Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0846: Different Methods

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Chapter 0846: Different Methods

Tempestuous gusts swept across the pool. It was ferocious and violent, constantly rending the void. Black traces were left in the wake of these winds that were like scythes swiping across space. However the ruptured space gradually repaired itself over time.

Outside the gold light was a gigantic energy hand that was tens of meters wide. Energy pulsed from it, defending against the erosion caused by the wind.

Within the gold light sat Li Luo, staring at his surroundings with rapt attention, awaiting the "fish" he had baited.

It was just that the initial wait was a little long, and a few minutes passed by quickly without any trace of a Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath, the catch Li Luo was yearning for. This caused him to feel a little perturbed. He could sense that exposing the giant energy hand manifestation to the winds was a large drain on his energy reserves. Although the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf was supporting the energy consumption, even it would feel burdened by this if things were to drag on. As he waited for his little "fish" to take up the bait, Li Luo was also closely observing Li Qingfeng and the rest.

The three on the Bronze Dragon Pillars, Li Hongli, Li Jingtao, and Deng Fengxian, were all staring at the space before them until their eyes were sore. Unfortunately, they had yet to even catch a glimpse of a Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath in their vicinity.

This was normal. There were few strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath to begin with, and the Bronze Dragon Pillars were furthest away from the source. The opportunities to obtain even one were few and far between, and it was not uncommon to find individuals to leave this place empty-handed.

Ahead of them were the two Silver Dragon Pillars. Lu Qingmei's luck was not bad, and a strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath had approached her area.

At the same time, Li Qingfeng similarly noticed the same strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

He watched it slowly swim towards Lu Qingmei and frowned slightly before turning towards the Golden Dragon Pillar with a cold glint in his eye.

Losing the Golden Dragon Pillar was a source of frustration for him. It was supposed to be his.

Its position was exceptional, and it would be difficult for him to obtain excellent results with a Silver Dragon Pillar.

As a result, he felt disgruntled.

However, he sighed deeply before swiping his finger across a pocket sphere on his wrist. A dark-green stick of incense appeared. It was engraved with countless runes that resembled a dragon when seen as a whole.

This was known as Dragon Saliva Incense.

It was refined from the blood essence of dragons, and when ignited, it released a fragrance that was fatally attractive to the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

This was originally something he had prepared to use on the Golden Dragon Pillar.

He had planned to utilize its alluring scent after obtaining the Golden Dragon Pillar and possibly even obtaining four strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

It was a pity his entire plan was now in ruins.

With his Silver Dragon Pillar, even with the aid of this Dragon Saliva Incense, the best he could do was probably two or three strands. However, Li Qingfeng still decided to use it despite not being able to fully take advantage of its unique properties.

Although its effects would be lessened in his current location, burning the Dragon Saliva Incense would still allow him to attract some of the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath from Li Luo's location. Essentially, he would be able to steal the dragonbreath that was meant for Li Luo.

This would allow him to vent a little.

After Li Luo stole his Golden Dragon Pillar, he had to use other methods to seize the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths that should have belonged to him.

With this in mind, he snapped his finger, and the Dragon Saliva Incense in his hand ignited. Wafting smoke drifted upwards, penetrating through the protective light barrier and entering the depths of the windy tempest.

The smoke dissipated immediately upon encountering the gusts of wind, but not completely. Instead, its unique fragrance quickly spread throughout the area with the aid of the wind.

The Dragon Saliva Incense then affected the strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath that was approaching Lu Qingmei, as it was the closest one.

Originally, the strand was closely approaching Lu Qingmei's position. However, with the spreading of the Dragon Saliva Incense fragrance, the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath suddenly jolted and, right before Lu Qingmei's surprised expression, immediately turned tail and bolted in Li Qingfeng's direction.

Lu Qingmei was taken aback by the sudden change. She then shot a glance towards Li Qingfeng and saw the burning stick of incense in his hand.

Although she did not know what that object was, she could guess that it was the reason why the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath had turned away.

This caused her to become completely infuriated, and her gaze turned chilly.

This bastard was actually luring away the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath that was meant for her!

Despite being faced with Lu Qingmei's fiendish and deathly glare, Li Qingfeng merely returned a slight smile and was unfazed. It wasn't as though his methods were a violation of the rules, and he had not done anything to Lu Qingmei either. The competition for the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths was ultimately dependent on their own capabilities.

As the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath gradually approached, Li Qingfeng suddenly took action, and majestic amounts of energy arose from him, forming a giant energy hand. It captured the dragonbreath with a clean, precise motion before retreating back into the barrier.

After which, he took out a jade bottle and stored the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath within. A smile formed in the corner of his lips.

This first strand was just the appetizer. Stealing a Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath from Li Luo's location would be the true feast, and he was looking forward to a great show.

When he looked in Li Luo's direction, a frown formed on his face.

He realized that the energy hand condensed by Li Luo was still exposed to the destructive effects of the wind even though quite some time had passed.

"What in the world is that guy doing, exposing his energy hand to the wind? Can he even bear the sheer consumption of energy?" Li Qingfeng asked with a bewildered expression. Li Luo's actions seemed stupid to him.

However, his surprise did not last long. He noticed movement near the Golden Dragon Pillar.

As the Dragon Saliva Incense continued to spread, Li Qingfeng saw that a strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath had surfaced near the Golden Dragon Pillar.

No... it wasn't just one.

When the first strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath appeared, two more crept up not too far behind it.

Three strands!

His gaze ignited with excitement. The Dragon Saliva Incense was more effective than he had ever imagined. Just the scent of the incense smoke had actually attracted three strands of dragonbreath?

His smile widened. “Perhaps Li Luo thinks that these three strands are attracted to the power of the Golden Dragon Pillar.”

He looked forward to seeing Li Luo's despondent face when the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths ignored the Golden Dragon Pillar and swam towards him. Just how amazing would that expression be?

How unfortunate. He might have obtained the Golden Dragon Pillar, but the biggest winner would be him, Li Qingfeng!

Just as he was relishing in his own imagination, Li Luo was similarly excited by the appearance of the three strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

"It looks like holding the Heavenly Emperor's Writ inside the energy hand was a good idea." Li Luo heaved a sigh of relief. After what seemed like half a day of "fishing,” he had managed to reap some decent returns.

Just as Li Luo planned to take action and swiftly capture the three strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath, he suddenly caught a whiff of incense. The smell was discrete, but it gave one a mysterious sort of feeling.

"Hmm?" Just as the scent appeared, Li Luo let out a surprised cry. He saw that not too far away from him were two more streaks of gold light.

Two more strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath!

Li Luo's eyes popped open. Adding those three, didn't that mean that five strands had appeared already?

What sort of bountiful harvest was this?

When faced with the five strands, Li Luo's heart started pounding. He resolutely stretched out his energy hand, planning to capture all five in one fell swoop.

However, just as he was about to act, the incoming strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath seemed to come to life and moved in another direction. They were no longer going towards him, but to a location behind him.

He thought that he was mistaken when he saw this. However, he swept his gaze in the direction of their path, and he saw a slightly smiling Li Qingfeng with a stick of green incense in his hands.

Li Luo then came to a realization. The five strands had appeared because of Li Qingfeng's strange method!

The stick of incense in his hand probably had an effect similar to that of the Heavenly Emperor's Writ, able to lure Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths.

This was to say that the five strands had been attracted by the combined influence of both the Heavenly Emperor's Writ and the incense!

"So it looks as though I was not the only one who was prepared." Li Luo squinted. He did not panic, letting out a laugh instead.

Although Li Qingfeng's incense was a little out of his expectations, this was actually a good thing. Someone else was assisting him in obtaining more Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths, and that person deserved an award for being so generous!

Of course, Li Luo knew that Li Qingfeng's intention was to lure the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath towards himself and leave none for him. However, he did not feel that the Heavenly Emperor's Writ was any worse than that incense.

Thus, Li Luo gave Li Qingfeng a thankful look. With a thought, part of the giant energy hand began to dissipate. A moment later, the black plaque surfaced in the middle of it.

He had exposed the Heavenly Emperor's Writ directly.

As soon as he did so, the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths that were originally headed towards Li Qingfeng suddenly froze, and the golden light that made up their bodies seemed to become even more resplendent.

A moment later, the five strands explosively shot towards Li Luo's giant energy hand.

In a blink, Li Qingfeng's smile completely disappeared.