Affinity: Chaos-Chapter 1364 Killing The Bandits

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Chapter 1364 Killing The Bandits

The Darkness Elementalist and the Water Elementalist Grey held died under the watch of everyone. One was screaming in pain, while the other one was watching his body turn into an ice sculpture.

Klaus' method was the less brutal way, but in the end, they both wanted to kill their opponents.

The Space Elementalist was stunned at how quick-witted both Grey and Klaus were. Grey was the main instigator, but the fact that Klaus could capitalize on it showed he was also smart when fighting.

Everyone was distracted except him. The Space Elementalist didn't think he would have the mind to think of harming anyone when someone was being tortured in such a way. The scream alone was enough to distract him, but Klaus took advantage of this distraction and killed someone.

'We can't kill them, we have to leave.' The Space Elementalist came to a realization pretty quick.

With two people dead, there was no way they could compete with the four of them. Grey, Klaus, and Reynolds were just too strong. Even Alice wasn't easy to deal with. Running away was their best option, the problem is that the possibility of escaping is very low.

Grey was a Space Elementalist and he had locked the space around this area making sure there is no way for the Space Elementalist to manipulate the space there. As long as he couldn't manipulate space, there was no hope of escaping for him.

The Dual Elementalist was the only one who had a good chance of escaping due to his wind element. The problem is that he was also facing a speedster. Klaus with his Elemental Warrior is faster than most Peak Wind or Lightning Elementalists, so catching up to him wouldn't be an issue for him.

Grey let go of the Water Elementalist and his lifeless body fell to the ground. He tilted his head and took another look at the Space Elementalist. He didn't see the other man as a threat.

Reynolds attacked the Dual Elementalist, resuming their ongoing battle. Alice stood motionless, her opponent had been killed by Klaus, and Klaus was still fighting with the Earth Elementalist.

Grey killed one person while fighting against three, which meant he wouldn't need any help against the two he was fighting with. However, he was the only one who was facing multiple opponents.

"Grey, I need one of them." She said to Grey.

Grey didn't worry about it and told her to come close. Taking one of his opponents wasn't any big of a deal. He wanted to deal with the Space Elementalist, so when Alice came, he handed the other man to her.

Alice was raring to go and attacked the man the second she had the opportunity.

Grey looked at the Space Elementalist who could barely use his element.

"You're limited with this space restriction." He said softly, "I once faced this same situation, so I know how it feels when you can't use the space element."

The Space Elementalist didn't say a word as he watched Grey slowly walk up to him. He knew alone, he was no match for Grey. But he wasn't going to give up that easily. As long as there was an opportunity, he would use it and strike Grey down. His survival was his ultimate aim.

The reason he wanted to rob Grey and his group was due to their treasures. Since Grey and his group were too strong for them, there was no use in trying to rob them any more. They've already lost all their subordinates, and two of their companions have lost their lives. Fighting any longer was nothing short of suicidal.

'How are they able to fight for so long? Even after such a long time they're still going.'

This was the thought in the Space Elementalist's head.

"Do you regret your choices?" Grey asked as he walked closer to the Space Elementalist.

The Space Elementalist didn't respond, he looked at his comrades and knew their chances were too slim.

"I've never regretted any decision I made in my life." He responded.

"Good, you won't be alive to regret this one too." Grey said casually.

The Space Elementalist roared and attacked.

On Reynolds' end.

The Dual Elementalist was starting to show signs of breaking down. Watching two people die was not something he thought he would do today. Two of his friends were dead, and there's a good possibility he might be one of the people to lose their lives here today. This wasn't something he planned or prepared for.

Reynolds wasn't giving him any chance to escape which made him worried.

He was very powerful, but if he can't escape, then death would be his ultimate end.

Grey and Klaus were powerful, he could see them overwhelming their opponents. Klaus was stronger than he is, which meant that three out of Grey's group of four had strength above theirs.

Alice was the only one whose opponent seemed to have a chance at survival.

Reynolds used a lightning spear to stab in his direction. But he dodged it, attacking with his fire element.

Reynolds was fast and dodged the attack while also calling a lightning bolt from the sky.

The attack was very fast and struck the man where he was standing.

The man used both his elements to block the attack since it was too late to dodge it.

Reynolds sent multiple lightning arrows at the man.

The Dual Elementalist blocked with a windscreen before unleashing a tornado filled with flames.

The fire made the tornado very dangerous.

Reynolds was caught in the tornado and was forced to defend against the attacks of the wind blades striking him from the tornado.

Each wind blade had fire in it, making it stronger than a regular one.

Reynolds continued his attempt to survive the attack, but it was quite powerful.

He didn't let the attack get the better of him as he blocked the ones he could while dodging the ones he couldn't.

On Klaus' end.

The Earth Elementalist was having the worst time of his life. Klaus' mouth made fighting with him hell.

He was not only using his superior abilities, but also his mouth as well. The Earth Elementalist was having a difficult time defending on both ends. He needed to be stable mentally before he could fight, but Klaus was making it impossible with his curses.

The man tried his best to control his emotions, but Klaus was not someone he could use just sheer determination to defeat. The words Klaus said were too hurtful.

"Boy, I'll make sure your parents regret ever bringing you into this world."

"At least they're still proud of me. Your parents wished for death the second they saw that ugly face of yours."

"If they were given the chance, they wouldn't want to be born so they won't have to produce a hideous person such as yourself."

Klaus' words hit the man's heart. His parents didn't like him much, which made Klaus' words cut even deeper than a knife.

He roared and attacked, using his earth element to its fullest.

Klaus made use of his domain, causing a snowfall.

"How do you like my snowflakes?" Klaus asked with a playful smile.

The Earth Elementalist was about to continue his attack when he sensed something and his expression changed drastically.

His body was starting to freeze. This was an effect of Klaus' domain. Naturally, he would have been able to deal with it, but he wasn't stable and Klaus took advantage of this.

"You're going to end just like your friend over there." Klaus pointed at the Darkness Elementalist.

While they had been fighting, he had been slowly infusing ice into the man's body. Just in the same way he did to the Darkness Elementalist, he made sure his opponent wasn't able to sense his actions.

The face of the Earth Elementalist showed his worry as he thought about what his outcome would be. Klaus was an evil individual, and he knew the only way he could survive was by escaping.

He attacked and turned around.

Klaus blocked the attack, but when he saw the man disappearing from view, he smirked.

"Do you think I'm a fool?" He asked as he stamped his foot on the ground.

The Earth Elementalist who sank into the ground to escape was forced out of the ground.

He didn't know how Klaus was able to sense him after hiding underground.

"You have my essence in you and think you will be able to escape?"

Klaus' question brought him to reality. He forgot about Klaus' essence in his body. If he had recalled this, he would've used his earth element to mask it.

Klaus attacked, not speaking any further. With the Earth Elementalist being affected by his ice, his reaction speed was slower.

He was on the verge of killing his opponent, but not just him, Reynolds and Grey were more likely to finish off their opponents before him.

Grey's opponent didn't even try to fight back. Only Reynolds' opponent was trying to escape.

Before long, they've killed their opponents, watching Alice battle with hers.

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