365-Day Trial Marriage With Hunk: Wife's A Little Wild-Chapter 79 - : Instantly Killing a Group of Peers

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Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Instantly Killing a Group of Peers

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Surprisingly, Dan Hanjie didn’t even give the menu a glance, he turned straight to the waiter and said, “The same as hers.”

The same as hers…

Qin Youxuan’s face froze as she looked at him uncertainly.

Was he just going to have the steak?

That doesn’t seem right…

Last time when she was paying, didn’t he order so much more?

In an instant, Qin Youxuan realized that he must have teased her on purpose last time, it’s outrageous!

As the waiter took the menus from the four of them and left, Qin Youxuan suddenly felt the urge to call the waiter back and order the food all over again!

She twisted around and glared fiercely at the Big Devil, shifting her buttocks further away from him.

She was drawing a small figure in her mind, poking it repeatedly!

“May I take a photo of you?” After the waiter left, Ning Yanan couldn’t stand the torment in her heart and cautiously made a request.

Don’t blame her for being too bold, think about it, she’d been chasing after him for over a few months and only got a picture of his back. It’d be impossible for her to control her nature as an entertainment journalist.

Besides, today’s news about the sponsorship was still fresh, probably tomorrow morning all the reports will be about the distinguished man in front of her, however, none were able to take a front picture of him.

If she were the one to get it…

Ning Yanan felt secretly delighted thinking about it, she would beat all her colleagues hands down!

“My photo?” Dan Hanjie repeated indifferently, his chilly gaze was like a sharp dagger, directly shot at Ning Yanan opposite him.

“What’s so amazing about his picture, I bet taking a picture of me is better! Didn’t you see? The delivery guy who just came in was only looking at me!” Qin Youxuan, who hadn’t noticed Dan Hanjie’s darkened face, was still focused on Big Devil’s joke of making her pay tens of thousands more, blurted out.

Ning Yanan rolled her eyes.

Sister, all the delivery guys are males…

Just when Ning Yanan felt she was going to be rejected, Dan Hanjie cast a glance towards a disgruntled Qin Yuxuan and hooked the corner of his lips, “Go ahead, make sure to take a nice picture.”

Did he just agree?

Ning Yanan pinched her own thigh, she only verified that it wasn’t a dream when she grimaced from the pain.

“Oh, does it bother you?” Dan Hanjie glanced at the pouting Qin Youxuan and couldn’t resist reaching out to pinch her cheek.

“Ouch!” Without thinking, Qin Youxuan swatted his hand away and rubbed her own cheek.


Sitting opposite, Ning Yanan managed to capture the “flirting” scene with her lightning-fast photography skills.

“This is perfect!”

In all her years as an entertainment reporter, Ning Yanan had never taken such a beautiful picture!

It’s simply thrilling!

The man’s beautiful face, regardless from what angle it was photographed, was perfect enough to kill any female viewer, and the hidden indulgence and admiration in his eyes created a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, his poise was just right, not artificial at all.

And the key point was the pouting Qin Youxuan, her beautiful features were more prominent under the camera, standing next to the tall man, her defiant look added a touch of charm and vibrancy to an already attractive face…

The cat eyes staring at someone had an inexplicable touch of coyness.

Qin Youxuan, watching Ning Yanan’s sly grin, “What are you doing taking pictures of me?”

“This photo is just for personal pleasure, if it gets leaked, my career as a journalist might come to an end… I might be promoted directly to a professional photographer! Haha… “