After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!-Chapter 1351 It Turns Out That She Is Pregnant

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Chapter 1351 It Turns Out That She Is Pregnant

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'll send both of you home later after they leave. It's better that you don't go out for the time being. I'll settle this matter as soon as possible," Deng Fan said in a muffled voice.

Qiao Mei sighed resignedly and took out a small bottle from her pocket. It looked exactly like the one she gave to Xia Zhe, except for the color. Xia Zhe had taken the gold-colored bottle with him, while the bottle in Qiao Mei's hand was bronze in color.

The color of the bottles served to indicate the type of ginseng juice it contained as well as the concentration. The bronze bottle in Qiao Mei's hand contained the lowest-grade 100-year-old ginseng juice and was already diluted!

"Deng Fan, let Auntie drink this," Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei was not being indiscriminately nice. She just did not want Xia He to feel bad since she had heard Xia He say nice things about Jiang Shu many times. She would consider her deed of coming forward to save Jiang Shu as giving Deng Fan a bonus payment for designing the factory in the suburbs. However, she still felt a little regretful about giving the medicine away.

Deng Fan could tell that this was the legendary "divine medicine" from the Xia family. He quickly rejected her offer and said, "My mother will be fine after she gets some rest. Her current situation is not life-threatening. This medicine can save lives in your family, so you don't have to give it to us."

When Qiao Mei heard what Deng Fan said, her feelings of regret from earlier dissipated. With him being such an upright person, it was no loss for her to give him this medicine! The entire Xia family would feel at ease if Xia He married such a person.

"It's fine. We still have more at home. Give it to your mother first," Qiao Mei said with a smile.

"Then… then thank you." After saying that, Deng Fan returned to the bedroom with the medicine and gave it to Jiang Shu. After Jiang Shu took a rest and woke up, her condition had improved a lot. Her complexion also looked much rosier.

Jiang Shu held Deng Fan's hand nervously and asked, "Where's Xiao He? Where's Xiao He? Don't allow those people to go and bother Xiao He! At most, just give them more money and send them away. Don't let them pester Xiao He!"

Deng Fan's house had been around for decades and the soundproofing was not as good as Qiao Mei's house. Xia He and Qiao Mei could clearly hear what Jiang Shu said.

"My wife is always concerned about you and she's worried that you will feel aggrieved because of this matter. This is an issue caused by our family and we will definitely solve this problem," Deng Rui said seriously.

"Then how do you plan to resolve this matter?" Qiao Mei looked Deng Rui in the eyes and questioned him.

Deng Rui frowned. He knew that Qiao Mei was a member of the Xia family, but he still could not get used to a junior talking to him in this manner.

"We… We plan to talk some sense into them first. If that still won't do, then we'll give them a sum of money and ask them to leave," Deng Rui said honestly.

The Ye family's mother-and-daughter duo had also come to cause trouble in the past, but Jiang Shu had always settled it quietly. She would give them money and ask them to leave and Deng Fan did not know anything about these things. They had not appeared for the past two to three years and she had thought that her family would finally be able to live a peaceful life. She did not expect them to come and cause trouble again and that they even went straight to Deng Fan this time round.

"You definitely won't be able to settle it by talking to them this time," Qiao Mei said confidently.

"Why?" Xia He asked curiously. Deng Rui also looked at Qiao Mei in puzzlement. After Deng Fan settled Jiang Shu down, he walked out of the bedroom. He also wanted to know why Qiao Mei would say that.

"Because… Ye Lei is pregnant. She has come to look for you now because she's in a hurry to find a father for the baby," Qiao Mei guessed.

Pregnant! Everyone else there was shocked and they could not believe their ears. It turned out that Ye Lei was pregnant! As far as they knew, Ye Lei was not married yet!

"Qiao Mei, are you sure?" Deng Fan asked.

"Yes I am. I've given birth before so I can tell if she's pregnant or not," Qiao Mei said confidently. She could not possibly say that she had X-ray vision and could see the fetus. Fortunately, she was really the mother of two children and people would believe what she said.

Deng Rui seemed to be really affected by what he heard. He never imagined that the Ye family could be so shameless. If what Qiao Mei said was true, this issue would probably be very difficult to resolve.

"Let's not face them head-on for now. Our family will send someone to investigate this matter. You don't have to worry too much," Qiao Mei said with a smile.