A Journey That Changed The World.-Chapter 602 Stop Being A Narcissist

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Chapter 602 Stop Being A Narcissist

?Archer made love to Talila until the elf was in a pleasure-filled daze, and the two were cuddled up in the comfortable bed. The elf had her head on his chest and was fast asleep.

He was lying on the bed while looking out the window to see the afternoon sun high in the sky. Archer gently moved Talila to the side before standing up and stretching.

While doing that, he walked over to the balcony and felt the fresh air brush against his face, causing a shiver to run all over him. Archer saw hundreds of people still boarding the other mana ships.

Archer sat on one of the chairs outside, using the tattoos to check on the other girls. He noticed some engaged in conversations while others were solitary in their rooms.

He smiled as he observed Hemera, Leira, and Halime chatting but chose not to eavesdrop. Turning his attention back to the mana ships, he witnessed several of them beginning to take off.

The midday sun cast a warm glow on the scene as the colossal vessels rose, their ethereal energy engines humming to life. As he admired the scene, a voice echoed through the room. It wasn't a physical voice but a projection from a mana stone within the room.

It belonged to the ship's Captain, an authoritative and reassuring tone. "Students of the College Of Magic and The Starlight Academy. This is your Captain speaking. We are delighted to have you on board. Our destination today is the Oakheart Kingdom, but before we go there, we must travel over the Western sea to avoid the storms ravaging the north of Pluoria.''

After hearing this, Archer relaxed to continue watching the many ships take off. As he sat there, Ella appeared at the door while the others waited in his bedroom and, with a smile, spoke. ''Arch. Gianna is here to give us a tour of the manaship once we take off.''

He nodded before a sudden jolt was felt, and they started slowly taking off. When this happened, Archer felt all the mana it was using to lift off. Ella quickly grabbed the door frame as the shipyard grew smaller.

Once the manaship stabilized, it became peaceful as they were now above the clouds. They started flying west, and Archer commented. ''Well, that was something.''

Ella agreed with a giggle as he stood up and walked back into his room to see Gianna talking to the girls. She spoke excitedly as she told a story from her days as an adventurer and how she slayed an Orc King.

When Archer heard this, he remembered all those years ago when he was sent into the Eventide River due to one. The green-haired jaguar woman stopped talking and turned to him with a smile as she spoke. ''Oh, Archer! I was telling the girls old stories. They are ready for their tour, but it's girls only. I heard Lioran is in the common room getting ready for his.''

He looked at the woman with a raised eyebrow before questioning. ''Why am I not invited?''

Gianna smiled as she answered. ''Well, I like your ladies. They are lovely, and I want to get to know them better.''

Archer gazed at the jaguar woman, her yellow eyes captivatingly glowing. Her vibrant green hair cascaded in waves around her. She sported an ensemble of pants and a jumper, a style that puzzled him but aligned with her unique fashion sense.

The outfit didn't conceal her curves or large boobs, but he shook his head before nodding. ''Okay, well, have fun, you lot.''

He walked over to each girl and kissed them. After that, the ten left with Gianna, who waved at him. Archer looked at the door before taking out a cloak and wrapping it around himself as he left the room.

While Archer was walking, he could hear the distant hum of the manaship's engines as he ventured into the common area. His destination was the part of the manaship where Lioran and the other students were gathered.

As he stepped into the common room, a sudden hush fell. Conversations ceased, and all eyes turned towards Archer. It was as if a veil of silence had descended upon his arrival. The atmosphere crackled with unspoken tension.

Lioran stood alongside Cian and two other boys, accompanied by his fiancées. When the lion boy caught sight of Archer, he greeted him warmly. "Archer, glad you could join us. We were just about to start our tour. Care to join?"

Archer nodded, acknowledging the invitation, and the group parted slightly to make room for him. As he stepped forward, the eyes of those gathered followed his every move. There was a subtle tension in the air.

He turned to Lioran, who was talking to Leonora and asked. ''Why is everyone looking at me like I'm a rare beast?''

The lion boy started laughing, causing everyone to look at him like he was crazy, but what he said next caused people to panic. ''Maybe because you're a rare beast?''

Archer looked at him with a deadpan expression but soon laughed. ''Well, you're right. But what's with the looks?''

''What you've done has spread all over the place. Traders talk, and the old ladies like the gossip Arch. People are already talking about the wedding between you and Inara.''

When he heard that, his violet eyes widened in shock before he started coughing, causing Lioran to laugh before revealing more. ''I heard when we're in the semi-finals, she will come to cheer you on personally.''

''Oh god. I only flirted a little bit.''

Leonora and Nalika looked at him with wide eyes. Archer turned to them and realized they shared some features with Inara but were white, unlike the brown-skinned lioness.

They both shared some features with Inara and her granddaughter. Nalika was the first to ask in a shocked tone. ''You flirted with that bloodthirsty woman?''

''She didn't hurt you?'' Leonora asked next.

Their reactions caused Archer to laugh, but he admitted it. ''Yeah, but only a little bit. She was a wonderful woman and looked like a fierce warrior.''

When Lioran and his girls heard this, they looked at him like he was weird before the lion boy commented. ''Eh, Arch? She is notorious in the Lionheart Kingdom. She hunted a wild Dreadfang and wrestled a mountain tiger into submission.''

''Mountain tiger? What is that?'' Archer asked.

The two boys with Lioran started laughing, which caused the two lion girls to look at him like an idiot before Nalika explained. ''That's the thing you ask? You don't know she challenged every suitor to a one-on-one and beat them?''

''I don't care about that. It's not like I'm planning to marry the woman, and I only said we'd go on some dates when we saw each other next.'' He answered the lion girl, who looked taken aback.

Lioran came up to him while laughing before putting his arm around his shoulder and walking him away. ''Arch. Do you realize who you're talking about? Well, I don't blame you even if you make me question myself sometimes.''

When Archer heard this, he chuckled but pushed him away while expressing with a grin. ''Carry on with that, and I'll claim every Lionheart woman there is.''

''Shut up, you lewd dragon. They would drain you alive, and those women scare me sometimes.''

When Lioran said this, the two started laughing and continued with their banter until they walked onto a balcony wrapped around the cabin. Lioran turned to him and started talking. ''Thanks to your flirting, Inara is enamored with you and hounded father to send her as a guest on the Lionheart side.''

''Why are you telling me this? It's a given she would want to see me thanks to how handsome I am?''

Lioran looked at him with a deadpan expression before retorting. ''Stop being a narcissist, Archer! Inara will cause problems if she meets your girls as she is jealous and won't think twice about attacking them.'' novelbuddy.co(m)

Archer looked out at the sky, lit by the afternoon soon, but narrowed his eyes when he saw something coming from below them. He turned to Lioran and commented. ''She won't do that, Lio. Inara is smarter than you think and knows.''

After speaking, he leaned over the railings to make sure what he saw was real, and when he confirmed it, he spoke. ''Now find my girls and tell them I'll see them later.''

As Archer uttered his words, he leaped off the manaship, hurtling toward the approaching menace. As he drew near, he saw the colossal figure of an undead dragon. A grin spread across his face as he swiftly transformed into his own dragon form, colliding with it.

He tore into its bony body but was hit by a powerful blast that rocked his body. When that happens, Archer realizes this foe is stronger than him, but he shrugs it off thanks to his Anti-Magic skill.

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