365-Day Trial Marriage With Hunk: Wife's A Little Wild-Chapter 78 - : Let’s get it straight, I’m broke!

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Chapter 78: Chapter 78: Let’s get it straight, I’m broke!

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“Invite her to join.”

The man stated flatly.

What she originally wanted to say was, can we not go?

“Any objections?” Dan Hanjie glanced at her with displeasure.

The words Qin Youxuan had just wanted to say she swallowed back, “Let’s make this clear first, I have no money!”

“Let me go first, I’ll call Yaya!” Qin Youxuan, realizing that Dan Hanjie had no intention of asking her to pay, and not daring to argue with him, broke free from his grip and turned towards a stunned Ning Yanan.

Soon, they both returned.

“Mr. Jie, you don’t have to be so polite, you two just go and eat, I-I’ll go home first!” Ning Yanan said, her smile stiff. She waved politely, turned around and tried to escape.

Oh my God!

This is the most prestigious man in Fico City, let alone dining with him, even an extra glance feels luxurious!

Ning Yanan had lost count of how many times she pinched her thigh, fearing she was dreaming… 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

“Get in the car.” Dan Hanjie didn’t even look at Ning Yanan, took Qin Youxuan’s hand, and sat in the back seat.

Ning Yanan was left in a daze.

Did Mr. Jie agree to her request or not?

“Miss, please get in the car.” Seeing her standing still for a long time, Assistant Yao kindly reminded her.

Ning Yanan’s vacant eyes finally moved, and the next second, she decisively climbed into the passenger seat.

Spotting Ning Yanan volunteering to take the passenger seat, Dan Hanjie lazily cast her a straight glance, then turned to look at Qin Youxuan who was sitting upright beside him, the corner of his mouth crooked in a roguish smile.

This good friend of hers had a keen eye.

The car steadily headed towards the city.

The restaurant they were going to this time was different from the Ying Shui Pavilion they visited last time.

This time it was a western restaurant.

“Mr. Jie, this way please.”

As soon as the four of them arrived, the eagle-eyed restaurant manager rushed over to greet them, nodding and bowing excessively at Dan Hanjie.

Qin Youxuan, walking a bit behind with Ning Yanan, raised her head in curiosity upon hearing the noise.

On Dan Hanjie’s charming face, there was no superfluous expression. In response to the obsequious restaurant manager, his face was still cold as he strode towards the VIP room.

Qin Youxuan clicked her tongue, and couldn’t help but give him a thumbs-up.

Indeed, he maintains his icy demeanor.

“Sit here.” After entering the room, Dan Hanjie immediately pulled Qin Youxuan, who had been keeping her distance, and set her beside him.

Qin Youxuan had just chosen a spot farthest from him, and before she could warm the seat, she was moved. She smacked her lips, daring to be angry but not speak up.

Ning Yanan, quick-thinking, decisively picked a spot distantly removed from the two of them.

Qin Youxuan glared at her, silently accusing her of disloyalty. Ning Yanan ignored it!

Life is more important!

“Assistant Yao, why don’t you sit down too.” Qin Youxuan cheerfully broke the silence.

There were only four people in the room, and three of them were sitting. Assistant Yao was the only one standing, making the situation awkward.

Only he, the top-class assistant, could withstand such an uncomfortable scene without a hint of discomfort on his face.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Qin Youxuan turned to Dan Hanjie again.

“Sit.” Dan Hanjie met her sparkling cat-like eyes and icily spat out a word.

“Yes.” Without any hesitation, Assistant Yao sat down.

Truly a gold-medal assistant!

This time, Qin Youxuan did not dare to have Dan Hanjie order again. She proactively picked up the menu and ordered a steak for herself. Then she ordered Ning Yanan’s favourite seafood before handing over the menu.