! Okay?”

Jace swallowed his pride and begged Lucas.

This was the most humiliating thing Jace had ever done in his life.

But to his surprise, even after he knelt in front of him, Lucas remained composed without even a trace of joy or pride. It was as if Jace kneeling was a completely insignificant matter.

In fact, this was indeed the case. Jace thought he was giving up his most valuable dignity and pride, but it was only a trivial matter to Lucas. It even felt ridiculous. Lucas wasn’t affected at all.

He had long known that Jace was terrified of death, so much so that he could forgo his pride without hesitation in the face of death. Of course, it was just empty talk that he would give up everything and never be Lucas’s enemy again.

Lucas believed that if he let Jace go, Jace would definitely look for a more powerful helper and return with greater aggression. Lucas would never spare him!

Moreover, Jace had kidnapped Charlotte and William today and also tried to hurt Cheyenne. He had already crossed Lucas’s bottom line.

Thus, Lucas had already made up his mind. No matter what Jace said, he would never spare his life!

Karen, slumping at the side, had long been frightened silly by the sight in front of her.

In the eyes of a tacky and ignorant person like Karen, the Huttons were an unimaginably powerful and noble family. She had been especially ecstatic after being released from prison and learning Jace’s identity. Even if Jace asked her to kneel down and lick his feet, she would have done so proudly without any hesitation.

He was a famous scion of one of the eight top families in DC!

But she discovered just now that her son-in-law Lucas, whom she had always despised and looked down on, was also from this prestigious family!

Now, the high and mighty Jace, whose feet Karen was willing to lick, was kneeling before Lucas and begging him to spare his life!

This scene made Karen feel like she was dreaming, and her head was buzzing.

At the same time, Karen felt great regret in her heart.

If she had known that Lucas had such an identity, she would have treated him well!

That way, she would have been able to live well with her family, enjoy everything Lucas owned, and even become in-laws of the Huttons, one of the eight most powerful families in DC!

It would have brought her so much glory and made her the subject of everyone’s envy!

Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret in this world!

Ring Ring Ring… 

Suddenly, Lucas’s phone rang again, and the number on the caller ID was Michael’s!

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