The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!-2955 Chapter 2955 nightmare of the Nightmare clan’s crown prince

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In the following period of time, Hei Xinjiu was still happily jumping around at all the checkpoints.

Because the generals at those checkpoints owed Hei xinjiu money, their confidence was even more lacking. Moreover, because they had “Harmed”alliance master Yan and lost his money, they were too embarrassed to complain about Hei xinjiu, so they could only continue to be harmed by Hei Xinjiu.

Of course, Hei Xinjiu was not just fooling around. Through these few days of fooling around, she understood the arrangement of the defense line of the entire tens of thousands of miles of Gobi Desert. Moreover, she had pointed out some flaws in the arrangement of the defense line and made people correct them.

Moreover, she had lost twice in one life. Now, she had become familiar with these generals at the pass and had caught their little braids. In the future, when she was going to hold great power, these people would not dare to cause trouble.

Of course, this fellow would not admit it because it was too boring!


Inside the Nightmare Clan’s meeting tent, the nightmare clan’s crown prince was gathering his subordinates to discuss matters.

“Crown prince, recently, the human race’s various passes have frequently provoked us. We must think of a way to teach them a lesson.”The person who spoke was the nightmare clan general who had fallen halfway down the mountain previously, his waist was still hurting faintly.

“The humans have always been timid and afraid of trouble. In the past, they only guarded the defensive line and did not allow our nightmare race to advance. Why are they acting differently this time?”The Crown Prince of the nightmare race asked with a frown.

“Crown prince, we have observed that the one who seems to be provoking us at the beginning seems to be a stinky girl wearing a silver mask…”

“A stinky girl wearing a silver mask? It’s her again? !”The Crown Prince of the nightmare race slammed the table angrily. He had suffered a great loss the last time. When he thought about it carefully, he realized that he had been tricked by Leng Xiaojiu!

It was the first time that the Crown Prince of the nightmare race had suffered such a great loss, especially when he had been tricked by a little girl at the sixth level of the Ling Xuan Realm. One could imagine the anger in his heart.

The nightmare race had previously captured some humans. He had specially interrogated them, but there was no such person as Leng Xiaojiu. It seemed that Leng Xiaojiu had suddenly appeared.

The Crown Prince of the nightmare race could not understand how a little girl at the sixth level of the Ling Xuan Realm had become the leader of the unaffiliated cultivator alliance?

The people of the nightmare race rarely dreamed, but the Crown Prince of the nightmare race had been having the same dream repeatedly recently. The main characters in the dream were always him and that Damn Leng Xiaojiu!

There was only one content, and that was that he was beaten up by Leng Xiaojiu in different ways!

Because of this, the Crown Prince of the Nightmare Race had not slept for several days. His eyes were red. He felt that there was only one way to solve the problem, and that was to kill Leng Xiaojiu!

The crown prince of the Yan clan revealed a vicious look in his bloodshot eyes. “Gather all the troops and launch an attack at midnight tomorrow. The target is the windbreak. If anyone can capture or kill Leng Xiao Jiu alive, they will be heavily rewarded!”



The next day, Yun chujiu trained the troops as usual.

When this guy was jumping around at all the checkpoints, he discovered one thing, and that was that the Yan clan in each of the checkpoints did not come out to fight.

Hei xinjiu frowned. Every time she scolded the nightmare race that only knew how to Fart, the nightmare race would jump around like they were injected with stimulants. Why was it so quiet today? Could it be that they were already immune to her provocation?

The next few checkpoints were all in the same situation. Hei Xinjiu’s heart stirred. Could it be that the nightmare race was plotting something?

When Yun chujiu hopped to the pass of Hua Ting Mountain, she voiced her doubts. Jia Yuanchen pursed his lips:

“Alliance leader Leng, although I have lost many bets to you in the past, you are really overthinking this time!

Even if the Yan clan were to make a move, they would not move all the people in the base to the same place. If that was the case, wouldn’t we be able to surround them while they were attacking? So that’s not going to happen.”

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