After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!-Chapter 1352 - Let Me Protect You

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1352 Let Me Protect You
Qiao Mei and Xia He then went into the bedroom. Jiang Shu had sat up and was drinking her medicine. Qiao Mei took a discreet sniff and could tell that it was medicine to boost essence and vitality. Jiang Shu was not that old yet, so why would she need such nourishing medicine?

“Hello, Auntie. I’m Xia He’s sister-in-law. I’m really sorry to have come to visit without giving you advance notice today. I’ll definitely come and pay you a formal visit another day,” Qiao Mei said apologetically.

“Don’t say that. I have to thank you for what you did today! Without you, I don’t know how much worse those two people outside would behave,” Jiang Shu said weakly.

“Auntie, I had studied with an old Chinese doctor in the past. Will you let me take your pulse and check on your health?” Qiao Mei asked.
“Sure,” Jiang Shu said as she looked at Qiao Mei kindly.

Qiao Mei had never studied Chinese medicine before. She just wanted to use the ability of the butterfly mark to see how Jiang Shu was doing. She gently placed her hand on Jiang Shu’s wrist and slowly closed her eyes. The image of Jiang Shu’s body appeared in her mind.

There seemed to be some black spots on Jiang Shu’s lungs and heart and there were even some small blood clots near her brain. If this continued, Jiang Shu might have a stroke or even a cerebral hemorrhage.

When Xia He saw Qiao Mei’s serious expression, she felt a little nervous and asked softly, “Qiao Mei, how’s Auntie’s health?”

“She’s alright. Her health is not too bad. She just needs to make sure she doesn’t fall sick too often!” Qiao Mei said as she pretended to be calm.

Xia He and Jiang Shu chatted for a while. At night, Qiao Mei contacted Luo Yu and asked him to come over personally to escort the two of them back to the courtyard house. It would not be good if the Ye family’s mother-and-daughter duo was hiding in the dark with an intention to harm them.

“Qiao Mei, actually… you don’t have to get involved in this,” Xia He said apologetically.

She was the elder sister and Xia Zhe was not around. She should be the one protecting Qiao Mei instead of the other way round. She did not feel good about it.

Furthermore, the Ye family’s mother-and-daughter duo were very aggressive. Although Qiao Mei had already given birth, she was still in recovery and needed to continue to take care. She did not want Qiao Mei to get involved in this matter as she was worried that Qiao Mei would get hurt.

Qiao Mei knew Xia He’s concerns, but it was not in her character to leave Xia He in the lurch in times of danger. No matter what Xia He said, she would definitely help Xia He.

“Don’t think too much. When we get back later, just sleep over at my place. I’ve already reminded Deng Fan that his entire family should not go out for the time being. I’ll arrange for someone to send them food every day.” Qiao Mei held Xia He’s hand and continued, “Don’t even think about throwing me aside. This time, it’s my turn to protect you!”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you,” Xia He said with tears in her eyes.

After Qiao Mei reached home, she went into the study. She had no idea about how she could solve this issue. It would have been much better if Xia Zhe could have left a little later. She wrote a letter to Xia Zhe’s secret guard team in the capital and asked Luo Yu to arrange for someone to urgently send it to the place that Xia Zhe had specified.

Before Xia Zhe left, he had told her that she could contact them if she needed help and they would do anything to help her without any hesitation.

The light from the oil lamp in the study was dim and Qiao Mei soon fell asleep groggily under a blanket in the rocking chair. The next morning, Qiao Mei was woken up by the chirping of birds. When she opened her eyes, she saw a pigeon standing on her windowsill!

“Where did this bird come from so early in the morning! Shoo, shoo, shoo!” Qiao Mei covered her head with the blanket unhappily. The pigeon outside continued to chirp non-stop, so Qiao Mei had no choice but to open the window with two dark circles under her eyes.

The pigeon tilted its head and stared straight at Qiao Mei and she stared back. The two of them had a standoff for a while before she realized that there was a tiny package tied on the pigeon’s leg.

“You’re a carrier pigeon!” Qiao Mei looked at the pigeon in shock. This was the first time she had ever seen a carrier pigeon!

The pigeon immediately puffed out its chest and raised its head as if it felt very proud. It even took a small step forward with the leg with the package tied to it.

In Qiao Mei’s other life, she had heard about the practice of using pigeons to send messages, but she always felt that it was a very dangerous endeavor. If the pigeons were accidentally shot down by hunters, the messages would be exposed. However, such carrier pigeons should have been trained well and would not be so weak.