The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 1339 - Coincidental Meeting  

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Chapter 1339: Coincidental Meeting

“Rui’er.” Elder Hua Feng suddenly interrupted her.

Shi Rui’er turned her head.

Elder Hua Feng smiled faintly and said, “I heard that the Flying Star Sect obtained a legendary fiend recently?”

The topic changed so suddenly, and everyone could tell that Elder Hua Feng intended it.

Shi Rui’er’s gaze flickered as she smiled and nodded. “Yes. My father recently hunted and got a legendary three-eyed eagle recently.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled. Elder Hua Feng clearly doesn’t want Shi Rui’er to talk more about Rong Xiu’s past. It should be related to me. Additionally… I didn’t expect the Flying Star Sect to obtain a legendary three-eyed eagle. What a coincidence. 

“The legendary three-eyed eagle’s bloodline is extremely precious. It’s prideful and ferocious, and it almost doesn’t interact with humans. For the past thousand years, one hasn’t even openly appeared in front of others. It seems like your father must have put in a lot of effort this time!”

Shi Rui’er smiled even more brightly. “You’re right. That legendary three-eyed eagle is indeed very hard to teach. Father painstakingly went through three months before it became more obedient.”

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a tiny sensation in her body. It was as if the legendary three-eyed eagle became restless after hearing this.

Chu Liuyue comforted it in her heart before it gradually calmed down.

After all, they were of the same clan… How could it not care at all? Besides, the one in her body was once the clan leader of the legendary three-eyed eagles.

Another elder suddenly asked, “Rui’er, if I haven’t recalled wrongly, you don’t seem to have a fiend, right?”

Shi Rui’er was a warrior, but she never had a fiend. Logically speaking, with her talent and background, she was more than enough to have a legendary fiend.

But even when she left the academy, she still didn’t have an agreement with any fiend.

Shi Rui’er pressed her lips against each other and smiled. “I do now. Before I came, Father gave me that legendary three-eyed eagle.”

Elder Hua Feng and the rest seemed surprised. But thinking about it, they felt that it made sense.

As the Flying Star Sect’s Second Miss, Shi Rui’er was doted on and deeply loved, so it was normal for her to enjoy such treatment.

“No wonder… I have to congratulate you then. Oh right, it seems like you’ve broken through again?”

Shi Rui’er nodded magnanimously, smiled, and said, “If not, my father wouldn’t have given me that legendary three-eyed eagle.”

Elder Hua Feng and the rest exchanged a glance. It seems like Shi Rui’er’s position as the next heiress is secured. 

Right at this moment, the crowd heard hurried footsteps from the front.

“It seems like someone is running toward us,” said an elder with white brows next to Shi Rui’er.

“One person?” asked Shi Rui’er curiously.

That elder with white brows looked over with much focus and nodded with certainty. “One person.”

That was weird. In this dangerous and hellish place, everyone came in large teams or at least in groups of three or five. They would never journey alone.

How was that different from having a death wish?

“It seems like a girl, and it looks like she lost her friends.” The elder with white brows looked at Shi Rui’er to ask for her opinion. “Second Miss, should we… save this person?”

Actually, he was leaning toward not saving. Who knows where the other party came from? What if she sets us up in the end after we kindly save her? In the Flood-Desert Northern Region, everyone’s lives are hanging by a loose thread. What could one not do? 

Shi Rui’er thought for a while and shook her head. “We don’t have to care about her.”

After a pause, she said again, “If she forcefully comes near us, just settle her directly.”


Her tone was very light as if she were talking about today’s weather. However, her one sentence had decided someone’s life or death.

But everyone else present didn’t have much of an opinion toward this. Everyone understood that ‘kindness’ at this time would very likely harm their own lives.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but glance at Shi Rui’er. This Second Miss—who is rumored to have been brought up as the next successor—is indeed harsh and decisive in her ways. 

Just when they wanted to walk in another direction, that distant woman seemed to have seen them. After a temporary pause, she rapidly ran over.

The elder with white brows stepped forward. Just as he was about to stop her, he heard that woman yell anxiously, “Elder Hua Feng! Save me!”

The group of them stopped in their tracks.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows and looked over. That voice… seems rather familiar. 

However, Chu Liuyue raised her brows and looked forward with much interest. What a coincidence… I didn’t expect that the first person we meet at Flood-Desert Northern Region again would actually be Jiang Zhiyuan? 

At this point, the other elders gradually recognized her identity. “Hua Feng, this voice… sounds like Jiang Zhiyuan?”

“I think so too. It should be her, right?”

“Why does her face not look like her…”

Elder Hua Feng walked forward, and Shi Rui’er suddenly advised him, “Elder, be careful.”

It was really suspicious for one person to suddenly pop up out of nowhere in this snowy land. Even if it were really Jiang Zhiyuan, they couldn’t believe her so easily.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t help but bite her lips as she quickly glanced at Shi Rui’er. Anger flashed across her eyes.

“It’s fine. I’ll go over and take a look.” Elder Hua Feng knew that Shi Rui’er was being kind, but he still chose to walk over. After all, she was a student from the academy. How could he not save her?

Besides, Jiang Zhiyuan left with the main team that had Elder Bo Yan and the rest in the beginning, so perhaps she might know something.

Shi Rui’er could only say, “Then, we’ll go over with you.”

After that, she shot the elder with white brows and the others a look.

Everyone immediately went forward together.

Elder Hua Feng couldn’t help but laugh. “Rui’er, it’s been so long, but you’re still as meticulous as before.”

Shi Rui’er’s lips curled up slightly. “Being careful brings you a long while.”

As she spoke, the group of them arrived before Jiang Zhiyuan.

Jiang Zhiyuan looked at Elder Hua Feng and the rest emotionally, and her eyes turned red. “Elder, you must save me!”

Seeing the rather unfamiliar face, the crowd was stunned.

Elder Hua Feng pointed at her and asked, “Jiang Zhiyuan? Your face…”

Jiang Zhiyuan then recalled something as she hurriedly explained. “Oh, oh, this is a mask. I used it to hide my appearance…”

As she spoke, she felt around her chin for a while before she slowly took off the mask that was as thin as a butterfly’s wing.

The face below the mask was indeed Jiang Zhiyuan, but at this point, there was an inch-long scar on her left cheek for some reason. It was as if someone had used a sharp weapon to scratch it during a battle.

Her originally pretty appearance was destroyed by this wound, and it became rather scary.

With her frail looks and pale and cracked lips, she looked even more frightening.

Noticing the crowd’s gazes, Jiang Zhiyuan then recalled the scar on her face and hurriedly reached out to cover it. But the moment she touched the badly mangled wound, her heart trembled, and she felt extremely awful.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows tightly. “Jiang Zhiyuan, what exactly happened? Didn’t you come with Elder Bo Yan and the rest? How did you end up in this state?”

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