A Journey That Changed The World.-Chapter 601 Point Taken

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Chapter 601 Point Taken

?Gianna started laughing before correcting him. ''You're wrong. The emperor only allowed people to travel on them so they would spread rumors when they returned home and get other royal families interested in the ships so he could sell them after the tournaments finished.''

When Archer heard this, he started laughing and thought the emperor was either stupid or intelligent, but either way, he didn't care.

The jaguar woman continued before his attention drifted. ''They were designed to keep the passengers comfortable but also protected. Each ship is assigned a Magic Knight company.''

''Oh, so they do get attacked?''

''Not since they traveled across the sea to the islands off the continent, but the emperor has prepared for everything, little Archer. So, there is no need to play hero. You can relax.'' Gianna said with a smirk.

Archer gazed at the grinning woman and replied, "I'm not a hero, 'Gianna.' I don't do anything for free unless you're my woman."

The older woman's smirk grew wider as she walked away, saying, "Who knows what the future holds?"

He watched her heading towards the other Professors, noticing the sway of her behind as the dress she was wearing couldn't hide her muscular thighs.

Her vibrant green tail quivered with excitement, and despite her attempts to halt its movement, Archer couldn't help but laugh. Once she departed, he watched the preparations of the mana ships as even more people arrived at the shipyard.

Archer noticed students from all different academies, colleges, guilds, and sects. He was shocked by the amount of people here and wondered how many institutes were on Pluoria.

While admiring the scenery, Nefertiti walked over to him and grabbed his arm as she spoke with a smile. ''I can't wait to travel on one of them. It seems like it will be how we travel for a while.'' freeweb novel.co m

He nodded in agreement. ''Why not? We spend so much time jumping through Gates it wouldn't hurt to travel like normal people unless there's an emergency.''

''That's a good idea,'' Nala said from behind them.

Archer gave the lion girl a charming smile as he replied. ''We'll see how it goes. When do you think we'll board?''

''Shouldn't be too long now, Arch,'' Leira commented as the other girls joined them.

''I heard from Cassie that we will stay on the same floor, but girls and boys are separated,'' Ella said while she fiddled with her blonde hair.

''Yeah, some of the other girls in our classes were talking about it earlier, but Archer could sneak in or meet us in the domain,'' Nala suggested, which earned her several nods from the others.

Halime and Llyniel's faces went red because they knew exactly what the other girls meant by sneaking in. Teuila spotted their reactions and teased the two. ''I know exactly what you dirty girls are thinking. Get your head out of the gutter.''

When the wood elf heard her accusation, she got even more embarrassed and scrambled behind Archer, who had a smile on his face.

The snake girl realized that Llyniel had left her behind, causing everyone to laugh, but Archer reassured them that he would come to see each one and not to worry.

Professor Ashguard returned to the group with purpose. The students, including Archer and his girls, were gathered in anticipation. The bear woman's stern gaze swept across the crowd before she raised a commanding hand.

"Students, it's time to board the mana ship. Follow me," she declared, her voice cutting through the ambient chatter.

Archer, the girls, and a hundred other students followed behind her. They moved towards the awaiting mana ship.

The ship's entrance was a ramp that welcomed the students aboard. The air was charged with excitement as they crossed the entry, guided by Professor Ashguard through the labyrinthine corridors of the vessel.

Finally, the group arrived at a pair of ornate double doors. Professor Ashguard, with a sweep of her hand, opened them to reveal a stunningly decorated common room.

Soft light filled the space, casting an enchanting glow. The walls were adorned with detailed paintings depicting scenes of mythical creatures and far-off realms.

Bookshelves lined some of the walls, and a crystal chandelier hung gracefully from the ceiling, illuminating the foyer in shimmering light.

Comfortable chairs were arranged so groups could sit and talk or even relax. While walking alongside the girls, Archer couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

Soon, Professor Ashguard stopped walking and spun on her heels to face them as she started speaking. ''Here is where you will spend time traveling up and down the continent. I will show everyone to their rooms, but no room sharing is allowed even if you are engaged.''

As the bear woman said that, she looked at Archer knowingly, causing him to smile at her. After informing them, the Professor started to show everyone their rooms.

Lioran, Cian, and their girls were led away before they left them. Archer looked around and started to get annoyed while waiting for the Professor to return.

She walked up the stairs, and Archer couldn't help but notice how her curves showed through her robes. He knew he loved curvy women, but his father's little sister was something else.

Her short, wavy brown hair reached down to her shoulders. They walked briefly before reaching a nondescript door, and the Professor entered as she started speaking. ''Archer and ladies. Follow me, and I'll take you to the rooms the headmistress assigned to you.''

Archer nodded before following behind for a few minutes until she suddenly turned to face them when they appeared in a long corridor with loads of doors on either side.

Her massive boobs jiggled, which caught his attention. As he was looking at her, someone poked him in the ribs, causing him to look, and saw Hemera standing there with agrin.

She commented. ''Stop checking the Professor out, or she will get angry. Not all women are like us and enjoy your gaze.''

''Point taken,'' Archer answered with a grin.

Soon, he stopped admiring the older woman before she spoke. ''These twelve rooms belong to each of you and myself. The headmistress wants me to keep an eye on you. Now pick a room, and it will be yours until the end of the Arcane tournament.''

All the girls kissed him, earning him a scowl from the Professor. After they picked out their rooms, Archer picked the one next to the bear woman so he could bump into her more often.

After choosing the room, Archer entered to see a large single bed with a dresser on one side and a table on the other. There was a door that led to a balcony from which he headed.

When stepping outside, he saw queues of people stepping omto the other mana ships. Archer returned to his room and laid on the bed to get comfortable.

He could sense the girls getting settled into their rooms, but one was heading straight for him, which brought a smile to his face. Archer stood up and approached the door.

A soft knock came, and he opened the door to see a smiling Talila looking at him with a lust-filled gaze. She commented before he could say anything. ''Can I come in master?''

Archer grinned as he reached out to grab the mixed elf and pulled her into the room. When he closed the door, she dropped to her knees in front of him.

He knew what the silver-haired girl wanted as she stared at his manhood. Archer spoke with a grin. ''Pull my pants down, my slave.''

When Talila heard this, she instantly did what he said and gently pulled down his pants, and his manhood popped out. She took it in her hands and started stroking him.

Archer let out a groan as a surge of pleasure washed over him. But soon enough, she took it in her mouth and started moving her head backward and forward.

Talila continued to suck him until he was ready to release his seed down her throat. So he grabbed her head and pushed his manhood further in.

He saw a puddle of love juices pooling between the elf's legs. This turned Archer on even more, causing him to finish in her mouth, which made her eyes roll in pleasure.

After Archer finished in her mouth, she was crouched in front of him in a daze, but he wasn't done there. He cast Cleanse off her and lifted her to her feet.

As he did that, Talila's large boobs jiggled as she stood up; on shaky legs, she managed to stand, but Archer kissed her before his hands slipped down her body until they reached her soaking wet flower.

Archer began teasing her playfully by rubbing her soaked flower, which made the elf release a moan full of pleasure. However, their blissful moment ended when he swiftly positioned her over the nearby table.

He bent her over and started rubbing his manhood against her. This caused Talila's body to tremble. Archer slipped into her cave and instantly felt the tightness clamp down on him.

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