Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0847: Rich Harvest

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Chapter 0847: Rich Harvest

When Li Qingfeng saw the five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath veer away from him and head over to Li Luo, his face froze.

He was dumbfounded for a moment. Following this, he could not help but lose his composure, and he stood up on top of the Silver Dragon Pillar. For a moment, he nearly wanted to dash out of the protective barrier.

In the end, he managed to keep his impulses in check.

The energy storm outside was insanely devastating. If he were to run out like that, he would not last long and would end up gravely injured.

As such, he could only watch helplessly with open eyes as the five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath flew away towards Li Luo’s energy hand like a flock of birds returning to their nest.

Li Qingfeng’s handsome face became a little twisted immediately.

"It can't be!" He was really furious. How did things turn out this way? He had lit the Dragon Saliva Incense on his pillar. Under normal circumstances, all the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths should have been attracted towards him. Why were they flying towards Li Luo's side instead?!

He was enraged, feeling like someone had just stolen his winning hand right in front of him.

From his perspective, the five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath had appeared because of his Dragon Saliva Incense. As such, those strands should have been his!

"Is it because of that thing?"

Li Qingfeng glared at the black plaque that had appeared in Li Luo's giant energy hand. Finally, he noticed the character "Li" written on it and froze in his tracks.

"Is that... a Heavenly Emperor's Writ?!" There were mixed and complex feelings in his heart. As a direct descendant of the Dragon's Blood Lineage, he certainly knew about the Heavenly Emperor's Writ. This was something that was passed down only by the Ancestor.

In fact, it was something only the most amazing and favored talent in the lineage would possess.

Looking at the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li since its establishment, only a handful of people could have been bestowed a Heavenly Emperor's Writ by the Ancestor.

Clearly, this Heavenly Emperor's Writ did not belong to Li Luo. It was from his father, Li Taixuan.

After all, it was no secret among the five lineages that Li Taixuan had obtained the Heavenly Emperor's Writ back in the day.

Li Luo had evidently used this item to attract the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths over to his side.

At this moment, Li Qingfeng's face turned really ugly. He did not expect Li Luo to have such an ace hidden up his sleeve. If he had known about it earlier, there was no way he would have taken out his Dragon Saliva Incense. Now he was not only unable to grab any of the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths that he had attracted, he was handing them over to Li Luo for free.

His heart was full of regrets. The Dragon Saliva Incense was extremely rare and expensive. It was painstakingly prepared by his father so he could obtain more Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths after he had gotten the Golden Dragon Pillar.

But Li Luo was the one enjoying the benefits instead!

That was a total of five!

If Li Luo took them, he would have a total of six Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths, counting the one strand that he had obtained earlier.

This would definitely be a top three record in rewards reaped in the dragonbreath pool since its creation.

The Heavenly Emperor's Writ was not the only reason Li Luo would achieve this. The Dragon Saliva Incense from Li Qingfeng had contributed greatly as well.

In other words, all of the small calculations and plans made by Li Qingfeng had actually benefited Li Luo instead.

This was truly like going for wool and coming back shorn.

Just as Li Qingfeng's heart was bleeding over this, Li Luo managed to grab hold of all five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath. Suppressing his rapidly beating heart, he quickly pulled them back into the protective barrier.

Following this, he carefully stashed them into his jade bottle. Li Luo was finally relieved. He could no longer contain himself—a bright smile bloomed on his face like a flower.

Five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath!

It was as if he had achieved his goal instantly.

With six strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath in his possession now, he would have five left for himself after giving one strand to the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf. This would definitely be enough to fill up the huge gap in his three resonant palaces.

At that time, his long-awaited dream of using thirty-five thousand strands of abstruse fiend light to break into the Fiend Body Tier would finally come true.

With a big smile on his face, Li Luo turned his head to look at Li Qingfeng, who was some distance behind him. Li Qingfeng was glaring at him at this point, and his usual composure was no longer there.

Li Luo knew that the incense had played a huge role in luring in the five strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

He was thankful that there were kind souls in the Dragon's Blood Lineage.

Li Luo sighed with emotion and then clasped his hands together and expressed his gratitude to Li Qingfeng.

Seeing this, the veins onLi Qingfeng's forehead nearly burst open with anger. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and then decided to ignore Li Luo.

Li Luo was not bothered by it at all—he merely looked away casually. Now that he had achieved his objective, there was no more pressure on him. He just needed to wait for the end of the dragonbreath pool event.

He had truly obtained an excellent harvest today.

He did not utilize his Heavenly Emperor's Writ any further in the remaining time, as the effect would be limited. After all, there was a limited number of dragonbreaths. After taking so many, it would take a number of years before they would replenish.

What happened afterwards was lackluster, but the others managed to reap some rewards too.

Lu Qingmei was the first to get a strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath on her Silver Dragon Pillar.

Over at the bronze dragon pillars, Li Hongli and Deng Fengxian were the most proactive, with each of them grabbing onto one strand. As for Li Jingtao, he was not interested in fighting over them and had not gotten any strands yet. However, he was looking far more relaxed than the spectators on the outside.

Just like this, another hour passed by.

Although Li Luo was not aiming for any more strands, he had unexpectedly gotten another strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath. As a result, he had a total of seven strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath. A truly amazing feat.

Right before time was up, Li Jingtao leisurely caught onto a strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath and put it away with a face of satisfaction.

Lu Qingmei and Li Qingfeng each managed to get another strand thanks to the advantageous positions of the Silver Dragon Pillars.


The melodious sound of bells rang from the outside of the dragonbreath pool.

The event was officially over.novelbuddy.com

Out of the six people present, Li Luo had obtained seven strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath, while Li Qingfeng and Lu Qingmei obtained two strands each. Li Hongli, Deng Fengxian, and Li Jingtao each ended with one strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath.

In other words, Li Luo had gotten as many as the five others combined.

His great harvest attracted much envy from the rest.

At this moment, six pillars of light descended from the sky onto the Coiling Dragon Pillars. Under the protection of these pillars of light, Li Luo and the other five rose into the air slowly, passed through the raging storm, and landed back on the stone platform at the edge of the dragonbreath pool.

As soon as Li Luo landed, thunderous cheers erupted from the Green Nether Banner. All of the banner members were really excited because the Green Nether Banner had displayed the most spectacular performance today.

With such an amazing achievement, the Green Nether Banner would surely rise up amongst the Twenty Banners. Their decline was a thing of the past.

Many of the Green Nether Banner members looked at Li Luo in admiration. At this moment, he had gotten an unprecedented level of respect within the banner.

At the same time, the other banners had mixed feelings. The dark horse, Li Luo, had truly shown an astonishing act in today’s contest.

Not only had he broken free from Qin Yi's restriction the quickest, he had managed to secure the Golden Dragon Pillar and ultimately obtained a shocking seven strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath. This was a remarkable feat that even Li Taixuan couldn't pull off in his prime. After all, he did not have the Heavenly Emperor's Writ...

Everyone was very well aware of this. After this battle, the quiet and silent Green Nether Banner's ascension was set in stone. There would likely be a huge change in the rankings among the Twenty Banners.

The members of the various other banners looked at the grayish-white-haired figure standing under the sunlight. Just a few months ago, the Third Young Master of the Dragon's Fang Lineage had returned from the outer divine continent and was faced with many doubts and questions about his capabilities. However, this would not be the case anymore. He had proven his mettle.

In fact, the banner members weren’t the only ones thinking this. When the elders of the Heavenly Dragon's Five Lineages looked at Li Luo, they vaguely caught a glimpse... of Li Taixuan from back in the day.